Episode 177 – Return of the Ewok and Joe Nobody

We had a ton of fun recording this one! Editing? Not so much!

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Catch up with each participant and humorously ridicule the no-shows.

Host asks for comments before moving on.

I felt like a bartender serving firearms.  DSO the marksmanship rifle   Marlin-275-300


Paul: http://progunleaders.org/university/TestingReality.html

68 to 136 accurate shots that can be fired in a 60-second period.

Sticks : http://www.examiner.com/article/carrying-a-gun-is-now-reasonable-suspicion-of-a-crime

Most Georgians assume that carrying a pistol openly is something that they can do without fearing harassment by local police officers. A recent federal court decision casts that assumption into serious doubt.


The latest victim is suing the state.  Her attacker was a 9 times felon sentenced to 20 years before he was released and attacked her.  He was a repeat rapist.

Paul: http://www.ammoland.com/2013/10/pennsylvania-elk-shot-illegally-reward-offered-for-info-arrest/#axzz2jIXknBnn

Sticks From NSSF: Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) has introduced HR 3335, The Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act which removes restrictions on the interstate sale of handguns. Currently, only shotguns and some rifles may be sold by dealers to customers in contiguous states. Contact your representative and urge him to cosponsor HR 3335 to remove these unnecessary prohibitions from the interstate sale of legal products to law-abiding citizens. (This link allows you to send a pre-written message to your Representative. NRA should have pushed this years ago, when NICS was first activated.)

http://nssf.org/GovRel/alert.cfm?alertid=62986801  The legislation is on PopVox, so register your opinion! https://www.popvox.com/bills/us/113/hr3335

Rob: A few years ago, the firearms advocacy group “Train me Arizona”, paid to put some signs up on Phoenix Bus Stops.  The signs said “Guns Save Lives  Get Firearms Training”.  The anti gun city council took the signs down because they were not “commercial speech.  Now the Goldwater Institute and the ACLU are helping Train Me Arizona sue the City of Phoenix.  The oral arguments start in court on December 3rd.

Working our way south, the difference between the two Virginia gubernatorial candidates could not be larger.  Bloomberg supports the Democrat.. a LOT.  That gave the Republican my vote.  If you can’t vote for a conservative republican, there is also a pro-gun Libertarian in the race.

Paul: A Sheriff in the Florida panhandle was acquitted removing paperwork from a 2A violation.  The deputy who make the charges has resigned. http://wkzo.com/news/articles/2013/oct/31/jury-acquits-florida-sheriff-who-freed-gun-toting-man/

The sheriff let the unlicensed individual off with a warning to get a carry license.  This sheriff decided that an otherwise law abiding citizen should not be prosecuted for carrying a gun for self defense.

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Any extra short topics or humor

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Listener e-mail discussion

Hi Paul,

I was recently introduced to your show by Frank Fiamingo and I like what I have been hearing. Great job.

Anyway, I was listening to the most recent episode where you guys were talking about the Police Officer’s rifle that was apparently accessed by one of the kids at the school.  I have to disagree with the points that you guys made a bit.  Please hear me out.

I don’t think it is necessary to amend the four safety rules.  If we consider the incident, I think we could agree that maintaining a firearm in a manner where it is accessible to any unauthorized person is not consistent with the first rule. Also, in response to the idea of unloading the firearm in certain situations, I would argue that the first rule specifically would preclude us from relying on any safety scheme that relies on a firearm being unloaded given some set of circumstances.  This does not mean that I disagree with the concept of maintaining a firearm in different conditions of readiness depending on the circumstances.  However, under the umbrella of Firearms Safety I would argue against using the condition of “unloaded” as a safety mechanism.

It would seem to me the solution here is to consider the method/manner in which these firearms are carried.  If the firearm was not to be positively controlled by the officer and could not be properly stored, maybe it shouldn’t have been there. While I have never been a police officer, I did serve in the US Marines.  When we had weapons checked out they were always under the direct supervision of a Marine or under lock and key.


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Roadgunner mag 40 class

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Paul, That wraps up another episode of Politics and Guns.  Until the mid-week show…

Rob, stay safe,

Sticks, be aware,

Paul, and we’ll see you down the road.

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Episode 63 – Kathy Jackson and Doug Ritter

Kathy Jackson of The Cornered Cat and Doug Ritter of Knife Rights are interviewed. Kathy turns the common perception that women are better shots than men on it’s head, and give an interesting thoughts on open carry, and Doug talks about knife preemption laws that have passed and the current Knife Rights lawsuit against the Manhattan DA.

Guest  links:





Episode 28 – April 13, 2012

News from Arizona, Ohio, and Illinois, as well as CCRKBA fries one across Mayor Bloomberg’s bow and a poll shows that we are winning.

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Officer Harless wants his job back, another Ohio story

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Most Americans support the right to keep and bear arms.

Beware a lame duck Obama

The best answer to Bloomberg I have seen in a while.