Episode 212 – Joe Kalil and Miguel Gonzalez

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Intro- Everyone knows an armed society is a polite society. This is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.

Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast recorded Sunday, February 16, 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop.
Rob: I’m Rob, and on tonights show we interviewed Joe Kalil who is working on a program to arm and train Kentucky school teachers.
Paul: Rob also interviewed Miguel Gonzalez about violent riots in Venezuela where citizens are disarmed,so climb aboard
Rob:strap in
Paul: And hang on! Episode 212 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1
Personal news from each participant
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Seg 2- News
Paul: A three judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Courts affirmed the right of law-abiding citizens to carry handguns for lawful protection in public.  The case was brought because  San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore had some very stringent requirement before he would grant a concealed carry license.  He required that each citizens demonstrate he faced a specific and immediate threat to his life or his application would be rejected.  Some judges agreed with him.  Some did not.

The trial court said the Sheriff knew best.  The Appeals Court said that citizens didn’t need concealed carry because they have open carry.  Then California outlawed Open Carry.

The 9th Circuit Court ruled that self-defense is sufficient cause to issue a license.  In a 2-1 opinion, the judges ruled that the Sheriff’s “good cause” provision violated the Second Amendment.  The district court has 14 days to render its reversal unless Sheriff Gore appeals the decision.

Rob: Of course those requirements don’t apply to lawyers in San Diego County.  Lawyers can get permits.  I’ve spoken with San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore.  I’ve heard him speak several times.  Each time he says he wants to issue CCW permits, but is blocked from doing so by state law.  Now we have hard legal evidence the Sheriff is wrong and that he can issue permits.  If he was telling the truth before, then this decision should be great news for Sheriff Gore.  We will see if he has been lying before and appeals the decision now.

I’ve heard conflicting reports on an appeal and I’ll hold my comments until I have solid news.

Paul: The state of Arizona could impose fines on cities and towns that enforce gun ordinances stricter than the state’s own laws. House Bill 2517, sponsored by Rep. Steve Smith, would impose a civil penalty of up to $5,000 on city and town governments that violate the statute. Smith said he wants the state “to have some teeth” in enforcing the law.  The legislature has repeatedly clarified its preemption over the regulation of both firearms and knives.  Arizona gun owners should call.

-Rob: In Idaho, Senator Marv Hagedorn wrote a bill that would punish law enforcement officials if they helped enforce any new federal firearms restrictions. The 2013 version passed in the Idaho House but died in an Idaho Senate Committee. This year Hagedorn is trying a different strategy by trying to get the bill passed in the Senate before heading to the Idaho House where the bill should have a better chance of passage.

-The Republican majority of the Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee overwhelmingly approved a measure which would allow citizens with Idaho’s enhanced carry license to carry concealed firearms onto public college campuses.  The bill has to go before the House and full Senate.  Some school administrators claimed blood would flow in the streets.. again.

-A vocal group of Indiana parents wants school employees to be able to carry a gun on campus.  Eight parents and community members spoke out to Twin Lakes school board members. They want school staff to be able to carry a concealed firearm on school grounds in order to protect the children in a time of need. However, the board heard a policy that would keep that from happening. The policy states that no school employee, volunteer, or school board member, even if they’re licensed in the state to carry a gun, should possess or handle one on school grounds.

That policy of unilateral disarmament is against the guidance of the best minds studying public violence.  Does the school board have any idea the liability they just assumed?

-Also in Indiana, should a sworn police officer be allowed to carry a gun on school property if he’s working there as a private citizen? A grounds keeper for Concord Community Schools says his status as an Elkhart County reserve officer means he can. But the Concord superintendent says that officer violated school policy and broke the law. On January 28, Rick Ball went into work at Concord. All of the corporation’s schools were closed because of weather, but as a grounds worker he still had to be there. That same day, Ball was involved in a car accident in a school vehicle and that’s when his boss found out Ball was carrying a gun. That supervisor reported the firearm to the school superintendent who met with Ball at the end of the week and told him he would either be fired or forced to resign.  As an Elkhart County Sheriff’s reserve deputy, Ball has a badge and gun and can arrest anyone at anytime. The only thing that makes him different from other deputies is the fact that he’s not paid for any of his service to the department – it’s all volunteer work.

This sounds like anti-gun bigotry to me.

It sounds like the school superintendent has too much time and money on his hands.

-Kansas gun owners would be able to carry a loaded handgun in cars regardless of whether they have a conceal-carry permit if a bill headed to the House floor becomes law. HB2473 would make gun laws uniform throughout the state by preventing local governments from enacting or enforcing regulations. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Jim Howell, R-Derby, passed without opposition in the Federal and State Affairs Committee on Wednesday. Rep. Michael Houser, R-Columbus, offered an amendment – which also passed without opposition – that would make it legal for all Kansans to carry a loaded handgun inside their automobiles. This treats a car as an extension of one’s home.

-Most were expecting an old-time argument with proponents and opponents facing off over New Hampshire House Bill 1589 to require background checks for all sales of firearms.  That never happened.  The House spent an hour-and-a-half in parliamentary maneuvering before finally killing the bill 242 to 118.

The vote wasn’t close.

-Athens County, Ohio Sheriff Pat Kelly made headlines a few weeks ago.  He refused to renew some current concealed handgun license-holders if the license holder had ever been arrested or charged.  The state Attorney General said that is a misapplication of Ohio law, but the Sheriff persists.  Now Sheriff Kelly has been indicted by a grand jury on 25 counts.  The Sheriff claims he is innocent of fraud and misuse of public funds, but by his own criteria, will he turn in his license to carry?

Laws for the Sheriff and different laws for us?

-Vets are being denied gun ownership.  Merely signing your financial affairs over to your spouse while you are deployed is now being used as cause for the VA to declare a veteran “incompetent”.  The VA sent out letters telling vets to turn in their guns and relinquish his 2nd Amendment Rights, or face going to prison.  Some vets have successfully appealed that decision to the FBI to have the unajudicated VA report of incompetence removed from their NICS file.

-The Connecticut Police are quite slow in arresting one of their own.  A Bridgeport police officer who accidentally shot himself in the leg in a crowded bagel shop has been arrested on a gun charge. State police said they charged 55-year-old Juan Santiago of Bridgeport with unlawful discharge of a firearm in connection with the Dec. 17 incident at the Bagel King on Main Street. Troopers say Santiago was sitting with three other Bridgeport officers when he mishandled a pistol that fired a shot [sic] through his left thigh. No one else was injured. Santiago was treated at a hospital. Local firearms owners protested the double standard of how a civilian would be charge with a negligent discharge versus a law enforcement officer.

Laws for them and laws for us?

-Reading, Writing and Firearms Responsibility- Knowing how to handle a gun is a vital part of being a responsible owner.. so a south Georgia technical college is working to make sure people buying guns know how to use them safely. The Southwest Georgia Technical College offers the NRA basic pistol course.  That course includes both classroom and range training for $70. The instructor says more women are signing up for the classes.

Rob: Compare this with Los Angeles area junior colleges where the NRA course was recently forbidden, and with Georgia that wants training to improve firearms safety.  Also note that Georgia does not require training to receive a carry license.

-“There are a lot of untrained people out there,” said former Riverton Police Captain and and gun safety instructor Mark Stone of Riverton, Wyoming. That’s a situation he would like to change.  Wyoming is now a “Constitutional Carry state so residents do not require training requirement to carry firearms or to receive a concealed carry license.  Captain Stone suggests training, and 60 to 65 percent of his students have been women.

I agree with Captain Stone.  Please get training.

-The Wyoming House advanced HB 111 to allow local school boards to permit teachers and other school workers who hold concealed carry permits to carry their guns at schools.

Representative Kendell Kroeker spoke against the bill. He co-sponsored another bill that would allow anyone who holds a concealed carry permit, not only school employees, to bring guns onto school and college campuses.

Toto, I don’t think we’re not in California any more.

-Wyoming is leading a coalition of 19 states asking the U.S. Supreme Court to let them submit a brief supporting a New Jersey man’s challenge to New Jersey’s concealed weapons law.

The Wyoming Attorney General’s Office, acting as lawyer for Wyoming and the other states, asked the Supreme Court to grant a hearing challenging a recent appeals court ruling.  The brief says Wyoming and the other states are concerned that if the appeals court ruling stands, it could threaten their less-restrictive concealed carry laws.

-An Anne Arundel County Maryland police spokesman said the police department is re-examining its weapons policy. Last week an officer’s car was broken into in front of his home.  The officer noticed a department issued Colt 223 rifle, a Sig Sauer SRT 40-caliber handgun, ammunition and a ballistic vest were missing.

Would you leave your weapons in your car overnight?

-Remington Arms said they are opening a new plant in Alabama.  The existing plant in Ilion (ill-e-on), NY would remain open, but with reduced staff.

I’ll buy Remington equipment again when they close their plants in New York.

Gun Quote of the day- “Foolish liberals who are trying to read the Second Amendment out of the Constitution by claiming it’s not an individual right or that it’s too much of a public safety hazard, don’t see the danger in the big picture. They’re courting disaster by encouraging others to use the same means to eliminate portions of the Constitution they don’t like.” Professor Alan M. Dershowitz

#2 As I have stood in the crosshairs of those who target Second Amendment freedoms, I’ve realized that firearms are not the only issue. No, it’s much, much bigger than that. I’ve come to understand that a cultural war is raging across our land, in which, with Orwellian fervor, certain acceptable thoughts and speech are mandated. — Charlton Heston

We have two interviews for you.  We interviewed Joe Kalil who advocates arming teachers in Kentucky.  Joe is an airline pilot and wants to use the same stringent guidelines used when qualifying armed pilots in a program to arm teachers.  We first heard about Joe from a listener tip.  His site is POST Ky.com

We also interviewed Miguel Gonzalez about violent riots in Venezuela where citizens are disarmed.  The police shoot unarmed protesters and throw opposition politicians in jail.  Miguel is from Venezuela and writes the blog “Gun Free Zone”.

Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this
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Seg 3 Interviews
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Segment 4 DGUs
DGU- Houston Police Department Officer J. Johnson was just leaving the movies with his girlfriend, when a sedan pulled up next to them.  One of the the men in the car pointed a handgun at the couple. Officer Johnson drew his concealed firearm and fired several shots at the vehicle.  The vehicle was sped away, but turned up a short time later at an area hospital. Two of the three occupants of the car were treated for non life threatening gunshot wounds and the third person was taken into custody by police. All three suspects are charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon.  The officer and his girlfriend were not harmed.

DGU- The owner of a Rocky Mount North Carolina convenience store shot and wounded one of three armed men who tried to rob his store.  Three men entered Mix Mart at about 9 p.m. Two of the men were armed with handguns while the third suspect attempted to rob the 43-year-old man.  The three suspects fled when the store owner drew his own handgun and fired.  Police soon found an 18 year old shooting victim and flew him to a nearby medical center where he is listed in critical condition.

DGU- Two men were trying to break into a Houston, Texas Smoke Box.  The store was closed, but the manager was still inside.  The manager retrieved a gun and confronted the suspects when he shot one of the suspects in the head.  The suspect was transported to Ben Taub Hospital and the other suspect was taken into custody.

DGU- This is from my friend Jennifer Cruz at the Gun Rights Examiner-
An attempted robbery Sunday morning in Lincolnville, South Carolina ended fatally for the suspect after the 76-year-old intended victim shot him with a .38 revolver.  Charles Petit was walking towards his car when he was confronted by 25-year-old Robert Deziel. It wasn’t the first time that Petit, a jewelry store owner, had been robbed.  Petit was knocked to the ground with Deziel on top of him while the younger Dezel attempted to shock him with a stun gun.  The 76-year old Petit drew his own gun.  Quote, “I shot about three times before I hit him because he had me on the ground trying to tase me.”  Police found the mugger lying on the front of the carport, where he was pronounced dead.

DGU- 28 year old Stephan Aceves (ACE-VEZZ) knocked on a stranger’s house in west Pasco, Washington around 2:30 Friday morning.  One of the occupants is a security guard at a nearby nuclear site.  He retrieved his firearm and shouted for the intruder to go away.  Acevez entered the front of the house and the occupant, fired several shots.  Police found Aceves dead in the front yard.  The guard lived at the home with his girlfriend and young children.

DGU- Neilsson Owens, 41, was shot and arrested after witnesses caught him red handed. Neilsson was caught stealing copper from an apartment complex after witnesses heard some racket coming from the basement.. twice.  they went back the second and found Owens trying to steal the copper. “One of the witnesses had a gun. They were in the process of escorting Owen from underneath the apartment complex and they were in the process of calling the police when Mr. Owens started a struggle and he reached for the gun and that’s when one of the witnesses shot him in the leg,” said Lt. McDuffie. http://fox10tv.com/2014/02/11/suspect-shot-caught-stealing-copper/

We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.

Segment 5 Show close
Tips and tricks segment with Kathy Jackson.
Paul: We don’t have any specific emails to talk about this episode, but I do want to talk a little bit about some feedback I have gotten personally about my run for office.
Rob: You might compromise your methods, but not your principles.

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Rob: I commented on the Ninth Circuit decision and Sheriff Gore at my SlowFacts blog

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Rob: and don’t forget Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, Texas Firearms Freedom, Texas State Rifle Association. Tennessee Firearms Association and the West Virginia Citizens Defense League.

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. Until the mid-week show…
Rob: stay safe,
Paul: be aware,
Rob: and we’ll see you down the road.
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Sandy Hook and the Body Count of Gun Control

A guest post by co-host Rob Morse.

December 14 is the anniversary of the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  We could talk about effective measures to stop public violence, but that talks to your head.  The battle is for your heart, and Big-government media like the Washington Post wants everyone to trot out their list of people murdered by those evil tools called firearms.  I have another idea. I have a list of people harmed because they were denied a firearm.  I’ll go first because I’ve had enough!

knife_attack2012-wideMy college girlfriend was raped after her attacker broke into her apartment and held a knife to her throat.  Monica couldn’t have a gun for self-defense because she lived in Chicago, and Chicago had very strict gun control laws.  Gun control is the theory that it is better for a 130 pound woman to be raped by a drug addict twice her size than risk injuring a rapist.  That stupid theory may work for a Chicago politician who has his own security detail, but my friend Monica paid the price.

Monica had to leave Illinois, and she moved to a state where she could defend herself.

mill valley policeSome victims can’t run away. Let me tell you about a girl named Anne.  She was a family friend and was home from college.  She sat in a quiet park near Mill Valley, California when she was murdered.  She was murdered by a mentally ill man who brought a gun into a gun-free zone and shot her.  Of course Anne obeyed California gun laws, so she wasn’t armed.  There was no one to help her when she was attacked and murdered.  The police didn’t find her body for hours.

That is the murderous insanity of gun prohibition!  We pretend that crazy people and criminals will obey gun laws while people like Anne are disarmed.. and murdered.  I named my daughter Anne, so this stays personal for me.

Do we need more names and more examples like Monica and Anne?  We are not talking about an untried theory, or even a theory that worked well in other countries.  Gun prohibition in the United States started after the civil war to disarm newly freed black men and women.  Gun prohibition was a bloody success at suppressing freedom.  The control freaks recently repackaged gun prohibition and re-branded it as gun control, crime control or gun safety regulations.  It failed as prohibition always fails, and I’ve named a few of the victims to prove it.

How many more names will it take to convince you?  How many more victims will you stand for?  My friends lived that experiment. I can’t ignore what has happened to them.  The Washington post may forget these victims, but please don’t ignore what has happened to your friends.

Now it is your turn.  What stories do you have?

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