Episode 71 – Frank Fiamingo and Kathy Jackson

In this episode Frank Fiamingo, President of the New Jersey Second Amendment has a conversations with Paul. The topics cover the elections earlier in the month, the efforts at gun control that started immediately after the elections and what has been going on recently with NJ2AS and the cleanup from hurricane Sandy.

In the Second interview Kathy Jackson Joins Toby and Paul. The topic is slaughtering the sacred cow, and several sacred cows were put down in this one. Is a handgun’s primary purpose to fight to get to a long gun? Is a Revolver more reliable than a Semi-Auto? Should you shoot to kill? All of this and more are addressed in Kathy’s segment.

Finally Toby and Paul talk a bit about the gift that Toby received and what is happening with the show.


Episode 55 – Jon Hodoway and Nik Clark

Jon Hodoway talks politics and Nik Clark of Wisconsin Carry discusses issues in Wisconsin


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