Episode 188 – Eric Reed and Daniel Shaw

Man, but Paul started this recording early!
Hi and welcome to the Politics and Guns Podcast recorded too early on Sunday, the 8th of December 2013. I’m Paul Lathrop.
Tom: I’m Sticks and on todays show we have an interview with Eric Reed of Gun Rights Across America
Rob: I’m Rob Morse and we’ll also talked with Daniel Shaw of Gunfightercast fame., So climb aboard.
Tom: Strap in
Paul: And hang on, episode 188 of the Politics and Guns Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1
Tom- Shopping for guns.  Five new purchases.  Great Christmas presents!  Studying Illinois gun laws.  Looks like Illinois will recognize out of state passage through the state.
Rob- finished Dave Grossman’s Book on how violent media has lead to increasingly violent adolescents who then grow into violent adults.  The book is called “Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill”.  I also got in some dry practice, slow, fast and single hand.  How do you practice?

Paul – I have spent the last several days in non gun friendly states, and am just this morning in the free state of Utah.  Correction to midweek show – Minnesota does accept Utah non resident ccw. It is New Mexico that doesn’t.  See handgunlaw.us

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Seg 2- news
Rob- Another CCW training class started in Illinois in advance of the state accepting CCW applications.  This sixteen hour class says it exceeds the state’s requirements to apply for an Illinois CCW.  It does not say that the instructors and the course curriculum have been approved by the state.  The organization is the American Medical Resource Institute in Lake Zurich, Illinois, but their website shows neither ongoing medical education nor the names of its firearms instructors.  Hmm.  Do  our Illinois listeners have recommendations?
Ask Roy Kubicheck?

Paul- There is a new promotional promotional video supporting concealed carry created by the Twin Cities Gun Owners and Carry Forum.  It shows local citizens describing what they like about their local area and then mentioning that they carry a licensed firearm.  It is well produced and runs 2 and a half minutes.  They are on Facebook at TCGunsandCarry.  The link is in our show notes.  We need a thousand more like it form a group who lives near you.

Tom- It looks like the NYPD is done taking responsibility for their own actions. They fire errant rounds and wound bystanders, then charge the person that they were firing AT with the shooting crime. The person fired upon was a mentally ill individual who was trying to commit suicide by throwing himself into traffic. It looks like the NYPD should go through a refresher course on the 4 rules of gun safety, especially #4 (know your target and what is beyond it)

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Seg 3

Notes from the Daniel Shaw interview.  Glad to leave the USMC, but miss the marines.  Moved to Kansas and transitioning to a new job in Kansas.  Learning to sell retail and appreciate the wide range of customers.

GunfighterCast podcast with Daniel Shaw is here.

Gunfightercast 1911 podcasts part one and part two

Here is a video of Thunderbird Tactical Training with Daniel Shaw

Topic 3

Please be a resource to your friends who are new to firearms.  We can help guide our own.

DGU1 Shoppers were finishing their after work shopping when they heard shots from the Bi-Lo grocery parking lot in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  A man agreed to meet and buy several tablet computers in a parking lot.  As the sale went down, the seller pulled a gun and demanded money.  They started fighting inside the buyers car.  Another man tried to pull the buyer from the car.  The buyer was armed and shot both sellers, one fatally.  The other seller turned himself in at a local hospital for treatment of a gunshot wound to the shoulder.  Police are ruling it self-defense.

DGU #2

A convenience store owner was shot during a robbery on Nov. 11 in Bassfield, Mississippi, but then turned the tables and opened fire on the robber shooting him at least 10 times.  It was in the early morning hours when the suspect, armed with a gun, walked into the Get and Go convenience store and demanded the clerk hand over the store’s cash, WDAM reports.  But before the clerk could collect all of the cash, the robber shot the clerk in the leg.  The suspect then left the store, but apparently got greedy and decided to return moments later to grab the rest of the cash left behind.

The clerk had retrieved his own 9mm handgun as the suspect left, and when the robber walked back inside, the clerk opened fire.  When officers arrived, the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.  According to Jefferson David County Coroner Jimmy Slater, the suspect, identified as 35-year-old LeRobert Young of Bassfield, had 11 to 13 gunshot wounds.  The store clerk was transported to a local hospital where he underwent surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.  No charges are expected to be filed against the clerk.

DGU emailed from listener Greg

 HARRIS COUNTY, Texas- Deputies said a burglary suspect was shot dead by his own gun after dropping it while trying to escape the scene of an alleged crime early Thursday.  According to deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, the shooting happened around 12:50 a.m. on Aldine Bender Road at Miranda Street.  Deputies said three men were breaking into a trailer home in the back of a business property when the male who lives there heard the glass breaking and got up to check out the situation.

 The suspects took off running, and one of them dropped his gun. The male who lives on the property picked up the gun, and the other suspects opened fire on him, deputies said. The man returned fire, shooting one of the alleged crooks in the head.

 Host asks for comments before moving on.

Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this and close out the show.

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Any extra short topics or humor

Listener e-mail discussion

Email #1 from Listener Jeremy.

 Paul and Rob,

Listening to episode 187, your talk about private schools having rules about no guns allowed and their liability got me doing some searching.  I thought you would like to see the policy that General Motors has in place for all their facilities.  This applies to anyone onsite (employees, contract workers, suppliers, even UAW) despite the fact that not everyone has access to, or is given, this policy to read it.

Global Security

(Policy GS1)

Publish Date – 01/14/2013 Review Date – 01/14/2013

Page 5 of 7

IX. Sub-Policy GS1.3 – Security

The Security Section of the General Motors Global Security Manual defines and describes the

security requirements for all General Motors locations.

C. Guns, Dangerous Devices and Other Weapons

In support of the General Motors Workplace Violence Prevention policy, General Motors will not tolerate the possession of guns, dangerous devices, or other weapons while on company property including company parking lots. The only exception to this policy involves security personnel carrying firearms in situations as noted in the Security Section, Chapter 1 of the General Motors Global Security Manual, law enforcement personnel and armed guards transporting money on and off the premises, or where General Motors posts or otherwise communicates a different local policy (e.g., where General Motors believes this policy conflicts with a local law). Misuse of firearms by personnel authorized to carry must be reported to security.

 Though employees may legally own and carry weapons for personal reasons such as hunting or personal protection, it remains a violation of the policy to have weapons of any kind on General Motors property, even when they are kept in employees’ personal vehicles. Weapons are not allowed in company vehicles while on company property or while engaged in work-related activities. Weapons may not be carried to work-related events even if an authority having jurisdiction has issued a permit to carry or conceal the weapon. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

 Application of this policy does not preclude assigned drivers of company vehicles from the lawful possession of firearms in the vehicle when they are not on General Motors property or otherwise engaged in work-related activities. The term ‘dangerous devices’ includes any device, the possession of, which reflects an intent and capability of the possessor to use the device to inflict personal injury, whether under circumstances of assault or self-defense.

 This not only includes martial arts devices and other objects generally recognized as being weapons, but also would include otherwise innocuous devices that are possessed in such a manner as to reflect the prohibited purpose and capability, such as, for example a tire-iron, lead pipe or baseball bat stored beneath a vehicle’s driver seat.

It is great that they say this is supposed to prevent workplace violence, but we all know it won’t.  Since the security that actually walks around, at least two of, the main Detroit area campuses don’t carry guns it isn’t really going to stop anything.  And with at least 2 attacks within a block of the global headquarters at the Ren Cen this year, I’m hoping that this will change.  But considering my “tire thumper” is even considered a no-no to them I doubt it.  My pepper spray probably isn’t even allowed since self-defense items are prohibited.  Of course they won’t take responsibility if anything happens to some on premises, let alone to or from work.  I almost wish something would happen to someone so they can try and sue GM for taking away their 2nd amendment rights of personal protection while travelling to and from work.

When you started talking about truck guns with Ben Branham my first thought was the .40 Glock you carry Paul.  And that had me asking, how do you carry that in the truck?  I can’t get comfortable with a gun on my hip when I am sitting down.  I’ve tried multiple holsters (Black Mamba CE, Cross Breed Super Tuck, even a couple OWB) and switched from a double stack .40 M&P to a single stack 9mm Kahr.  Driving a rig all day you must be one really tough guy.

 Paul- My Glock 22 is carried in a Black Momba CE at the 2:30 to 3 o’clock position.

 Rob- Jeremy, I’m as eager as you are to hear how Paul does it.  I’m in San Diego where the military went to drop-leg holsters for two reasons.  First, the mechanized infantry had problems sitting down while carrying a sidearm, and second they had trouble with standard holsters while wearing body armor.  It is hard for civilians to wear a drop-leg holster and call it concealed.

For Rob, here are a couple of local gun groups I belong to.  So you can stop the whining. J

Michigan Gun Owners (MGO) http://www.migunowners.org/

Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners (MCRGO) http://www.mcrgo.org/mcrgo/default.asp

 Rob- Jeremy, we will add both your Michigan groups to our close-of-show shoutouts.  MGO and MCRGO go to the head of the line!

Keep up the great work.  I just downloaded the app through Amazon, but since I use Podcast Addict to listen to the show I don’t know if I will use it.  But I’ll support the show none the less.


 Email #2

From Ryan-

Hey guys I just listened to the mid-week show, I am the guy from Indiana. I don’t want someone else to try to be me. I’m also sending this to the onair e-mail so everyone has a copy, and it can’t be “misplaced” again. See address below…. hint, hint.

Thanks again for the podcast, I listen to every one.


 Email #3

Thanks again Paul, I can’t wait for my patch to get here. I’ll be sure to post some pics up on facebook when it get here. Since I am already typing this e-mail I did have a question for any of you guys. I am looking for a holster recommendation. I have a G23 with a TLR-1 light and I am looking for an OWB holster. I have already checked with Jason Christensen a few months ago, and he did not have a Sidewinder in that setup. I have a Black Mamba, and I love it just looking for a OWB rig. Are there any other makers you guys would recommend, or should I just keep bugging Jason till he build one? Thanks for any input you can give, and for the swag.


 List emails to contact us Paul@politics and guns.com, Toby, Sticks, Rob, Susan, or Onair to reach all of us.

 Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?  Susan worked for the Red Cross. Paul was an EMT.  Tom is on a rescue team.  Rob is part of a CERT team.  I wrote a post called “Americans are everyday-awesome.”

Listen to other podcasts on the Gun Rights Radio Network, the Crusader Podcast Network, and give Roadgunner a listen.

Roadgunner mag 40 class Chass the un-named trucker, Glen Tate, Tom, Paul and Toby will be there.

 Join your local civil rights organizatins like NRA, SAF, GOA and JPFO, at least two of the four.

Join your local civil rights group like NJ2AS, Michigan Gun Owners, and Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.. Maybe there are others that have not e-mailed us..  or send us a letter if you’re an Oakland Raiders fan and can’t figure out how to use e-mail.

 (Don’t mention- Illinois carry, Illinois rifle association, Arizona citizens defense league, Texas rifle association, Texas Firearms Freedom, Buckeye Firearms.  (And if we left your group out, that means you didn’t e-mail us yet.)  Join a local group even if they are in an adjacent state.)

 Paul, That wraps up another episode of Politics and Guns.  Until the mid-week show…

Rob, stay safe,

Sticks, be aware,

Paul, and we’ll see you down the road.

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Episode 99a – Politics Roundtable

Rob Morse, Laura Carno and Daniel Shaw join Paul in the first round table discussion. Topics ranged from the recent scandals that have rocked the Obama administration to events in Colorado to the recent spate of school expulsions under zero tolerance policies.