Joe Chetwood and a closer look at the SAFE act

Joe Chetwood of Crusader Weaponry is interviewed and Raquel’s on target looks at the New York Safe act. Paul goes on a bit of a rant about the recent bombing in Boston.

Video mentioned in Paul’s rant:


Episode 45 – Fast and Furious is starting to move

Fast and furious news plus news from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida.

Sen Cornyn demands Holder resign.

Blogger Vanderboegh reports ‘game changer’ DOJ whistleblowers have come forward

Story on political contributions

Leesburg changes gun policy after lawsuit by Florida Carry

AG Holder Sends Rep. Issa Letter Concerning ‘Fast and Furious’ Meeting

Ohio House gives gun-rights advocates another win

Gun Protest Rallies More Gun Rights Advocates


Episode 25 – April 6, 2012

Updates on the Sanford Florida shooting, The California campus shooting, Operation Fast and Furious, and a listener e-mail.

Listen here

Links to stories mentioned in episode 25:

Washington Post story on NBC “screw up”

Gun dealer accused as part of ‘Fast and Furious’ pleads guilty to gun charges

Black Panther leader offering reward for capture of Trayvon Martin shooter arrested on charges he’s felon who had a firearm

California’s tough gun laws could not prevent East Oakland tragedy

Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Listen to the 911 Operator