Human Rights Advocate Paul Lathrop needs your help.


Human Rights Advocate Paul Lathrop urgently needs your help.  Paul was arrested and released last week.  He spoke with his lawyer today.  He needs another $5,000 before the lawyer will take the case.  The lawyer is optimistic, but they need more than that amount of money to mount a good defense.  The goal is $15 thousand.  We’ve opened a GoGetFunding site.

Please donate here.

Paul is a long-haul truck driver and driving instructor by trade.  Last weekend, Paul was in Nebraska training a student driver when the following situation unfolded.

The student driver had stopped at a station to refuel. As the student pulled away from the pump, another driver apparently felt that the student drove too close to his rig. Although there was no collision, the irate driver of the other truck rushed over to the driver’s side of Paul’s rig and aggressively approached the student. The student felt that he was about to be assaulted and told the aggressor to back off. Paul also demanded that the driver back off.

After some back and forth, the other driver finally went back to his vehicle and the student drove off. Unfortunately, the other driver decided to call the police and accused Paul of threatening him with a gun.

The student swears that he never saw a gun at any time during the confrontation, but the police stopped them and Paul was arrested.

Paul’s resources are modest and he really needs the help of the 2A and human rights community.  You can help Paul by making a donation in any amount.


2 thoughts on “Human Rights Advocate Paul Lathrop needs your help.

  1. Of course we will be happy to help! It wouldn’t be a huge leap to realize that the man who accused Paul listens to the Podcast, reads Paul’s FB posts and knows that Paul is a gun owner. So, how lazy and easy to lodge that accusation. It is a risk we all take by making it publicly known that we are gun owners. SO, in that sense, Paul’s fight is ALL of our fight. On another topic…Are there no surveillance cameras that can verify Paul’s side of the story?

  2. Consider membership in the USCCA. You won’t need to raise legal fees to mount a defense. I love USCCA

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