Your Feelings About Guns

Thank you for allowing me a guest post.  Here is an article for our undecided friends.  Paul and I thought you might enjoy the graphics about firearms risks.

“Your Feeling About Guns”
Some people feel guns are bad and they feel better if they hate gun owners.  I beg you to keep things in perspective if you hate guns.  Most gun haters claim guns are an accident waiting to happen.  I guess so, but walking down the street is an accident waiting to happen also.  Let me show it to you.  Drunk drivers are a far bigger risk than guns.

accidental death 2010

People who fear and hate firearms say guns are only used by bad people.  I need to remind you that good people use all kinds of tools to protect and save others.  In fact, the first thing we do is call a good man with a gun when trouble happens to those we love.  For all the laws we pass to restrict honest gun owners, they are not the source of violence in our society.  Licensed carry holders are the most law abiding of citizens.

firearm homicide 2010

We’re missing something even with these charts.  Our perspective is incomplete and we’re only looking at half the picture.  These charts don’t show the many lives saved from public violence by civilians with guns.  These charts don’t show the hundreds of millions of disarmed people murdered by their government and in ethnic genocide.

Nigeria 2011c

Cry for them if you have a heart.  And yes, genocide happens here in the US.  I want good men to have guns.

If you’re a hater, the best I can do is try to change your mind.  Changing your heart is up to you.


Statistics from the Federal Center for Disease Control  courtesy of Stranger at Extreno’s Alley,  and collected by the author.