Episode 213 – Valinda Rowe and Joe Chetwood

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Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast recorded on Wednesday, the 19th of Feburary, 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop
Rob: I’m Rob Morse, and on tonights show we have an Interview with Valinda Rowe of Illinois Carry, as well as a large collection of firearms news and defensive gun use.
Paul: so climb aboard
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Paul: And hang on! Episode 213 the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1
Personal news from each participant

Before we go to break I have a bit of news, the Kathy Jackson class coming up on March 1st and 2nd in Centerton Arkansas is now a co-ed class! A listener got in touch with me yesterday and brought that to my attention, I called Kathy and confirmed it. So if you can get there in a week and a half get your seat now!

Also I want to put this out there. For those that are attending the Roadgunner MAG 40 class in May, I would like to see if I can “room” with someone and save a little bit of money. If you are going to be attending the class and would like to share a room to help alleviate some of the costs please email me at Paul@ad7.8f3.myftpupload.com.

Rob: Hmm.  Anyone want a non-smoking room mate at the NRA convention?

Also I want to say thank you to Mark Vanderberg of the Gun Rights Radio Network.  Word came down today that for various reasons Mark is shutting down GRRN for good on the 28th of this month. When I started this show it was my intent from the beginning to get on the network, and I have made a lot of good friends on GRRN . While it was predictable that GRRN would eventually go away it still saddens me to see it go.

As well one of my shows that I catch every time it is released is going away, the Bar Stool Discussion with Mark and Doc Wesson is not going to continue and will go away when the network shuts down.

I want to say a personal thank you to Mark Vanderberg. He is a large part of the reason that the show has turned out the way it has. In the early days of the show Mark taught me a lot about podcasting and has always been just a phone call away if I needed help or advice.. or just to gripe. Mark isn’t going anywhere, he just decided that it is time for a change. I for one am a little sad to see him leave podcasting and I will miss his presence here.

Mark and Doc can come on the show anytime!
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Seg 2- News
Paul-There are four bits of good news from the Oklahoma house.  One, the judiciary committee approved bills allowing citizens with licensed carry permits to carry in the state capital.  Two, they allow licensed carry holders to leave their firearm locked in their car in elementary and secondary school parking lots.  Three, they authorized state colleges, universities and technology centers to establish general policies for permit holders to bring weapons on campus rather than requiring written permission for each individual.  Four, a separate House committee made it illegal for any federal employee or agent to enforce any federal firearms regulations covering firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition that is manufactured in Oklahoma and remains within the state’s borders.

Rob: I really wish I’d received that job offer in Tulsa.

Rob-The city of Erie, Pennsylvania can’t enforce a 38-year-old ordinance that banned firearms in city parks.  The ordinance was overturned by the state Commonwealth Court and the city did not appeal the ruling.  Now the city has to dismiss fines and convictions against eight local gun-rights activists found guilty of violating the ordinance at a rally in Perry Square last June.

Paul- Illinois lawmakers are already changing the state’s 7-month-old concealed-carry law.  This is only weeks before even the first batch of permits are sent out to approved applicants. Several proposed bills would roll back restrictions to Illinois strict carry law.  Bills would allow concealed carry in public parks, on Cook County Forest Preserve lands and on public transportation.

Senator Kyle McCarter said he wants to allow concealed firearms in public transit systems because otherwise, in high-crime areas, criminals could easily target citizens they know aren’t carrying guns. In addition to these bills, some anti rights bills have been introduced.

Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day is coming up soon, and Valinda Rowe’s interview will be running later in the show. If you live, work or travel through Illinois, then we encourage you to be at IGOLD.

Rob- From New Jersey, gun-control advocates frequently use scare tactics to mislead the public into supporting laws that unnecessarily restrict Second Amendment rights. The most stringent firearms laws in the country don’t satisfy the rabid activists there. They are pushing to lower the legal magazine size from 15 to 10. “Our top priority is a 10-round limit on magazine size,”  said Bryan Miller, executive director of Heeding God’s Call. The group’s sole purpose is to push for more gun control. Its primary tactic is to hold “prayer vigils” outside firearms stores. Mr. Miller claims, “Nobody needs a 15-round ammunition magazine unless they are a domestic terrorist or a gangster.”  However, Mr. Miller neglected to mention that virtually all law enforcement uses firearms with more than 10 rounds.

If this magazine restriction is such a good idea, then let’s start with the state police, the legislative security details, and local sheriff’s deputies.  Better yet, let the law enforcement officers go back to 6 shot revolvers.  Why would anyone need more than six shots?…  Yeah, just as I thought.

In New York, a union official said Saturday the Remington Arms Co.’s decision to open a manufacturing plant in Alabama does not bode well for Ilion, and he’s blaming New York’s SAFE Act restrictions on assault weapons. “It can’t be good,” said Fran Madore, president of United Mine Workers Local 717, which represents 1,180 of the 1,300 Remington employees in Ilion. “How can it be good?”Madore said plant officials told him they wanted to meet with him Monday. They did not say what they wanted to talk about, but Madore said he assumes it will be about the company’s reported plans to open a 500,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Ala… Madore said he’s worried the company will move jobs out of Ilion, the Herkimer County village where the company has been making firearms since 1816.

-A failing newspaper in Connecticut called for state police to prosecute and incarcerate the hundreds of thousands of gun owners who refused to register their firearms and ammunition magazines.  This is in a state that already releases violent criminals due to prison overcrowding.  Our colleague David Codrea suggests Connecticut gun owners give the advertisers of the Hartford Courant a phone call and share their low opinion of the papers liberal editorials.  Dear listeners, there are many more of us than there are of them, so it is time Connecticut gun owners woke up and made themselves heard.
Concealment Solutions

Paul- Alabama Senator Scott Beason proposed a bill to allow drivers in Alabama to carry a loaded firearm in their car without a carry license.  Alabama currently permits unloaded carry in cars, but Senator Beason’s bill extends the castle doctrine to a person’s automobile — the thought being that you may have nowhere to retreat if you’re attacked in your car.

Rob -In the last step of the legislative process, the Virginia State Senate repealed a 19th Century Blue Law that outlawed hunting on Sunday. The House of Delegates passed the bill in January, but the bill now goes to Gov. Terry McAuliffe to be signed into law. The legislation allows Sunday hunting on private land during designated hunting seasons by hunters who have the written permission of landowners.

Why are states involved with this in the first place?

-Georgia lawmakers are discussing a change in airport regulations.  Concealed carry license holders would receive a warning and be asked to leave the secure area of the airport if they approach airport security screening with an undeclared firearm in their luggage.  One out of a million passengers at Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport forgets they have a firearm with them.  Airport security officials have arrested both politicians and clergy members who were then charged with a misdemeanor.  Former speaker of the State House, Terry Coleman, was arrested last year when security screeners found a pistol in his briefcase.  The bill probably won’t pass.. without your help.

You and I know where our guns are.  What about every round and shell casing?  How about an empty magazine you left in your briefcase if you carry at work?

-Also in Georgia a House bill which would expand the places where licensed individuals can carry a gun.  House Bill 875 passed after an emotional debate.  The vote was 119 to 56. The bill now goes to the Georgia Senate.  The bill applies to people over 21 years of age with a Georgia weapons license.  They would be allowed to carry in churches and bars that are not posted.  They could also carry in airports up to the security checkpoint and some public buildings with no security checkpoint. College campuses are not  included, but a weapons license holder caught with a gun on campus would only be subject to up to a $100 fine with no jail time. The bill also allows public school system to train and arm any staff members who volunteers. It also prohibits compiling and releasing a list of weapons license holders as some other states have done.

I wish I lived in Georgia so I could call my state senator.

-Florida respects gun owners.  That doesn’t stop south Florida cities from asking the state to define requirements for backyard gun ranges.  State law says you can fire from your backyard so long as the activity is not negligent or reckless.  There are no limits specifying distance from a property line, distance from a school or hours of operation.

-Since the Newtown tragedy, 7 states allow teachers to arm themselves and more are considering it this year.  Buckeye Firearms says that armed school staff are making a significant difference in keeping our schools safe. Buckeye Firearms spent $140,000 in the past year on training 150 teachers and other school officials, putting each of them through a 3 day training course.   According to Jim Irvine, President of Buckeye Firearms over 20 schools in the state currently have armed staff.  Great job Ohio and Buckeye Firearms!

Can other states learn from them before the next school tragedy?

-California is a strange state.  Eight Los Angeles police officers will not be disciplined after they fired 103 rounds at two unarmed women who were delivering newspapers from their car.  One of the officers thought the sound of the papers hitting the driveway was a gunshot, and then the other officers joined in the assault.  The unarmed mother and daughter received 4.2 million dollars from the Los Angeles taxpayers.  That is about 41 thousand dollars per shot.

Rob- Yep, there are laws for LA cops and there are separate laws for you and me.

Rob- In Texas it looks like Democrats are breaking the law in an attempt to turn the state blue. According to Breitbart when the Democrats sign up a new voter they keep that voters information, including telephone number and then make sure that on election day that that person gets out to vote. That in and of itself doesn’t sound too bad right? Except that that is against Texas election laws.

Paul -Two Minnesota police organizations have sued the National Football League, claiming that a policy prohibiting guns in football stadiums violates a state law by infringing on the right of off-duty police to carry weapons.  Since last September, NFL policy prohibits firearms in any league facilities, including team offices and practice facilities as well as stadiums. The only exceptions are for law enforcement officers that are specifically assigned to work at NFL games.  The lawsuit by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association and Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis claims the NFL policy puts members of the public at an unnecessary risk by prohibiting licensed, off-duty police officers from carrying their weapons inside stadiums and parking lots.

Can you think of the last time an off duty police officer started a gunfights at an NFL game?

Rob: Gun Quotes
When liberty is taken away by force, it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default, it can never be recovered. — DOROTHY THOMPSON

Paul: Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this
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Joe Chetwood, the gun doctor.
Do indirect piston systems help reliability? Only if the gun is unreliable in the first place. A well designed/manufactured firearm doesn’t need it. Some do.
Can you have too much rifling twist in your rifle barrel? Yes. There is an optimum twist rate for each bullet weight.
Can I use button mounts for a sling on a synthetic stock Ruger 10-22. Yes, but it might take some work.
V3 H&K ?? Can I swap out the trigger? There are liability issues. The H&K and FN don’t lend themselves to reliable trigger jobs. Some triggers are afterthoughts.
I’m getting some slop in my RIA 1911 rail to frame fit. Custom guns are tight. Tight guns won’t run in a dirty environment. Don’t worry until you notice a decrease in accuracy.
Can I retrofit a shorter trigger? Yes, you can find a trigger assembly with a shorter shoe.
Torus- PT92AF One out of 20 shots won’t cycle. This could be from low power ammo, a tight fit, try hotter ammo. Have a gunsmith put in a lighter main spring.

More Joe Chetwood, the gun doctor
Mosin-Nagant has trouble extracting a fired round. Look at the chamber. Surface roughness can cause the case to bind. Clean really well with a chamber brush before you try to polish the chamber. You could have lacquer buildup from lacquer painted steel case ammo. See a gunsmith if cleaning doesn’t solve the problem.

I took my Beretta 75 to the range. A friend said the front sight was filed down. Can the front sight be replaced?  No. You’d need a new barrel. This is a smaller pistol that Beretta has not made in years.

Segment 4 DGUs

DGU A Detroit family was robbed only two weeks ago.  Someone tried again this week, but this time it was caught on video and the Detroit mom was ready with her rifle.  She was home with her two small children when three teenagers kicked in her door Monday night.  She grabbed her firearm and told them to leave because she had a gun.  They said, “no you don’t” and she proved them wrong.  The three ran away after she fired, and one of the intruders dropped his pistol in the snow.  He picked up his pistol and tried to enter the house a second time.  The homeowner fired again and this time the thief stayed away.  All three teenagers were apprehended by police.

The reports indicate she missed twice.  I think she needs some practice because the criminals didn’t get the message the first time.

DGU A Bell County, Texas man faced a pair of burglars early Monday.  22 year old Elijah Wong was awakened by family members at about 2 AM.  They told him that someone was trying to break into their home. The power was cut off as Wong walked to the kitchen.  Someone kicked in the back door and Wong fired twice at the man.  Wong then scared off a second man who was trying to break in through the front door.  Law enforcement found a man in the front yard who had been shot in the arm, and also detained his accomplice.

COP DGU- Well this was a Valentine’s day dinner they won’t forget.  An intoxicated patron at the Aroyo Cafe in Stockton California drew a handgun and threatened to kill everyone.  The restaurant emptied as hundreds of customers flooded out the doors, except for off duty police officer Joe Silva.  Silva is the public affairs officer for the Stockton PD, but this time he was making news rather than sharing it with reporters.  Silva drew his own firearm and arrested the man.. potentially saving dozens of lives.

The patrons at the restaurant were probably disarmed by county law.  Stockton is in San Joaquin County, and is May Issue rather than a Shall issue County.  Thank god for a good man with a gun.

DGU- This is sad news from Florida. A west Palm Beach man came home from lunch and found a young man going through his gun collection.  The juvenile was placing several of the firearms on a blanket to take them from the home.  The juvenile pointed one of the guns at the homeowner who then fought with the juvenile.  The homeowner shot the juvenile several times.  The juvenile was taken to the hospital where he later died.  The young man was on probation at the time of this robbery.

DGU- According to the Pasco County, Florida Sheriff’s Office, a chiropractor acted in a self-defense when he shot a man who came into his office Monday morning.  Jaime Velez brought a gun to the doctor’s office  before a dispute started.  Velez was shot several times by the doctor and the Sheriff’s office considers it self-defense.  Velez is listed in critical but stable condition.

DGU- Earlier this month, an Ossipee, New Hampshire homeowner faced a pair of robbers.  Armed with a knife, James Brooks entered a home and demanded money from the homeowner.  The homeowner grabbed a gun and fired at Brooks and his accomplice.  Brooks was arrested this week after police received tips about his location.  Ossipee police said they have a long history with Brooks, who has faced previous charges in connection with drugs and violent acts.  This time Brooks was charged with burglary, armed robbery, trespass, threatening and reckless driving. He is being held without bail.

A small-caliber pistol in a pocket holster is better than a full-caliber gun in the nightstand.

We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.

Segment 5 Show close
Tips and tricks segment
Kenn Blanchard #3

Listener e-mail discussion
Greg from Bremmerton wrote in and shared this article: http://www.examiner.com/article/new-playbook-same-goal-masking-gun-control  The gist of the article seems to be that a super PAC is getting together and making a huge push for anti-gun candidates this fall in Washington state. They produced a 90 minute webinar a few days ago on how to push their anti-gun adgenda. Oh yeah, and this should surprise on one, the group is from Washington… Not Washington the state, Washington DC.

Also Greg sent in a DGU story:  Story 1:POULSBO — A man was shot during an argument early Sunday at a Poulsbo, Washington home.  At 3:33AM a.m., Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office patrol deputies and detectives, and a Poulsbo Fire Department medic unit were sent to a home in the 23800 block and found several people there.

A woman had allegedly been sexually assaulted by a man she knew and was taken to Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton by a private party to be examined. In the meantime, the suspect was reportedly shot by another man during an argument about the alleged sexual assault, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The aid unit took him to Harrison where his injuries aren’t considered life-threatening. The 32-year-old man was charged with third-degree rape yesterday.

Later, A man who was shot early Sunday during a birthday party at a Moorgate Place home was booked into jail Monday on suspicion of second-degree rape.  After the homeowner’s live-in fiancée took the alleged rape victim, a 44-year-old woman, to Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton to be examined, an argument broke out at the home at about 3:30 a.m.

The homeowner, who was much smaller than the rape suspect, felt threatened and shot him with a handgun, which another guest had brought, unloaded and stashed in a safe place, according to Kitsap County sheriff’s spokesman Scott Wilson. The homeowner knew where the gun was and retrieved it when he felt threatened.

Deputies questioned and released the shooter at the home, determining the shooting was justified. The final determination will be up to the county prosecutor. The alleged rapist, a 32-year-old Bremerton man, was taken to Harrison in Bremerton. He’s now in Kitsap County Jail with bail of $100,000.

This story was edited to correct the age of the alleged victim.

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since the Canadians are listening CSa and nfa

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. Until the mid-week show…
Rob: stay safe,
Paul: be aware,
Rob: and we’ll see you down the road.
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