Episode 165 – Training, News, and Listener Feedback

On the show we talked about the Kathy Jackson class : Thanks to Shelly at Gunup.com for all the help

GRPC: Coming up the end of the week. If you can get to Houston you need to go to the Gun Rights Policy Conference.  It’s free for attendees, and they even feed you twice!  (If you attend, ask one of the regulars so you don’t get hammered by parking.)

Washington Shootings

The ultimate gun free zone take down.We trust the police so we should trust military officers?
Emily Miller’s book
Kickstart: Infringed : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infringedthemovie/infringed-second-amendment-in-the-crosshairs?ref=search


Kenya murders http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2427892/Nairobi-mall-Gunmen-massacred-22-Kenyan-shopping-centre-targeted-non-Islamics.html
50 percent of American households have a gun
1 person in 5000 in Kenya.

McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts take on Open Carry post Starbucks

Illinois wins in court
McDonald v Chicago (2010) is the 7th circuit court decision that said the state had failed to demonstrate the benefit of the states prohibition of public carry.
Moore v Madigan (2012) said the Illinois laws were unconstitutional and Illinois decided not to appeal the case to the US supreme court.
Illinois continued to drag its feet.  The Illinois supreme court (2013) said that a misdemeanor battery conviction did not prevent getting a FOID card.  It also reconfirmed the 7th circuit ruling that the Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapons statute was not a reasonable regulation but with a comprehensive ban and therefore unconstitutional.
Illinois withdrew charges, and in some cases released prisoners convicted of public carry after the Illinois supreme court ruling.  That is a big event because people were behind bars for exercising a constitutional right.
This is politically fascinating.  The previous law was unconstitutional.  There is no way to carry legally at this time. Local prosecutors said they could not charge you for carrying, but they would find some other way to harass and arrest honest citizens found carrying in public.  Prosecutors are saying they own the public streets and will prosecute you anyway because they have more money and lawyers than you do.  Hmm.  That sounds like tyranny to me.
There are now several court decisions on both sides.  One obvious example is the fourth circuit’s reversal of Woollard v Gallagher.  The Palmer case in Washington D.C. has been waiting for years now.  I suspect the controllists are waiting for one of the conservative members of the US Supreme Court to die so that Obama will nominate an anti-gun liberal to replace him.

Listener mail from Marc
Oberlin city forced to comply with state preemption law.
Letter from William
Love you show. Here are some thoughts I’ve had listening to the last few episodes.
Re: blind and licenses
Most states allow legally blind to have driver licenses. Check it out for details. Very scary but then there are times I wish I couldn’t see what was going on around me. What’s it they say, ignorance is bliss.
For 3 gun battery.
Gun 1 – Mossberg 500; same reason
Gun 2 – 6″ barrel .357. GP100 preferred. Very rugged. Good for small game with light .38 target loads. Good for hunting med game out to 100 yards, even work for small bear if needed. Perhaps larger ones in a pinch. Good for 2 legged predators and really not that slow to reload and still conceals albeit a hit more work needed.
Gun 3 – bolt gun in .308, perhaps in scout config.
Don’t feel the need for AR class weapon because I really don’t believe it will be as dog eat dog as many think, at least in rural areas. If so I figure if 1st encounter is survived then I can do a battle field pickup.
If 4th is allowed, don’t want a gun. A 40 to 50 lb long bow with arrows. Very very quite, excellent at night – who needs sights. Nothing to repair except string and I can make one of those if needed. A recurve would be OK but not quite as quite. Forget bows with training wheels.  Too noisy and prone to break. 50 lbs is plenty with proper arrow choice. Also heavier bows are harder to improvise strings and arrows if necessary.
If limited to only one, I agree with Sticks(?),10/22 for same reasons.