Episode 170- Brian Aitken Interview and Licensed Carry News

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Rob: I’m Rob Morse, and on tonight’s show we talk bout the new state Senators in Colorado, and talk with Brian Aitken about his legal battle in New Jersey!
Paul:  We’ll also cover the government slowdown, and several armed citizens in the news from around the world,
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Topic 1 Brian Aitken interview
Brian, when did you begin your adventure with New Jersey’s gun laws?

Brian moved from Colorado to New Jersey.  He asked the police for instructions on transportation of firearms and ammunition.  He was pressured by the police for a search of his loaded car.  The police threatened to put him in a psychiatric hospital on a 72 hour hold so they could search his car.  He was falsely arrested and prosecuted. (Mirandized after two hours!)  He wouldn’t accept a plea deal.  Before trial, a New Jersey family court declared him a dangerous person, so he had his visitation rights revoked and he can’t see his son. Brian was tried, convicted, and served time in a New Jersey prison on felony firearms violations.

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Brian’s sentence was commuted, but not overturned. The appeals court reversed two of the three charges, but upheld the third.  There is no legal way to transport ammunition in NJ when you move from house to houlse.

Brian wrote a book and started an indegogo project.  www.bannedbykickstarter.com  Brian Aitken said, “I want the conviction overturned so I can see my son!”

Help him, because if it could happen to him then it can happen to anyone.

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Ask the GunDoc 3

New Colorado senators take office.  Bernie Herpin of Colorado Springs and George Rivera of Pueblo were sworn in last Thursday.  There are now three republican candidates running against Hickenlooper.   Democrats are looking for a new senate president after Senator Morse was recalled.

US Senate has time to declare national chess week, but no time to ratify a budget.

Lots of CCW news
NFL bans off duty cops from carrying at football games.  That seems stuck on stupid to me.  The NFL is ignoring evidence from the last 20 years of public violence in “gun-free zones”.

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more CCW news

We talked about licensed carriers last week.  Some of the first responders in the Nairobi Mall attack were described as “Members of a local gun club” and as “off duty police”.  Perhaps they are both.  One was wearing an IDPA patch on his vest as well as shooting glasses.  My guess is that he heard gunfire and grabbed his gear from his car.  Click on the picture for a larger image.Nairobi first responders

The gun-control crowd says guns are dangerous.  Now we have data from the last three years that shows gun owners are much SAFER than the general public.  We already knew that gun owners are more law abiding than the police.  Dean Weingarten looked at domestic homicides in Florida.  He found that people with carry licenses are 10 times safer than the general public, and three times safer than police.

Emily Miller exposed how the DC police would allow Diane Feinstein to parade “Assault weapons” in front of the TV cameras, but the NRA couldn’t bring a hunting rifle to a congressional hearing to point out that is was NOT an assault weapon.  Laws for them and laws for us.

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