Episode 390 – GRPC After Action

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1- Open and Personal News Segment

2- News Segment 

3- GRPC After Action

4- Interview Segment 2: George Zimmerman

5- DGU Segment:

6- Email and Show Close:


1- Introduction

Paul: Welcome to the Polite Society Podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Saturday, October 8th, 2016, I’m Paul Lathrop

Rob: I’m Rob Morse and we have a guest interview with George Zimmerman.

John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about how the Federal agents had local police to send them license plate scans … from gun shows.

Charlie: I’m Charlie Cook, and we will also talk about a big 2nd Amendment win in the 9th circuit.

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and in one of our DGU’s we will talk about the terrorist attack in Minnesota that was stopped by a good guy with a gun. So climb aboard,

Charlie: strap in

John: and hang on!

Paul:  episode 390 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.


Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)


(Paul- Rachel is away this episode, so we’ll start with Rob.  How have you been since GRPC.


Rob- I went to the range.  We had the bay to ourselves so we could conduct a little move and shoot exercise.  I bought a new outside the waistband holster from Concealment Solutions.  It is the sidewinder pro, and it is much more comfortable than my old holster.  I also got a horizontal magazine pouch from Blade-Tech.  I had fun with Bill and Greg on The Firearms Chat.  I’ll be on Armed Lutheran Radio with Lloyd Bailey this Tuesday.  I had a great time with Jeff and Robyn Street at the Gun-Rights Policy Conference, and I had Jeff on the recent episode of Self-Defense Gun Stories.  September was a new record month so thank you to our new listeners.  Paul and I will host Bill Frady’s Lock and Load Radio on Monday evening October 17th.


John – Since GRPC I was a guest on Bill Chachkes’ The Firearm Chat talking about the riots in Charlotte and how the pistol purchase permit forced people to see other means of self-defense. On Sunday, Barb and I will be working the Grass Roots North Carolina booth at the Asheville Gun Show. Our statewide elections are very close and the pro-gun candidates need all the help they can get.





Paul/Susan Paul is back to working after GRPC – new shield – range report. Susan recovering from surgery.


Promo about upcoming training classes here. (Jeff Street class)( June 24, 25th 2017.  Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced.  9am -5pm both days. Richmond, IL)


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2- News 1

Big Brother is at it again.  According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, federal agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement have conceived a plan to monitor you.  It seems that the feds were utilizing data from license plate cameras at gun shows in Southern California.  Perhaps they are trying to close the infamous “gun show loophole?”  Of course, many Second Amendment advocates are concerned about this apparent violation of Fourth Amendment protections.  


Even the ACLU stated that this, “highlights the problem with mass collection of data.”  The agency is viewing two completely legal activities (purchasing firearms and crossing a border) to determine who is likely to be involved in criminal activity.


Erich Pratt of Gun Owners of America, expressed his group’s opposition to such tactics.  He stated, “information on law-abiding gun owners ends up getting recorded, stored, and registered, which is a violation of the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection act and of the Second Amendment.”  


Other people quoted as objecting to this practice include the gun show’s CEO and John Chigos, CEO of PlateSmart Technologies, Inc.  When a company selling these products believes this is targeted abuse of the technology, you can be fairly certain these practices are questionable.


An internet search of the topic revealed that The Department of Homeland Security issued a Privacy Impact Assessment related to this type of activity.  The document provides flowery language regarding training, privacy risk and limitations.  However, it is clear that ICE intends to use such data, “to help locate the subjects of enforcement actions and investigations.”  It also states that they will not create a database from these activities.  How many of you believe that?


John – Could you imagine if pro-gun people scanned license plates and posted them on the Internet after a Moms Demand event? The media would be all over it.

Rob- ICE runs guns to Mexico.  ICE can’t find illegal immigrants, but they can find my license plate at a gun show.  President Obama has weaponized another branch of government.

Gary –

John – The answer to your question is that ICE crafted this plan in 2010.


2- News 2

There is some good news coming out of the courts this week.  The U.S. District Court for the Northern Mariana Islands rendered a generally favorable Second Amendment ruling.  This is refreshing after the disappointing 9th Circuit ruling on the Peruta case.  


The case was filed by Paul Murphy, a persistent man as you’d expect from an Army Ranger and war veteran.  Murphy challenged seven aspects of the Commonwealth’s statutory law including:  Licensing and registration, storage at home, large capacity magazines, rifle calibers above .223, an “assault weapon” ban, transporting operable firearms and a whopping $1,000 tax on handguns.


Chief Judge Ramona Manglona cited the “plain language” of the Second Amendment as well as the Heller and McDonald decisions in her ruling.  Although she upheld a ban on concealed carry by citing Peruta, she upheld the right to open carry.  Judge Manglona recognized that the Commonwealth cannot create limitations to public carry that result in virtual elimination of the right to bear arms.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals seemed to miss this logical conclusion in its Peruta decision.


Manglona struck down the “assault weapons” ban as it relates to rifle accessories.  These accessories include pistol grips, thumbhole stocks, folding or telescoping stocks, flare launchers, flash suppressors and forward pistol grips.  In an unusual display of common sense, the judge pointed out the folly of banning accessories that increase one’s ability to shoot accurately.  Yes, it really is desireable for the shots to hit their intended target!


The Commonwealth’s $1,000 handgun tax was struck down with particularly strong language.  The Court stated, “The power to tax is not just the power to fund the government, it is the power to destroy.”  Judge Manglona recognized the tax, “comes close to destroying the Second Amendment right to acquire ‘the quintessential self-defense weapon.’”  The Commonwealth’s gun registration system was also eliminated as it was deemed unjustified on the grounds of public safety.


On a negative note, the judge did uphold the ban on magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds.  The reasoning for this decision is familiar; it could reduce deaths in mass shootings.  Although we do not agree with this particular aspect of the ruling, as a whole, this decision is a big win for the good guys and gals.  If only more Federal court judges would apply the law as thoughtfully as Judge Manglona.


John – We were VERY lucky on this case. As Paul said, Mr. Murphy represented himself.

Rob- I thought he was represented by the SAF?


Gun Quotes- I want a government small enough to fit inside the constitution.  Harry Browne


Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our guest (Name).

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3- GRPC report

Rob- Part of GRPC is absolutely inspiring. We see champions of human rights from across the US and in fact around the world.  Then we hear Sidney Powell, Esq., author, Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice

4- Interview 2 – George Zimmerman


5- DGUs  (at beginning) We are trainers, but this is not formal training and YOU NEED formal training. The Defensive Gun Use segment is intended as information NOT as training. As always the opinions of the hosts are only their own opinions and not those of any sponsors or other affiliations.


Because: Texas!
Four men attempted to rob a Conroe, Texas jewelry store, and received a very Texas-like welcome.   


The four men in black entered the store with guns drawn; demanding jewelry, purses and valuables. As an employee drew a gun, one or more of the attackers opened fire. Multiple employees, probably three or more, returned the thugs’ fire. The tables were definitely tipped in their favor when Jeffrey Turner, of Jeff’s Jewelry, added his AK-47 to the fracas.  

According to Conroe Police Lieutenant Dorcy McGinnis; “There was a lot of gunfire.” That’s really an understatement, as news video shows glass blown out of the doorway and many bullet holes in the store’s plate glass windows. Some of those holes appeared to be Texas-sized. Three criminals fled in a Dodge Charger, leaving the fourth’s body, the one who was the first to fire, in the shattered doorway. The getaway car was abandoned, and the escapees are still on the loose. Thankfully, none of the store’s customers or employees were hurt in the gun battle.

This is not the first time Jeff’s Jewelry has been robbed. Two years ago, a plumber’s van backed up to the store before opening time. Five men jumped out and used sledgehammers to break down the doorway. They stopped when they saw an employee grabbing a shotgun. Yelling; “They’ve got guns! Let’s get out of here!”, they ran away. That important lesson was lost on this latest group of criminals. Jeffrey Turner certainly learned from the experience, and brought in the additional firepower of an AK-47 to better defend his customers and employees. All those who decry the so-called assault weapons should reflect on what this good gun in the hands of a good guy did: it served to successfully defend the lives of innocent victims.


   All criminals should think twice about robbing a jewelry store in Texas. Crime doesn’t pay, especially when it might just get you a Texas-sized reception with some very capable civilian firearms.

Charlie-have you seen that “shopping in texas video” where someone pulls a cork from a bottle and everyone draws their guns?

Rob- Family were employees.  They needed their guns to protect themselves.

John – Shows why you need a standard capacity magazine – that is more than 10 rounds.

Paul – And the employees only dropped ONE of the bad guys.

Charlie- isn’t that how Massad Ayoob started out?  As for high cap mags, I tell students bad guys have friends.

Rob- The store employees need training and practice to save their family.

John – We forget about the impact of stress.


Another Night In Chicago:

Meanwhile, in The City of Peace, that violent burg known as Chicago, a motorist was forced to defend his life when assaulted by two armed thugs. The 22-year-old victim was sitting in his car with another man when two men with pistols threatened them and demanded their money. The concealed carry permit holder reacted, shooting one of the robbers in the head. Treamel Gray, 23, died at the scene.

The coroner ruled the death as a homicide. But, unlike the vast majority of the killings in Chicago, this one was a justifiable homicide, and the police will not file charges.   


Treamel Gray’s Facebook page provides a window into the life — and perhaps death — of the man. Gray’s Facebook username was TKillar and his page features a profile picture of Gray and a friend pretending to point guns at the viewer. We do know that a legally possessed weapon allowed two men to survive the attack of TKillar.




A Gunnie Saves Lives in Jihadi Mall Attack

With a cry to Allah in his throat and a knife in his hand, a man rampaged through a St Cloud, Minnesota mall, leaving a bloody trail of ten victims. The Somali immigrant, dressed in his security guard uniform, asked some if they were Muslim before stabbing the victims with a large knife. Others were brutally knifed without a word. One man stepped into that desperate situation and ended what is now known by everyone, but the Feds, to be a terrorist attack. Surveillance videos show the suspect striking at the defender, who fired his CCW firearm in return. The attacker got up to resume his attacks three times before the final shot.


Jason Falconer is the man who ended the Jihadi attack. Officials and the media quickly button-holed him as a police chief. But, he’s much more than a cop: He’s a gunnie! One of us. And we can – and should – be more like him.  

The established media could have easily provided a fuller picture of this hero, but it was left up to new media to provide the real story: Falconer was a small-town police chief and a current part-time cop. However, that is only a small part of the man. His full-time job is managing Tactical Advantage, his shooting range offering sales, gunsmithing services and personal security training. He’s also an IDPA competitor and three-gun shooter. And he’s a dedicated concealed carrier.  But mostly, he’s a sheepdog, someone who’s dedicated a large portion of his life to improving his capabilities and helping those around him. And in this, we can all certainly be like him.  


Radical Islamists (there, Mr. President, we said it for you,) were quick to embrace the mall knifeman and claim responsibility for the attack. This homegrown terrorist was apparently radicalized and instructed via the internet by ISIS. Social media and Google Drive are delivering ISIS’ glossy terror magazine, Rumiyah, to potential jihadis worldwide. The on-line magazine suggests a campaign of knife attacks designed to attain a reasonable kill count, advising that “the more gruesome the attack, the closer one comes to achieving the desired objective to terrorize an entire nation.” The Islamist terror converts are asked to prey on small crowds, or individuals walking alone in a street, park, forest, beach or quiet neighborhood.

It’s obvious to most that this “open-source jihad” is an active and growing threat in America. As already noted, these distributed attacks are best fought by a distributed defense: that is, an armed populace. In this, Jason Falconer’s Minnesota mall example is important; it shows what a man who has trained and practiced, carrying a concealed weapon, and acting with courage and resolve can do. Falconer acted to protect his family and those around him; he is the prototypical good man with a gun doing good things. We can all do that, we can take responsibility for  our own safety and the safety of our families. We can get training and practice and carry.  And unfortunately, it looks like we will need to.


Jason Falconer, be like him. POGO. Now, more than ever.  

Charlie – part time police & retired police vs armed citizen

Rob-  Charlie, the media thinks all solutions come from government.  We are the solution.  IDPA Paul.  Told you IDPA was good training.

Paul – the bad guy was wearing a security guard’s uniform- that could have been a bit difficult to react to


We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com  Please take a minute and share them with a friend.



6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close

Text message #1


Gotta agree with Ty about IDPA 100%. It’s a valuable avenue of experience. Don’t treat it like a game. Treat it like training.



Listener e-mail discussion


Writing to both Tom@GunTalk and the PS folks

I live in WA state, and it’s doubtful anyone but Hillary will win here (see my reference below). A listener on Gun Talk suggested that — since he also lived in an overwhelmingly Democratic state— in order offset or potentially divide the Democrat vote in the future, he was going to vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

Everyone— would you be willing to discuss this tactic on air? The goal is to make the best use of my vote to support the 2nd amendment.



John – I’m not sure if it makes a difference. However, it is the down ticket candidates that will matter.
Gary –

Rob-  I understand a protest vote since so many Republicans have betrayed the right of self-defense.  Where is the CCW reciprocity bill?  Where are the local republicans who use local pre-emption to promote firearms ownership?



Hey all,

Been meaning to email about the DGU where some criminals decided to have a shootout in a Walmart parking lot. You were discussing the concept of not knowing who the good and bad guys are and Paul said something that really unnerved me. He said he’d know which ones are bad because they would be the ones running away. I couldn’t disagree more! If I find myself in the middle of a critical incident and I have a clear escape route I am immediately running away! Don’t shoot me Paul!
Especially since I live in a Duty to Retreat state. It’s required, and also a good idea.

Thanks for the show, appreciate the hard work. Stay safe, and more importantly stay dangerous.
Can I get a shout out to my friend Jeff who keeps forgetting to POGO? We ended up in downtown St. Cloud at night (the night before the terrorist attack) and he was not wearing any of his guns.

-Clayton from Minnesota



Hey guys,
I was just wondering if you guys have ever heard about the convention of states. I think it’s Article 5 of the Constitution and what you think about it as a means to get our country back.
I’m not a new listener but this is the first time I have sent in feedback.
love the show keep up the good work.


Yours truly Chris



John – The thing to remember it could be opening a can of worms. Anything could be proposed.




Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?


Rob- I wrote that “Distractions are Cheap and Elections Have Consequences.”  I took exception to the phrase freedom will prevail.  No, it hasn’t.  Freedom is fragile.  You can’t flush it away and claim you’ll recover it in 40 years.  I looked around the world where millions of people voted themselves into grinding oppression.  We’ve done that in states and cities here in the US.  Does anyone expect Detroit to recover?  How about Chicago or California?  If you aren’t sure whether to vote and be politically active, these examples of failed democracies should motivate you.  They certainly scared me.


I also reposted an article my wife had on “The Blaze”.  She noticed the similarities between the billionaires we have attacking the human right of self-defense and the billionaires promoting state propaganda about who we should have sex with, like sex with underage children.  That article is called Billionaires Buying the Laws They Want


Those articles are up at Clash Daily.  Ammoland.  Slowfacts. That is at slow facts dot wordpress dot com.  


John, tell us what’s new at your blog no lawyers only guns and money


I did a post on Wednesday about Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to buy himself another attorney general for Pennsylvania. His previous effort turned out poorly as Kathleen Kane resigned in disgrace after being convicted of a felony. His new effort is to get anti-gun Josh Shapiro elected. Bloomberg has invested $250K in this election and that constitutes almost 10% of the monies raised by both Shapiro and his opponent St. Senator John Rafferty combined. I hope the residents of the Keystone State reject Bloomberg and his puppet Josh Shapiro. If only every one of the million deer hunters voted for gun rights than other stuff it would be a foregone conclusion.


That and more is at only guns and money dot blogspot dot com.


Charlie – when can we expect more “Riding Shotgun With Charlie”? …not soon enough 😉


We would like to thank Charlie Foxtrot for writing up show notes for us. Even though you don’t hear him on the air he is certainly part of what you do hear. Look at his blog at not one more gun law dot blogspot dot com


Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank Charlie for joining us today.  So for Charlie Foxtrot, Festus, Craig, Gary, John, Rachel, Susan, and Rob,

(Paul, stop talking now)


Rob: Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Charlie: be aware,

John: and we’ll see you down the road.


(after show close) How could we have made this episode better?


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