Episode 187 – Ben Branham

Open: Hi and welcome to the Politics and Guns Podcast recorded Wednesday December 4th 2013,. I’m Paul Lathrop.
Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we have an interview with Ben Branham of the modern self-protection podcast.
Paul: We also have a news segment and 2 DGU Stories, so climb aboard
Rob: Strap in,
Paul: And hang on, episode 187 of the Politics and Guns Podcast starts right now.

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Toby joins in for the catch up segment.
Toby- Chased up some 40 cal brass and dies, bought and returned a chronograph, turned in the paperwork for a Utah permit.
Paul- Has to get Utah and Florida permits.
Rob- I’m reading Grossman’s book on violent TV and video programs.  Carrying at home. 🙂

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News- Some Pennsylvania Universities will allow guns on campus after lawyers said that school regulations won’t withstand constitutional challenges.  Some Universities refused to change their no-gun policy.  More money for lawyers.

-Update to NYC gun grab story from the weekend show.
It appears we, along with countless others (including Mississippi Gun News), may well have been “had” regarding yesterday’s item about the “NYC Gun Grab“!

A poster on the Forums.Officer.com apparently did some digging and it seems the letter was only sent to one person, for reasons involving his specific permit. The letter was then supposedly altered to appear as something different. It had been accepted that parts of that letter had been officially redacted. Our thanks to a JPFO member who found this and notified us about it.

-Colorado Sheriff Lou Vallario continues his case against Colorado’s new gunlaws as an individual after a federal district court judge said the joint action from the states 54 sheriff’s did not have standing.

-A Federal District Court denies the challenge from a firearms manufacturing group challenging Connecticut gun laws.  The manufacturing group challen because the laws were passed without following the published rules of governing Connecticut legislation.

-The next story is from Listener “Chin”
Big shock, a study by the congressional research service report what we have been saying all along. More guns really do mean less crime.  I’m glad they have finally figured out the facts.
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Hang on everybody, We have the Ben Branham interview coming up and then we’ll be back to close out the show.

Seg 3- Ben Branham Pt 1- Team tactics
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Ben Branham pt2- Truck guns

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Ben Branham pt3- Barbecue guns
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Tom- DGU1
November 29th, a Memphis homeowner called police to report that two men were trying to break into his home. However, before officers could respond, the men were coming into the home through a window. The homeowner took action to protect himself. He fired at the two men, who then immediately fled the scene. One of the men was found by police a block away, suffering from a gunshot wound.  He was transported to an area hospital where he remains in critical condition.

Paul- DGU2

It’s usually easier to defend yourself and your family from a threat if you already have a gun.  However, a Louisiana family still managed to defend themselves using their assailant’s own gun against him.  According to The Daily World, a suspect armed with a handgun and wearing a ski mask, entered a Ville Platte, LA home on Sunday.  The armed suspect confronted a male visitor to the home, held a gun to his head and demanded money.  The residents of the home refused. That’s when the suspect tried to execute his hostage. Fortunately, for some reason, the gun did not fire and a fight ensued.  The suspect was shot in the chest.

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Listener e-mail discussion

From listener Greg

BTW, Montana Shiloh Sharps has curb parking in front, no need to park at the Town Pump, also the Fort has truck parking, they are at the end of the street.

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Paul, That wraps up another episode of Politics and Guns.  Until the mid-week show…
Rob, stay safe,
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Paul, and we’ll see you down the road.
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