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Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Tuesday, Aug 7, 2018, I’m Paul Lathrop

Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we will talk with Brandon Combs about code is free speech.com.

Belle: I’m Belle McCormack, and we’ll also talk about Florida implementing Red Flag laws

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and in one of our DGUs we talk about a DGU anniversary form 1966… so climb aboard

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Belle: and hang on!

Paul:  episode 458 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

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Rob- I talked with James Kaleda and Amanda Suffecool about armed school staff.


Belle – Discovering new levels of busy. Just finished MAG40, PSP/ASIC, and TacCon, in addition to a couple regular FAS classes. Then helping and participating in the Wa St IDPA Match this weekend. Then we will be hosting Gunsite for a 150 class the 17th-19th. Then, i may or may not have a day off.

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2- News



Listeners, you’ve heard us talking a lot about the so-called “Red Flag” laws being introduced in

states all across the country. While states such as Texas have been able to use grass-roots

activism to thwart them somewhat, other States were bushwhacked as the Bloomberg Redshirts

hustled them through legislatures under the lie of “common sense”.

One such law was introduced in Florida after the Parkland atrocity and this week, we learned

that to date, almost four hundred and seventy people have had firearms confiscated under that


In Broward County, where the Sheriff’s department performed so nobly in defense of the high

school, eighty-eight such orders have been enacted.

In Pinellas County, a special 5-man unit has been stood up that *only* deals with these. Headed

by Sergeant Jason Schmittendorf, the unit has taken in around 200 firearms and thirty thousand

rounds of ammunition under sixty-four Red-Flag confiscations.

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri is “especially passionate” about the new law. He chairs the

task force that was formed after the Parkland atrocity to explore ways to prevent future school

shootings. Sheriff Gualtieri speaks well, he said, “It’s a constitutional right to bear arms and

when you are asking the court to deprive somebody of that right we need to make sure we are

making good decisions, right decisions, and (that) the circumstances warrant it,”

His five-man unit is uncovering good decisions at the rate of three per week in his county.

The law was enacted in the middle of March – barely 20 weeks ago – so that means that twentytwo

people are experiencing confiscations every week. Listeners, that is three a day, every day.

Attorney Kendra Parris is critical of the new law. She said that such laws may make people

“feel” safer, but that they violate the constitution.

Orders are even being filed against people who do not have any history of violence or mental

illness, or do not even own a firearm, with the intent to prevent them from obtaining one for at

least six months. In some cases, these may be justified only on the basis of some comment on

social media.

Listeners, setting up special units smacks of a “clean up” operation, and while these laws may

be well-intended, the scope for abuse is huge. In New Jersey for example, people are allowed

to bring the charge, and call witnesses to support it, without the person accused ever being

informed. Make no mistake, they *are* coming for your guns.






Rob- 90 percent overtuned

Belle – So what crime did these people commit? Maybe I’m naive, but I’m having a hard time understanding. What happens after its overturned




You’ll remember how we talked about the settlement between the DOJ and Defense

Distributed that opened the door for Cody Wilson to restart presenting the files for 3-D printing of

firearms components, and running a milling machine, for download over the internet.

As expected, Attorneys General from a bunch of states, as well as multiple members of

Congress, objected loud and long. In only two examples of many, the Attorney General of New

Jersey threatened prosecution. Senator Richard Blumenthal warned of a “New Wave” of gun

violence. Celebrities (well known for their deep analytical thought processes) have been

hammering the Twitterverse with calls for bans, and like-minded Twits have been agreeing.

However, things have gotten serious. Wilson himself sought to defuse the situation by agreeing

not to allow PA-based servers to handle the files. While an initial attempt to get a restraining

order was denied, now a Federal Judge has granted one.

US District Judge Robert Lasnik issued the order on July 31st, and this provides time for

Congressional Democrats to pressure the White House and the DOJ to have the decision


It is unlikely that they will succeed, since the settlement was reached under First Amendment

rather than Second Amendment, grounds. Computer software is already protected as freespeech.

The amount of political misinformation has been staggering. Lawmakers have stated that whole

ARs (including springs, and barrels) can be printed, smuggled onto aircraft, etc etc. They seem

to have forgotten that they already passed a law making TSA-undetectable guns illegal.

Nonetheless, three bills to stop 3-D printing of firearms were introduced in Congress.

Meanwhile, the disputed code is proliferating across the internet, with supporters saying that

they, “…intend to encourage people to consider new and different aspects of our nation’s

marketplace of ideas — even if some government officials disagree with our views or dislike our

content — because information is code, code is free speech, and free speech is freedom.”

Cody Wilson himself said, “I believe I am championing the Second Amendment”.

Listeners, if you want to make the (large!) investment in time and money to make one of these

guns for yourself, the information is available.


















Paul – we will be hearing a lot about this in Brandon Comb’s interview in a few minutes

Belle – I’m NOT a tech geek….

Rob- I’m a tech geek. The real world applications for 3d printed guns is extremely narrow. These politicians are posturing for the news media.



Belle – At least 73 people were shot in one of the most violent weekends of the year in Chicago.

Between 3 p.m. Friday and 6 a.m. Monday morning, 11 people were killed and 61 people were wounded.

Chicago has been run by progressive politicians for decades. It has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation. We were told that each law that restricts the rights of honest citizens to own a gun would bring peace to Chicago streets.

Who is surprised that criminals don’t apply for gun purchase permits? Criminals don’t submit to background checks. They neither wait for mandatory cooling off periods nor do they register their guns. Only the politicians pretend to be surprised. Today, the thugs don’t bother to run away as they shoot innocent citizens.

Rather than admit that their political policies destroyed a once great city, Chicago politicians blame guns and call for more gun control.  Will it take a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand dead in a weekend before the voters reject these corrupt politicians?

Rob- Belle talked about politicians. Let’s talk about the media.

Belle – Ed Monk – FACTS

Gary- Gun Quotes

What society in human history ever gathered its children together, then issued a public guarantee that they would be left completely undefended?  Alex Rawls

Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our guest Brandon Combs of the Firearm Policy Coalition.


3- Interview 1

Brandon Combs-


4- Interview 2

5- DGUs  (at beginning) These discussions are NOT legal advice. Some of us are trainers, but this is not formal training and YOU NEED formal training. The Defensive Gun Use segment is intended as information, NOT as training. As always the opinions of the hosts are only their own opinions and not those of any sponsors or other affiliations.

(Per Rachel’s request)

Austin, Texas

August 1, 1966.  A date that affected both Texans and non-Texans alike.  Twenty years later, the State of Texas removed the gun free zone designation for state universities.

Charles Whitman, a former Marine, perpetrated one of the worst mass shootings in history.

Whitman was admitted to the University of Texas on a scholarship from the Naval Enlisted Science Education Program.  While at UT, Whitman met and married his wife but also struggled with gambling and bad grades and lost his scholarship by 1963.  He sought professional help for “overwhelming violent impulses,” including fantasies about shooting people from the tower.

Between midnight and 3 AM on the first, Whitman first killed his mother at her apartment then killed his wife.  He left notes at both scenes professing his love for both women, but killed them to spare them future humiliation and suffering.

Later that morning, he rented a hand truck and then cashed $250 in bad checks at a bank.  He then drove to a hardware store and purchased a M1 carbine, two magazines and eight boxes of ammunition.  At a gun shop he bought four more magazines, six more boxes of ammunition and a can of gun cleaning solvent.  At Sears he purchased a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun.

At home he sawed off the barrel and butt stock of the shotgun then packed it, the M1, a Remington 700, a 9MM Luger pistol, a .25 caliber pistol, a Smith and Wesson .357 magnum revolver and more than 700 rounds of ammunition in his footlocker.  He also packed food, coffee, water, binoculars, knives and other supplies.

At about 11:25 AM, Whitman reached the University of Texas where he obtained a parking permit using fake identification.  He then wheeled his arsenal into the Main Building of the University. He found the elevator did not work, but an employee activated it for him.  He thanked her stating, “Thank you ma’am. You don’t know how happy that makes me.”

When the elevator stopped at the 27th floor, he hauled the load up a flight of stairs to a hallway and then up another stairway.  There he met Edna Townsley. He knocked her to the floor then killed her with the butt of his rifle, striking the back of her skull then above the left eye.

M. J. Gabour, his wife and two sons were visiting his sister and her husband in Austin.  All 6 were on their way to the observation deck when they encountered Whitman after he blocked the stairway with a desk.  He shot both boys, one in the shoulder and one in the head then shot Gabour’s sister and wife. The two men then fled down the stairs to look for help.  Gabour’s youngest son and sister would become deaths 4 and 5.

Whitman then moved to the observation deck.  The deck stood 231 feet above ground level.

At 11:48 AM, he started shooting people on the ground.  Claire Wilson and Thomas Eckman were leaving the Student Union when Wilson was shot in the abdomen, killing her unborn baby.  As Eckman went to her aid, he was shot in the chest and died instantly.

And the shooting continued.  Four minutes after the shooting started, the first call came into the Austin Police Department.  Officer Billy Speed and another officer were with other behind a decorative baluster on the South Mall when he was shot through a gap in the masonry.

Basketball coach Billy Snowden was struck in the shoulder while standing in a barbershop doorway.  At 500 yards, he thought he was out of range and was the farthest victim from the tower.

David Gunby would be the 16th and final person to die from his wounds.  A shot passed through his arm and into his abdomen, severing his small intestine and injuring his kidney.  It was found that this was his one functioning kidney. He died in 2001 after discontinuing Dialysis. His death was ruled a homicide.  31 others were injured by gunshots, bullet fragments, glass and debris.

Officer Houston McCoy heard of the shooting on the Radio.  As he looked for a way to the tower, a student offered to help, saying he had a rifle at home.  McCoy drove him home to get the gun.

Allen Crum was a 40-year-old retired Air Force tail gunner managing at the University Book Store Co-op.  He saw a 17-year-old newspaper boy being dragged and went to break up what he thought was a fight. He discovered that he had been shot and hearing more shots, rerouted traffic out of the way.  Unable to go back to the store, he make his way to the tower.

Officer Ramiro Martinez was off duty at home, when he heard about the attack on the news.  He called the station and was told to go direct traffic. Once there he found the officers already doing that so he zigzagged his way to the tower.

While officers were attempting to reach the tower on the ground, McCoy and other headed there via underground maintenance tunnels.  Officers and civilians provided suppressive fire from the ground with small arms and hunting rifles. This forced the shooter to stay low and fire through storm drains restricting his targets.  Two students fired their hunting rifles from the front porch of their fraternity house. Other fired from behind trees and cars. They also attempted to get a police sharpshooter in range from a small plane but had to back off and only serve as a distraction after Whitman fired at the plane.

Martinez reached the 27th floor where he met up with Crum, Public Safety Officer Dub Cowan and Officer Jerry Day.  Cowan had provided Crum with a rifle.

After Martinez, Crum and Day found M. J. Gabour and Day removed him from the 27th floor, Martinez started to the observation deck.

“Are you going up?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Well, you’re not going by yourself.”

Crum asked, “Are we playing for keeps?”

Martinez, “You’re damn right we are playing for keeps.”

“Well, you better deputize me.”

It was then clear that to Martinez that Crum was not a plainclothes officer but a civilian.

Day and McCoy reached the two as they opened the door to the south side of the deck.  They hesitated to see if the sound of the door opening drew fire. They then entered the deck.  Crum stayed by the door as the other three started round on the east side of the deck. Whitman was in the northwest corner.  Crum fired a round into the southeast wall of the tower. This was the distraction the officers needed. While the shooter looked to the south to discover where the shot had come from, the two officers confronted him.  Martinez emptied his revolver and McCoy fired twice hitting Whitman in the head. Martinez then grabbed the shotgun and fired once more into the shoulder. He waved the gun in the air and shouted, “We got him,” but had to duck back to avoid becoming a victim of the suppressive fire.

In a post mortem autopsy, it was found that Whitman had a brain tumor which could have been a cause of his impulses.

In 2015, the memories of the armed citizens helped Texas pass on campus carry.  The impacts of the fire were plastered over and after several suicides, the tower deck was fenced in and is only available by appointment only.



Gary- Titusville, Florida.

Saturday in the park.  No not the Chicago song.  It was a “Peace in the City” anti-violence back-to-school event in Titusville.  Backpacks were given away and a DJ was keeping the party lively.

A dozen shots rang out.  Parents shouted names over the screams.

The DJ was live-streaming the activities and kept recording while the gunshots rang out going on.

The armed attacker came to the park looking for someone he had fought with weeks ago.  The two fought with their fists then the attacker left. He returned with a gun and opened fire.

As he crossed a parking lot, he was confronted by a good guy with a gun.  The shooter drew his weapon again and the concealed carrier shot him in the head.

The armed defender is cooperating with investigators and no charges are expected to be filed against him.


Paul- were the backpacks that were given out clear? Asking for a friend


Belle – Littlefield, Texas

A 25-year-old would be carjacker was under arrest after assaulting a woman with a knife.  The victim and her boyfriend were loading the car when the suspect told the couple that was his car and then assaulted both of them.

The woman tried to get her children out of the car during the altercation.

A neighbor saw the attack taking place and armed himself.  He point his firearm at the attacker. The suspect verbally assaulted the good guy and moved away from the couple and walked across the street.  As a Littlefield Police Office arrived on the scene, the thug dropped his knife and began attacking the officer. The officer was able to subdue him and then arrest him.

He has been charged with 4 different crimes.


Rob- I’m thinking that the attacker was intoxicated.

Rob- Nashville, Tennessee

Social media can lead to problems.  For two 22-year-old men in Nashville, it lead to the death of one.

The ongoing feud because violent during the beginning of May.  Demarco Churchwell first sent a friend to confront Justin Golson at the shoe-shine kiosk he works at inside the Opry Mills Mall although the friend denied threatening him in court.

When Golson returned to the mall after going home to retrieve his weapon, the other man aggressively approached him.  Mall surveillance shows the man backing up with his hands up for 20 seconds before the shooting.

Golson was charged with criminal homicide in regards to the shooting.

The Assistant District Attorney made the decision to drop the charges on grounds of self-defense after reviewing Instagram messages and video surveillance that corroborated both the threats against Golson and his backing away in retreat from the aggressor.

“It’s pretty clear from the evidence,” Assistant DA Jenny Charles said in a phone interview. “His actions were justified under the law as self-defense.”

Golson’s statements had remained consistent throughout the process and were corroborated by witnesses.

“From the beginning he has stated that this was self-defense and he was legitimately scared of Mr. Churchwell,” Charles said.


Paul – the guy apparently fired WHILE retreating

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6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close

Listener e-mail discussion

Mike sends us our only email this week.

No disrespect to Paul, in fact I totally appreciate and respect all he has done for the 2A community, but episode 455 was the best ever. It moved along quickly, everybody was bang on que. Transitions were crisp. There were no Ahh or Umm’s. Y’all got in, on topic, moved along, and got out or on to the next topic efficiently. Great production! Much more enjoyable from this end. Thanks!

Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?


I’ve been writing about armed school staff. I hope you’ll give me a read.

My articles are up at Clash Daily, at Ammoland and at my blog, slow facts dot wordpress dot com.  John, tell us what’s new at your blog no lawyers only guns and money.

It should come as no surprise that much of my blogging over the past week has dealt with Defense Distributed, the temporary restraining order, 3-d printing, and efforts at promoting free speech. I also learned a new word. That word is “gundamentalist”. It comes from an article by Reuters describing the campaign of Adam Kraut to win a seat on the NRA Board. A gundamentalist is one who objects to the NRA’s efforts at compromise and appeasement with those who would trample on our God-given rights. In that regard, I’m a proud gundamentalist. I also supported Adam in his run and will do so again if he decides to subject himself to it.

That and more is at only guns and money dot blogspot dot com.

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Rob: Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Belle: be aware,

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