Episode 189 – R.P. Ruggiero

Open: Hi and welcome to the Politics and Guns Podcast recorded Wednesday, the 11th of December, 2013. I’m Paul Lathrop.

Rob: I’m Rob Morse, and on tonight’s show we’ll talk with R. P. Ruggiero, author of the Brushfire Plague series of books.
Paul: We’ve got the latest gun news and DGUs to share with you, so climb aboard
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Paul: And hang on, episode 189 of the Politics and Guns Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1 Catching up
Tom is shopping for Christmas – Pawnshop for guns?
Rob- Dry Practice from concealment, slow, fast, trigger reset, strong and weak handed slow fire, reloads and malfunctions.  My hoodie drawstrings got caught in the safety.
Paul – on the road, dry fire, figured out a way to do dry fire trigger reset on the glock.

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Seg 2- News
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Jersey City, New Jersey now includes civics questions along with its bids to purchase firearms for police.  The city asks vendors if the manufacturer allows images of its products to appear in video games and what the company does to combat illegal gun trafficking. Don’t you feel better now.  Let’s go ask the nice police officer if whale parts were used to manufacture his gun.

The New York City Police Department has sent out more than 500 letters demanding gun owners turn in their weapons, weapons made illegal by New York City’s preemptive gun laws.  These laws made long guns illegal if they hold over 5 rounds.  Gun owners can turn in their guns, leave New York City, or sell the guns outside New York City.  Have any of our listeners received a Bloomberg love letter yet?  Can anyone remember when registering a long gun prevented a crime?

Also from the big apple- The New York Police Department sent two detectives to Kenya to collect lessons learned from mass murders in the Nairobi Westgate mall.  They learned there were only four attackers.  The attackers never fired automatic weapons.  They had a few grenades. They killed 67, wounded over 200, and slipped out of the mall and escaped at night after 18 hours in the mall.  The responding Kenyan military shot two SWAT officers by mistake, killing the commander of the Nairobi SWAT unit.  The lessons learned for civilians are to leave the building rather than hide in place.. and carry your gun if you can and shoot on the move.
This could happen here!

The New Jersey Second Amendment Society sponsors a Home Defense seminar on Thursday evening, December 19th in Brick, New Jersey.  The seminar includes presentations on how to harden your home, prepare a safe room, alert the police, and how to apply for a New Jersey Firearms Identification Card.  The event is free, yes FREE!  But, registration is required and the event is expected to fill up quickly.  See the NJ2AS site or check our show notes for the link.
(Reminds me that best defense against an armed attacker is a locked door.)

In the next segment we have an interview with author RP Ruggiero.  RP wrote Brushfire Plague and Brushfire Plague Reckoning, available in paperback and Kindle.  It was an interesting interview, and we have links in the show notes if you want to buy his books for Christmas.

 Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after the interview with our DGU segments and close out the show.

Seg 3
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RP Ruggiero interview.
Seg 4
Show close
DGU1- From Toledo, Ohio- A burglar called 911 to ask for help after being shot. 21 year old Randy Estrada was charged with burglary after being shot by a homeowner while climbing in the homeowner’s window.  Estrada left the scene, but called 911 for help.  Getting shot and arrested is a tough way to learn a lesson.

DGU2- A 37 year old burglar was shot in the arm by a 76 year old homeowner in Hampton, Virginia.  The homeowner called police when he heard glass breaking downstairs.  The police searched the premises and left empty handed.  The homeowner found the burglar in a closet of the barbershop attached to his home.  The burglar was shot and fled, but then captured by police and taken to the hospital for treatment of minor wounds.  It has to hurt twice being shot by someone twice your age.

DGU3- Defensive gun use number 3 is reported in the Chicago Tribune.  A 25 year old man out on parole for a previous armed robbery tried to rob a cellphone store at gunpoint Tuesday evening.  The store owner drew his handgun and killed the thief.  Imagine that, a previously convicted criminal got a gun in the gun-control paradise of Chicago.  Times have changed now that honest Chicago citizens can legally own firearms for self-defense.

Humorous photograph- Obama gets all gaga over Danish Prime Minister, Michelle is nearly drawn on by the secret service just from the looks she is giving the Prez. She then MAKES HIM SWITCH SEATS!

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