Episode 445 – Steve Denney, Grant Gallagher, and Racheal’s Rest

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1- Open and Personal News Segment 

2- Interview Segment 1: Guest Steve Denney Pt 1

3- Interview Segment 2: Guest Steve Denney Pt 2

4- Interview Segment 3: Grant Gallagher 


5 – Racheal’s Rest

6- DGU Segment:

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1- Introduction

Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Monday, April 23rd, 2018. I’m Paul Lathrop.

Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we will talk with Shelley Hill about Racheal’s Rest.

Belle: Hi i’m Belle McCormack and tonight we’ll talk about an armed citizen who stopped a criminal who attacked him with a box cutter.

Tracy: I’m Tracy Thronburg, and tonight we will talk with Steve Denney about handgun retention.

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and in our DGUs we talk about two home invasions midday… so climb aboard

Belle: strap in

Tracy: and hang on!

Paul:  episode 445 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.


Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)


Rob- I dry practiced, and I was rusty. Bill Frady and I talked about politics and guns on his Lock and Load Radio program. I recorded a few more episode of Self-Defense Gun Stories.

Who is going to the NRA? Tracy


Tracy – This past weekend I taught pistol skills and drills, overcoming challenges of everyday carry, and precision pistol with the lovely and talented Tiffany Johnson at the A Girl and A Gun National Conference. I had a great time, now if my voice would just return.


Belle – Spent my Saturday teaching my favorite class in the FAS curriculum, our Handgun Retention class, I’m the only female instructor certified to teach it, so I’m a little proud of that. Getting ready to hang out with Andy Brown next weekend during our Active Shooter Interdiction course.  —- There’s only 4 spots left in the PSP/ASIC on July 24-26, if no one else calls to sign up in the next few weeks, we will open it up to our local students, so call soon if you want in. 360-978-6100, M-F, 9-4 pacific time.






Promo about upcoming training classes here.


Grant asks us to remind Listeners about National Train a Teacher day. Http://www.nationaltrainateacherday.com


Ask listeners to listen to other shows on the network, name at least 2 shows. Self Defense Gun Stories and Eye on the Target Radio


2- News




Meanwhile Listeners, the post-Parkland assault on your Second Amendment rights continues…


One of the most interesting, and pernicious, tactics that is being revealed on the new assault is that pressure is being put on legitimate gun owners, and gun businesses, through banks and other companies. Most recently, Yeti Coolers dropped their sponsorship of the NRA. Bank of America and Citibank have decided to un-do their business relationships with firearms manufacturers. And when Wells Fargo bank refused to follow suit, the American Federation of Teachers removed their (considerable) resources.

hese techniques represent a new strategy on behalf of the anti-gunners. They simply circumvent the legal process and pressurize their friendly commercial institutions.They have even persuaded Dicks Sporting Goods to destroy their AR-style inventory.


And at local levels, they are attempting to shut down the First Amendment rights of gun owners, by pressuring venues to cancel 2A speakers, a technique the Left has uses successfully to prevent Right-leaning guests from speaking on University campuses


Listeners, we are in open war with the Left, who would disarm us. The question should be *Why* are they pressing to disarm us and *What* will come when they succeed. And make no mistake. They are winning. Bigly.



Listeners, we all heard of the move by Deerfield Illinois to ban AR-style rifles, and empower their  Police Department to confiscate unsurrendered firearms, backing this up with a $1,000 per day fine.


Well, now an IL county is fighting back.


Effingham County in Illinois has officially declared itself a “Sanctuary County” for gun owners. The county board passed the Sanctuary County provision two weeks ago, by a margin of 8:1.


While admitting the action was largely symbolic, Effingham County State Attorney said that the action will not control decision-making by law enforcement. Nonetheless, that decision directs County employees to “not enforce any new State Law that would unconstitutionally restrict the Second Amendment.


Listeners, if Federal and State Law can be flouted by left-wing sympathizer states, cant we please be sympathetic to those who would have our backs?







CDC study confirms over 2 Million annual defensive gun uses… but then goes unpublished.


Listeners will recall the complaints (fake news) that the CDC was not allowed to study violence with guns. There was also renewed complaints when recently, the government declared that such work was now to be allowed.


What is interesting to ask, is what happened to the work that the CDC was doing on this topic all in the meantime. Well, a recently discovered study shows us.


Since the early 90s Florida State faculty member was quoting around two-million DGUs per year. This now appears to be confirmed by the previously missing CDC study. In a CDC study conducted over 1996 thru 1998, approximately 2.5 million DGUs per year are discussed. Florida State criminologist Gary Kleck said that the CDC report confirmed that people use handguns to defend themselves about three-and-a-half times as often as criminals use them.


Listeners, let’s think about reasons why CDC never released the report. Why not email us with them?







Readers can download the analysis of the CDC findings using this link:




Hollywood antigun stances backfire.


WE are now all-too familiar with Hollywood celebrities sounding off about “Gun Violence” and “Need for Gun Control” while simultaneously shooting their way into and out of trouble with handguns that seemlngly never miss, nor need reloading,


Well it seems that this effort may be having the opposite effect – instead of thinking that there should be fewer guns, the Hollywood Effect is increasing support for the Second Amendment.


In a recent poll of 898,  twice as many respondents indicated that they would be inclined to oppose the anti-gun Hollywood views as to support it. This view held across all aspects of American Society. 65 % supported “maintaining their constitutional right to bear arms”, whole only 25% who  opposed the 2nd Amendment. Th


These finding echoed another poll, where 60% said that the 2nd Amendment was “very” personally meaningful.


Listeners, let’s hope that the grass roots are not following the money spent by Bloomberg and associates, but it will still take everyone of us to vote in November.










Gun Quotes

More: http://www.catb.org/esr/fortunes/rkba.html



Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our guest (Name).



3- Interview 1 – Steve Denney


Paul- I have been through a handgun retention class and one of the major things that anti gun people say is “if you have a gun the criminal will just take it away and use it on you” my take is that if you have training that that just isn’t true, Your thoughts?


Belle- I have always considered our Retention class one of the most important classes we teach, second to the Trauma class, I find it difficult to explain to shooters how important classes like this are, because they want to be in those live fire classes. How do you stress the importance to your students who might be on the fence about taking a Retention class?


4- Interview 2 – Karen McDonald & Shelley Hill




Shelley is one of the people behind the Complete Combatant. She and her husband Brian reach firearms, unarmed defense and many other self defense techniques.  She is also the executive director for Racheal’s Rest.


Karen McDonald is the founder, president and head counselor of Racheal’s Rest


A few great questions to ask Karen  is:

*What is the purpose and goal of RR

*Why did you name it Racheal’s Rest

Belle -*What is your CHILDHOOD background and how does this help you while working w children?

Belle *How is RR different than other CHILDRENS programs that offer overnight retreats?

*Tell us a bit about your CHILDRENS counseling and PLAY THERAPY


Paul – is this family based or children only?

.Belle – What has this done for you on your healing journey?

Paul – It’s a little unusual for an organization like Racheal’s Rest to be closely involved with the firearms community Could you talk a little bit about the relationship you have with the complete combatant?


5- DGUs  (at beginning) These discussions are NOT legal advice. Some of us are trainers, but this is not formal training and YOU NEED formal training. The Defensive Gun Use segment is intended as information, NOT as training. As always the opinions of the hosts are only their own opinions and not those of any sponsors or other affiliations.


Gaffney, South Carolina
Rob- I think this news report is wrong. The attacker had a shotgun as he entered. The defender used her handgun. VV


At 3:30 in the morning, Charles “Tiny” Alley started banging on the door of the home of Tim Anthony and his girlfriend.  Alley had bought a car from Anthony a few years ago and had made angry threats about it. He had decided it was time to make good on his threats.

As Anthony, with pistol in hand, cracked the door, Alley and another unidentified man forced their way into the home and started fighting with the homeowner.  The force of the entry left a hole in the wall. .

While the two men were fighting and the intruder threatening harm to other residents, the girlfriend retrieved a shotgun and shot the intruder in the head leaving him dead at the scene.  The accomplice quickly vacated the premises.

The homeowner told the press that “if it wasn’t for her doing what she did, I wouldn’t be standing here right now.”  With a nickname like “Tiny”, it can be assumed that there was a disparity of size between the two men.






Gary- Knightdale, North Carolina

20-year-old Tevin Horton walked into the N & A Food Mart armed with a revolver and demanded money from the clerk. The time was 10:40 PM.

The clerk and the criminal briefly struggled and the clerk was able to get away and ran to another area of the store.  The thug was close behind. But that was all the time that he needed to pull his own gun and fired several shots at Horton.

Horton decided to make his exit at this point.

Police brought in the tracking dogs to search for the wanted man in the area but soon heard of a gunshot victim about 2 miles away.

When they arrived, the supposed drive-by shooting victim had wounds on his lower back and buttocks.  Surveillance video and other evidence said otherwise. It put him at the scene of the attempted robbery.

He is now facing charges of armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

Paul – I am a little concerned about the bad guy getting shot in the back multi

Paul- Walhalla, South Carolina

Once again, we are reminded that home invasions happen at all times of the day.

About 1:45 PM, Sheriff’s deputies received a 911 call about an intruder in a home.

When they went to investigate, they found a woman in the home who was armed and had confronted the intruder with her firearm in hand.  The 33-year-old male suspect exited the scene immediately.

Keri Reeves was in fear for her life and said, “This could have been a very different situation had I not been properly armed.”

“I’m one of those people that can go from zero to a hundred in 2.5 seconds and I’m not a nice person normally, but as soon as I got on the phone with the sheriff’s department he was out of sight. The severity of it hit me, and I was in hysterics. I was crying, I was scared, I was very shaken.”

The thief was found walking out of the woods nearby with Reeve’s possessions in hand.

The victim confronted the criminal in court at the bond hearing.  “You came within 2.5 seconds of having a full clip (sic) unloaded into your skull,” she said. “Next time you will have the full clip (sic) unloaded.”


Rob- Albuquerque, New Mexico

Judith Burkhalter and her boyfriend, Carlos Vasquez, found out the home they own but do not live in had been broken into.  The next day the arranged to meet a cleaner at the house and to check out the damage.

The burglar was still in the house and armed when they got there.  He saw them coming and tried to get out but couldn’t find a way out where he wouldn’t be seen.

Vasquez pulled his 9mm pistol as the robber lunged at him with a box cutter.  He dodged the blade and returned the welcome with the barrel to the attackers head.  The then gave him a warning that he would shoot.

The burglar kept up the attack and the homeowner fired his pistol.  The shot hit the target in the butt.

He was due in court two days later but was still under medical care and could show up in court the next day.



We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com  Please take a minute and share them with a friend.



6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close


Listener e-mail discussion


Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?


Rob- Sacrificing Public Safety to Please Special Interests-



Nothing happens by accident in politics. Bad ideas get so much political traction from elected officials. Politician say they want to do the right thing. Unfortunately, what is right for them isn’t necessarily right for us. Look at the issue of murders in school. Experts told us what to do to protect our children, yet progress is painfully slow. We want our children protected while the politician needs to get credit and kickbacks for the solution. That leaves ours children at risk. We see that time after time.


My articles are up at Clash Daily, at Ammoland and at my blog, slow facts dot wordpress dot com.  John, tell us what’s new at your blog no lawyers only guns and money.


That and more is at only guns and money dot blogspot dot com.


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Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank Steve Denney and, Kelley McDonanld and Shelley Hill for joining us today.  So for Amy, Tracy, Belle, Dana, Gary, John, Rachel, Susan, Grant and Rob,

(Paul, stop talking now)


Rob: Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Rob: be aware,

Paul: and we’ll see you down the road.