Episode 77 – Bob Mayne and Glen Tate

News from Congress on gun bans, and gun bans working through legislatures in Illinois, New Jersey and New York. Bob Mayne and Glen Tate are guests.

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I must apologize for not getting the website links updated in a timely manner. I was without my laptop for most of this week. ~ Paul

Episode 76a – News from Illinois and Frank Fiamingo.

In this episode Toby and and Paul talk about an attempt in Illinois to quickly pass a gun ban, and Paul interviews Frank Fiamingo of NJ2AS about the Connecticut shooting and other topics.

Episode 74a – What do AKs and Canadians have in common?

Toby and Paul talk with Parker from K-Var, distributor of the Saiga Shotgun, there is a new Saiga 12ga coming out and it has some big improvements! Then Bryan Bolivar of Canadian Service Conditions Radio and George Hatch of New Shooter Canada join in for a podcasters roundtable.

Episode 73a – A Win in Illinois and Frank Fiamingo

Toby and Paul talk about the Federal court win in Illinois, Brian has hisĀ imbecile of the week and talks about taking new people shooting. Also an interview with Frank Fiamingo about The Bob Costas bloviation.

Court Voids Illinois Loaded-Gun Ban Outside Home, Work

Episode 71 – Frank Fiamingo and Kathy Jackson

In this episode Frank Fiamingo, President of the New Jersey Second Amendment has a conversations with Paul. The topics cover the elections earlier in the month, the efforts at gun control that started immediately after the elections and what has been going on recently with NJ2AS and the cleanup from hurricane Sandy.

In the Second interview Kathy Jackson Joins Toby and Paul. The topic is slaughtering the sacred cow, and several sacred cows were put down in this one. Is a handgun’s primary purpose to fight to get to a long gun? Is a Revolver more reliable than a Semi-Auto? Should you shoot to kill? All of this and more are addressed in Kathy’s segment.

Finally Toby and Paul talk a bit about the gift that Toby received and what is happening with the show.


Episode 57 – September 11 2001, A look back.

On this episode we look back at September 11th 2001. Joining me on the show are Frank Fiamingo, President of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, Ben Branam, Owner of Modern Self Protection, and Raquel Okyay, writer for Human Events.

Guest links:


Modern Self Protection

Ben’s first podcast

Human Events

As you hear in the end of the episode and have likely seen on Facebook or on this website, Raquel has joined the show and will be doing a weekly segment on the show.

Also late in the episode I mention that I am looking for 1 more person to join the show. This person should have a wide base of knowledge on firearms and be willing to commit about 1 hour a week. A 15 minute segment should take 1 to 1 and a half hours to complete.

The show is going to continue evolve. It has already grown far past where I ever thought it could and I want to keep bringing you what I think I would like to listen to.

Thanks for downloading and listening, GREAT things are on the horizon, and if you ever needed to climb aboard strap in and hang on, that time is now!