Episode 281 – Brian Aitken and “The Blue Tent Sky”

Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast recorded live on Sunday November 2nd 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop
Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and on tonights show we talk with Brian Aitken about his new book “The Blue Tent Sky”
John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll tell you the latest misadventures by Bloomberg’s anti gun groups.
Rob: I’m Rob Morse and we report on another defensive gun use in Houston, so climb aboard.
John: strap in
Rob: and hang on!
Paul: Episode 281 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
Show intro music.

Seg 1- Personal news from each participant

Rob- I took some training at a local gunshop Thursday night. We reviewed presentation from concealment. I recorded the end of class summary with the instructor. I wrote it down when I got home. Now I’ve got homework when I dry practice! I also cleaned my 45 magazines, and cleaned the 22 I use with new students. I was impressed. That little gun will run when it is very dirty.

John – Did some dry practice with my SIRT pistol. Had snow on Saturday morning but still went out to a gun auction on Saturday night to see if I could pick something up cheap. Not enough people showed up so they turned it into a silent auction.

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Seg 2- News

-A few years ago, Mary Reed was shot at the Tucson shooting, a shooting which also wounded Representative Gabby Giffords.  Now Mary Reed supports the Bloomberg group, Moms Demand Action.  From what we read, Mary Reed thinks she needs to embellish her story to the press.  No, that’s not right, she isn’t exaggerating.  Reed is lying.  She told the press that the Tucson murderer walked around open carrying his firearm in the Safeway grocery store for 15 minutes before the murderer shot Representative Gabby Giffords.  That isn’t true. The store security personnel and the store security cameras never saw the firearm. This isn’t the first time Bloomberg’s group has been caught in a lie.  If the truth doesn’t make your point for you, then you have to lie.  Now our listeners know the truth about Tucson, and about Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups.

-Our next story is another example of anti-gun politicians distorting the facts.  Democrat Fred DuVal is running for Governor of Arizona.  He has previous experience as the Deputy Director of the White House under Bill Clinton.  DuVal supports Colorado-like gun control in Arizona.  Quote “ the attacks on Sandy Hook, Aurora, Isla Vista, and Tucson show we must require background checks for all gun purchases.” DuVal does not mention that in three of the four examples he lists the murderers actually passed the required background checks.  DuVal also ignores that the Sandy Hook murderer stole his firearms, and so completely avoided any and all background checks.  The tragic multiple victim murders are tragic events that DuVal is exploiting to take firearms away from honest citizens.

– In our last episode we told you about a Georgia voter who was asked to remove his NRA instructors cap before he was allowed to vote.  The NRA’s legal team responded quickly.  They demand the board of elections in Douglas County, Georgia, reverse an informal ban on pro-gun clothing at the voting booth. According to the NRA, Georgia law prohibiting campaign materials “provides absolutely no support for the policy you have implemented, because the items such as a hat bearing the words ‘NRA Instructor’ are wholly unrelated to any political contest before the voters.”

-The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Council is the labor union that represents members of the government’s immigration service. Council President Kenneth Palinkas issued a statement decrying President Barack Obama’s planned amnesty by executive action after the Nov. 4th midterm elections.  Palinkas said  “The United States is the world’s rubber-stamp for entry.. regardless of the ramifications of the constant violations to the Immigration and Nationality Act. Whether it’s the failure to uphold the public charge laws, the abuse of our asylum procedures, the admission of Islamist radicals, or visas for health risks.  The taxpayers are being fleeced and public safety is being endangered on a daily basis.”
Rob comment- Elections have consequences.. and so do open borders.
John comment – I think they may also remember what happened to one of their own, Brian Terry, who was killed using a gun walked by ATF.

-You remember that congress passed the Patriot Act after Muslims attacked the US over thirteen years ago on September 11th, 2001.  The Patriot Act fast-tracked the government’s ability to search for information without a warrant.  We gave the government new powers to defend the US, but now the government is using those same legal provisions for something else.  Potential drug cases make up 99 percent of the “sneak-and-peek” searches that are conducted by federal law enforcement without informing the target of the search.  1 percent are used to target terrorism.
Rob comment- That legislation passed a Republican controlled House and Senate.  Shame on them.

– We received this news item from Doug Ritter and Knife Rights.  The City of New York agreed to pay $7,500 to a falsely arrested knife owner after the police falsely declared his knife to be an illegal “gravity knife” even though the blade did not lock open. The knife owner is a sculptor who uses a knife for his work.  The knife owner was arrested, handcuffed, booked, and placed in a holding cell like a common criminal.  The knife owner fought the charges.  With the help of an expert witness in court, the knife owner proved his knife was legal.  The District Attorney voluntarily dismissed the case.  Now the city owes the knife owner for legal fees.

-Here is some good news.  Gallup conducted a poll in early October.  They found that the support for gun control has fallen considerably in the last two years. Today, 47 percent of Americans favor stricter gun laws.  38 percent  want the laws left as they are. 14 percent of us want gun laws removed.  The number of people who want gun control fell by 11 percent from its high after the murders in Newtown Connecticut.

Support for more firearms restrictions fell in almost every category.  Here is how the numbers break down-
71 percent of democrats favored stricter laws, a decrease of 8 percen
67 percent of liberals supported stricter firearms laws, again a decrease of 8 percent
55 percent of women favored stricter laws, a decrease of 14 percent
36 percent of independent favor stricter gun laws.  That is an increase of 1 percent.  The increase may show that more former democrats and liberals now view themselves as independent voters.
32 percent of conservatives support stricter laws, a decrease of 12 percent.

And as you would expect, only 29 percent of self-identified republicans support stricter firearms regulation.  That is a decrease of 10 percent.

A record 73 percent of us think handguns should not be banned, while a new low of 25 percent think only the police should have handguns.
Rob- That is great news.  It means we should have more listeners.
Rob, I disagree with you.  The numbers show that our listeners have been doing a great job as ambassadors for responsible armed self-defense.

– Bloomberg’s paid for lobbyists showed up at the Kroeger stockholders annual meeting to stage a media event.  Bloomberg’s group is trying to bully Kroeger into banning guns at their supermarket.  Someone took pictures of the Bloomberg protesters, and noticed they had armed security.  Now that we’ve looked at the pictures, their security crew is carrying concealed.  One of them looks like the same guy we saw being armed security for Bloomberg’s protest back at the NRA convention in Houston.

-We have another dose of hypocrisy for you.  A woman in Corpus Christi, Texas doesn’t like guns.  She doesn’t like her boyfriend owning guns or buying guns.  27 year old Bridget Campbell argued with her boyfriend after a man came to their mobile home to sell a gun.  While they were arguing, Bridget grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her boyfriend in the back of the head.  Police charged her with aggravated assault.
Rob- It sounds like people who hate guns are violent.  I’ve never been stabbed by a gun owner.
Gary- Hoplophobes project their own lack of control on others.

-Two peace activists in Washington County, Pennsylvania beat their roommate unconscious..  Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez work for an anti-gun community organization called  “Stop the Violence”.  The two went to the police and accused their roommate of theft.  Police determined the roommate was only taking property he owned as he moved out of their shared apartment.  Ardeno and Velez assaulted the victim as he left.  They beat and kicked the victim until he vomited blood and had convulsive seizures.  The victim also worked for “Stop the Violence”. The two peace activists are charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy, simple assault and disorderly conduct.  At last report, the victim remains unconscious and in critical condition at Pittsburg’s Mercy hospital.

-Newark, New jersey instituted a new policy for police officers. Chief Anthony Campos informed officers that they should refer any victim complaining about crimes such as simple assault, criminal mischief and harassment to file complaints in municipal court, rather than compile an incident report themselves.  “in order to streamline operations and make better usage of police resources”.  It also covers disorderly persons offenses such as improper behavior and offensive language, as well as complaints about bad checks and false information provided to police. The new procedure allows for exceptions for any crime that involves domestic violence or could constitute the level of an indictable offense.

-Gary, this next item is about Chicago.  In that gun-control paradise, a large group of thugs attacked an off duty Police Sergeant.  He was robbed as he walked to his car in a parking garage on Madison Street.  The officer and two other men were confronted by 6 to 10 thugs at 3 in the afternoon.  The officer was beaten unconscious and his firearm was taken from him.  The sergeant suffered facial fractures and bleeding in his brain.  He has been in and out of consciousness since the beating.

Gary- but we need more gun control so criminals can’t buy guns.  Here is a news-flash for Chicago politicians.  The criminals don’t go to the store to buy their guns.  The thugs steal them.  Breaking the law is what they do for a living.
Rob- I checked the Chicago crime reports.  59 people were shot in chicago that week.  None of the criminals were licensed gun owners and used a legally purchased firearm to commit their crime.

-Here is more news from a gun free zone. Two men robbed two students on the campus of Western Michigan University.  This prompted campus officials to post an alert on the university’s website Wednesday night.  The armed robbery occurred at about 9 p.m. between the Sindecuse Health Center and Sangren Hall.  The thieves made off with a backpack.  Campus officials said they are asking students and others at WMU “to move about the campus with caution and not walk alone.”   Michigan law prohibits concealed handgun license holders from carrying on or in a dormitory or classroom of a community college, college, or university.

rob comment- Hello, the two victims were not alone.  That means campus officials are prescribing more of the same activity that got these two students robbed at gunpoint.  That is irresponsible.  I hope the students and parents call and let the University know how you feel.

-One more story from a gun control paradise. As a DC Metro police was investigating a suspicious person while on patrol early Friday morning, he was ambushed by the guy who was wielding a double-bit axe. The axe-wielder embedded the axe in the driver’s side window of the cop car. The officer then exited his car and struggled with the man but he got away. The officer suffered a dislocated shoulder and injured knee in the struggle.

Comment – I guess DC politicians will be calling for axe control to go along with their gun control.

-Kimberly Weeks is a rape survivor and an advocate of armed-self defense.  Kimberly lives in Colorado and she wrote a guest editorial at Revealing Politics.  She wrote,

“There are still times I awake in the middle of the night with my heart pounding in my chest at the slightest sound. To me, the bump in the night is not a fear of the unknown—it is a fear of reality.  My nightmares have a name—a face—a memory.

“Very recently, I’ve been accused of fear mongering and waging a war on women in an election season where ads about a fabricated birth control apocalypse and condom shortages are mainstream.   But my real-life experience is not a gimmick or a strategy, it is just a truth. I could easily be your daughter, your sister, your wife, or your mother. This makes many people uneasy; to have to imagine their loved ones in my shoes. I’m not asking you to go out and buy a gun if that’s not your choice; I know it wasn’t always mine. All I ask is that you not infringe upon my rights to do so.” close quote.

Kimberly, thank you for speaking out.  Some people would rather forget your attack.
Maybe we should use Kimberly’s story should as our gun quote.  Our regular gun quote fits with her  experience..

Gun Quotes
“To my mind it is wholly irresponsible to go into the world incapable of preventing violence, injury, crime, and death. How feeble is the mindset to accept defenselessness. How unnatural. How cheap. How cowardly. How pathetic.”- Ted Nugent

We’ll talk with Brian Aitken after this message.
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Segment 3 Interviews
Interview with Brian Aitken

Brian Aitken traveled through NJ with a firearm.  Brian called the police and asked how to legally move through the state with his firearms.  Brian was manipulated and prosecuted by the New Jersey court system.  Simply put, he was sacrificed to the anti-gun New Jersey court system.  He was sentenced to seven years in state prison.  His sentence was commuted, rather than being pardoned and expunged.  That means Brian is a convicted felon and can not vote or own firearms. A family court judge said he is not a fit father because of his conviction.  Brian described his experience in his book “The Blue Tent Sky”  The book was the conservative book of the month and is available in hardcover and as an e-book.

Brian worked for the Foundation for Economic Education.  He also was given a “Sammie” award by the Samuel Adams Alliance for outstanding citizen leadership.  Brian, welcome back to the polite society podcast.

Briefly tell our listeners what happened to you.
Is the case closed?
How has your book been received?

Segment 4 DGUs

An Omaha homeowner confronted Lee Harvey as he tried to break-in at 2am on Wednesday morning. The homeowner shot Harvey once in the chest. He collapsed a few blocks away and was taken to Creighton University Medical Center where he died. Harvey was the third home-invader killed in Omaha in recent months. While the homeowner was questioned by police detectives after the incident, they said it was obvious that Harvey had tried to break-in by the damage he caused to the front door. Harvey had prior convictions for criminal trespass. No charges are pending against the homeowner.

A Vicksburg, Mississippi mother and her 17 year old daughter were the victims of an armed home before sunrise on Monday morning. They were held at gunpoint and robbed of their wallets. As the home invader was leaving, the 17 year old daughter was able to free herself and grab a firearm. It was then that the home invader came back for a second time. He and the girl exchanged gunfire which made him leave for good. Neither the girl nor the robber were injured. Police have found the empty wallets but are still on the lookout for the home invader.
Rob- comment- would someone please make sure those two women get firearms training.

-We reported on this DGU very briefly on Wednesday but now have more info. Two women tried to burglarize a house in Walden on Lake Houston, an upscale Harris County, Texas neighborhood. After driving to the area in a stolen car, they threw rocks to break a window in the front of a home. As they were reaching in to unlock the front door, the homeowner shot them in the upper torso with a shotgun. Both had to be airlifted to an area hospital with life changing injuries. The elder of the two said to be in her mid-20s suffered a spinal cord injury and is expected to paralyzed for life while the 17 year old may lose an arm. Harris County Police are calling this an unusual incident as it involved two female suspects and the neighborhood is usually very quiet.

71 year old Ronnie Lummus and his wife were leaving a Dallas, TX Aldi’s grocery store Tuesday night when 36 year old Mike Angel Carmillio approached them and grabbed Mrs. Lummus’ necklace off her neck. Carmillio then pushed her down and continued trying to rob her. It was then that Mr. Lummus drew his legally carried concealed handgun and started shooting at Carmillio. Carmillio then ran to his car and crashed a short distance away. He was found dead with his pistol in his hand. Police are calling the shooting justified and have no plans to charge Mr. Lummus. They did, however, refer the incident to a grand jury.

Four thugs tried to break into a Jacksonville, Florida home around 1:45 AM on Friday. The homeowner was armed with a rifle and shot one of the suspects multiple times causing them all to flee. Shortly thereafter, a car pulled up to UF Health Center with the injured suspect. Police took all four into custody. They don’t expect to bring any charges against the homeowner who was uninjured.

– This next example of armed self-defense was sent to us by one of our listeners in Houston.  Thank you, Scott!

There have been several robberies on the south side of Houston this month.  A homeowner heard the glass breaking at 3AM as a man came through the back window of his house.  The homeowner retrieved his firearm and found the intruder standing in his kitchen.  The homeowner shot and killed the intruder.  The homeowner was uninjured as was his wheelchair bound father who also lives in the home.  It is hard to call this a cold burglary since there were four cars parked in the driveway and front yard at the time of the breakin.  This was the second Houston-area home invasion in which a burglar was shot this week.

-This report is from your area of the country, Rob.  A 30-year-old woman from the Lincoln Park area of San Diego woke up and found a burglar in her home at 2:30 AM.  The 34 year old female intruder refused to leave.  The intruder was verbally abusive and threatened the homeowner.  The homeowner grabbed her handgun and shot the intruder in the leg.  The intruder ran from the home but was arrested as she sat on the lawn a few houses away.

We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.

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Tips and tricks

Segment 5 Show close

Listener e-mail discussion 
-Hey gang,
I’m just curious on what you all thought about this situation.
Would you defend/escort a MDA (or other similar gun-grabbing organization) member?
The short story, a woman wearing an MDA shirt was mocking an open carrier at a gas station. Then, some rowdy yoots came into the store. She then asked the open carrier to escort her to her car, to which his response was, “I’m sure that loud mouth of yours will keep you safe.”
I’d say that this “advocate” made a poor judgement decision that only helped this woman to seal her hatred of guns. I would have walked her to her car and maybe had a quick discussion on why she felt safer with an armed person, vs alone.
TJ Gauthier

This comment came in on our website.

-Please check on episode 279.
The team does a fantastic job with an excellent podcast.
However, there were two verbal gaffes that change the meaning of the intended point.

  1. During the discussion on assault rifles and “assault weapons” in the very final review of the definitions they were actually switched.
  2. During the discussion of the Surgeon General and the better qualifications of the Acting Surgeon General, the position was accidentally called the Acting AG.

These things happen. Just wanted to alert you. Braden

-We also had a comment from the video producer of the Hickenlooper blues.  Peter Gould said
“Many thanks for posting this! I’m one of the creators of the music video The Hickenlooper Blues, which we developed in collaboration with music and lyrics creators Dave Simpson, Cyd Lantz and David Codrea. There’s still time to get A LOT of eyes on this but we need your help to do it! First, please click through to http://youtu.be/aVIKV3eO68A and watch the whole video – it takes less than 3 minutes and will help the numbers right there. And give it a thumbs-up on YouTube, please! And second – SHARE THE LINK everywhere you can – Facebook, Twitter, on other pro-rights pages, with friends and family – and ask them to do the same! MANY THANKS TO ALL!!

Paul- Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?
Rob- I wrote about voter fraud.  I know this podcast episode will come out after the election.  I’m hoping there are no more voter fraud stories we have to talk about.
Rob- John do you want to mention anything from your blog, No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money you would like to talk about?
Nothing really political but I did have an idea with what to do with all the candidate yard signs that are littering the roadside. Collect a bunch of them after Tuesday and turn them into target stands. I think they’d be great for pistol or .22 rimfire.

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. I’d like to thank Brian Aitken for joining us today. co-hosts, will you be with us next time? I’m looking forward to it. Until the next time…
Rob: stay safe,
Gary: be aware,
John: and we’ll see you down the road.

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Episode 170- Brian Aitken Interview and Licensed Carry News

Open: Hi and welcome to the Politics and Guns Podcast for Wednesday, October 9th. I’m Paul Lathrop
Rob: I’m Rob Morse, and on tonight’s show we talk bout the new state Senators in Colorado, and talk with Brian Aitken about his legal battle in New Jersey!
Paul:  We’ll also cover the government slowdown, and several armed citizens in the news from around the world,
so climb aboard,
Rob: Strap in
Paul: And hang on, episode 170 of the Politics and Guns Podcast starts right now.
Show read and intro music.Brian Aitken and friend

Segment 1
Topic 1 Brian Aitken interview
Brian, when did you begin your adventure with New Jersey’s gun laws?

Brian moved from Colorado to New Jersey.  He asked the police for instructions on transportation of firearms and ammunition.  He was pressured by the police for a search of his loaded car.  The police threatened to put him in a psychiatric hospital on a 72 hour hold so they could search his car.  He was falsely arrested and prosecuted. (Mirandized after two hours!)  He wouldn’t accept a plea deal.  Before trial, a New Jersey family court declared him a dangerous person, so he had his visitation rights revoked and he can’t see his son. Brian was tried, convicted, and served time in a New Jersey prison on felony firearms violations.

Seg 2
Brian’s sentence was commuted, but not overturned. The appeals court reversed two of the three charges, but upheld the third.  There is no legal way to transport ammunition in NJ when you move from house to houlse.

Brian wrote a book and started an indegogo project.  www.bannedbykickstarter.com  Brian Aitken said, “I want the conviction overturned so I can see my son!”

Help him, because if it could happen to him then it can happen to anyone.

Segment 3
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Ask the GunDoc 3

New Colorado senators take office.  Bernie Herpin of Colorado Springs and George Rivera of Pueblo were sworn in last Thursday.  There are now three republican candidates running against Hickenlooper.   Democrats are looking for a new senate president after Senator Morse was recalled.

US Senate has time to declare national chess week, but no time to ratify a budget.

Lots of CCW news
NFL bans off duty cops from carrying at football games.  That seems stuck on stupid to me.  The NFL is ignoring evidence from the last 20 years of public violence in “gun-free zones”.

Seg 4
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more CCW news

We talked about licensed carriers last week.  Some of the first responders in the Nairobi Mall attack were described as “Members of a local gun club” and as “off duty police”.  Perhaps they are both.  One was wearing an IDPA patch on his vest as well as shooting glasses.  My guess is that he heard gunfire and grabbed his gear from his car.  Click on the picture for a larger image.Nairobi first responders

The gun-control crowd says guns are dangerous.  Now we have data from the last three years that shows gun owners are much SAFER than the general public.  We already knew that gun owners are more law abiding than the police.  Dean Weingarten looked at domestic homicides in Florida.  He found that people with carry licenses are 10 times safer than the general public, and three times safer than police.

Emily Miller exposed how the DC police would allow Diane Feinstein to parade “Assault weapons” in front of the TV cameras, but the NRA couldn’t bring a hunting rifle to a congressional hearing to point out that is was NOT an assault weapon.  Laws for them and laws for us.

Segment 5
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Show close
extra love to-
-Sticks Appleseed, orange hat Instructor-trainee.
-California, there is time to call Governor Brown about the bad bills on his desk and give the Left Coast some gun-love.

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Roadgunner mag 40 class

Rob’s blog- a satire comparing the middle east to Washington DC

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Paul, That wraps up another episode of Politics and Guns.  Until the weekend show…
Rob, stay safe,
Paul, be aware,
Rob, and we’ll see you down the road.
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