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1- Introduction

“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast sponsored by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Thursday March 24th 2016, I’m Paul Lathrop

Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we will talk about the Muslim attacks in Brussels Belgium.

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and in one of our Defensive Gun Use stories, a landscaper walked into a building to face an active murderer.. so climb aboard

Susan: strap in

Rob : and hang on!

Paul:  episode 371 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

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Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)


Rob- Carried every day. Got to meet with friend of the show, Doctor John Edeen.  Posted the next episode of Self Defense Gun Stories.  We had our 2000th download.

Gary – What training do you have coming up?



Rob- Do you get requests for advanced training?

Rob- So the only time they will want a gun is when the police are not there?  That is too late.






Promo about upcoming training classes here.

Live promo – Concealment Solutions deal of the day.


2- News


Brussels Terrorist Attacks

Once again, citizens of Western civilization have felt the barbaric sting of Islamic terrorism. In Brussels, Belgium, the capital of the European Union, three or more powerful bombs ripped through airport check-in areas and a subway station. Thirty four people died and two hundred and fifty were injured, many of them seriously by the shrapnel loaded bombs. There is a possibility that the attacks specifically targeted Americans as the American embassy is near the subway station and the airport bombs were located near the counters of nation’s airlines. Families of American servicemen and missionaries were injured in the attack and there are still Americans among the missing. In an official release, ISIS quickly claimed credit for the rush-hour attacks. It is thought that two of the bomber remain at large and could be hiding in the many large Muslim enclaves throughout Europe.

The staff of the Polite Society Podcast certainly express our sincere condolences to the citizens of the many nations affected by the attacks. However, we must point out some harsh facts: The Muslim extremists responsible for the attacks were freely admitted and fostered by the leaders of the nation they turned on. The same leaders have been doing their very best to disarm their citizens, making them helpless in the face of the threats their leaders allowed. European politicians have created a danger that their ideology forbids responding to effectively. They have also ensured that their citizens cannot defend their lives in this de facto guerrilla war – and their governments can not or will not defend them. It will be the people that suffer – their leaders will most certainly escape what they have wrought.

As Americans, we must recognize the dangerous similarity to our situation. Our leaders are admitting a host of unverified refugees and have effectively opened our borders to all. At the time of the attacks, Obama was in Cuba, making nice to Communists who in saner times were listed as state sponsors of terrorism. He was quick to damn any call for additional actions against the hostile Islamic elements festering on American soil. And our political leaders on the left are certainly hostile to the arms that could defend the people against enemies foreign and domestic.   

This is one of the very reasons our Founding Fathers specifically acknowledged the right to keep and bear arms in the Constitution. And why we must fight so hard to maintain that right. Our elites may not – probably will not – be there for us.   

Rob- Muslim terrorists turned to using bombs once they faced guns from armed citizens.


England Puts Every Firearm Owner in a Terrorist Database
The British government demanded the personal details from every single person with access to firearms and put them in a database with known terrorists. All those with access to firearms have had their personal data transmitted to the police. The information is then run through the Police National Computer, local force intelligence databases, the Police National Database (to look up the history of properties associated with that person), and Special Branch’s records. There is no oversight of what happens to the personal data once it is in the police’s hands. More than 1 in 65 of the entire UK population is now on a state database alongside known terrorists.

This excess is the natural consequence of a surveillance society, where the law abiding are subject to ever increasing levels of examination and control. However, those outside the law, the criminals who are the actual problem, are relatively untouched. It is always far easier for the government to control those who do not need to be controlled. Think about that when yet another law is proposed to more tightly track and control the lawful firearm owner, ignoring the real threat.




Professor Freaks Out When She Spots Guns

A professor at the University of North Dakota went into her safe space and panicked in fear when she spotted two figures in camouflaged uniforms with guns outside her classroom. Cowering beneath her desk, she called 911 —  and was told it was just ROTC cadets performing a scheduled exercise. Her relief turned to rage when informed the ROTC would be exercising on campus for the next couple of weeks .


In a rather overblown, poorly written letter to the editor, the associate professor of English said she’ll be “calling 911 for the next couple weeks—and I will. Every time. It’s not my job to decide whether people carrying guns at school are an actual threat.” The special snowflake called the ROTC’s actions highly inappropriate and irresponsible. She fumed that ‘We’re already under financial and emotional attack. We don’t need to feel under physical attack, too.”


If she does unnecessarily call 911 in the coming weeks, we hope UND authorities take appropriate action. Somehow, we doubt if they will.


Paul – This is funny, but incredibly sad. This woman is partially responsible for teaching our young people.

Rob- This behavior reveals a very immature adult.  I can’t condone her overwrought outrage masked by her academic credentials.

Gary –


Rob –


Throw to break at end of discussion


2nd News

Win For the Second Amendment and Non Gun Arms

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court has extended the Heller and McDonald decision to arms that are not firearms. In 2011, Jaime Caetano was convicted of having a stun gun in her purse. She was carrying the stun gun because an abusive ex-boyfriend had put her in the hospital and was continuing to harass her at her place of employment despite several restraining orders. The case made it to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, who ruled the conviction must stand because a stun gun is not the type of weapon that is eligible for Second Amendment protection. Massachusetts considered stun guns as dangerous and unusual modern weapons that were not in common use at the time of the Second Amendment enactment.

The Supreme Court’s 8-0 decision strongly rebuked the Massachusetts court for its flawed reasoning.  They ruled that judgment is inconsistent with Heller‘s clear statement that the Second Amendment extends to arms that were not in existence at the time of the founding. The Supreme Court vacated that judgment and ordered the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts to rehear the case.


In the strongly worded opinion signed by Justices Alito and Thomas states that “The Commonwealth of Massachusetts was either unable or unwilling to do what was necessary to protect Jaime Caetano, so she was forced to protect herself. To make matters worse, the Commonwealth chose to deploy its prosecutorial resources to prosecute and convict her of a criminal offense for arming herself with a nonlethal weapon that may well have saved her life. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court then affirmed her conviction on the flimsiest of grounds. According to author Alito, “If the fundamental right of self-defense does not protect Caetano, then the safety of all Americans is left to the mercy of state authorities who may be more concerned about disarming people than about keeping them safe.”

Well said, Justice Alito — well said.  


Rob- NY knife laws.


Supremes Decline to Hear Case on Carrying in Post Office
It’s not all good news from the US Supreme Court: a case challenging the US Postal Service’s ban on guns in their buildings and parking lots will not be heard by the Court. The Colorado case backed by the NRA, Firearms Owners Against Crime and Firearms Industry Consulting Group was denied, effectively making the parking lot ban the law of the land. It is now up to Congress to address this pressing issue.


Rob-  It is amazing that you can exercise your first amendment rights in a post office, but not your second amendment rights.  Not even in the parking lot.  Any you don’t have a choice but to use this government monopoly.


Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee Has Anti-Gun Rights Record

Judge Merrick Garland, nominated by Obama to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, apparently has a very weak record on the Second Amendment. In the past, he has upheld a Clinton administration effort to store gun-buyers’ records. He also attempted to reconsider the landmark case that would eventually become Heller, which eventually established the Second Amendment’s protection of a personal right to bear arms.


Garland is probably the most anti-gun Supreme Court nomination in decades, according to  Brian Rogers, executive director of a conservative group conducting opposition research on the Judge. Other conservative groups are poring over Judge Garland’s 19-year record on the D.C. court and are saying he will likely take a decidedly liberal view on issues such as abortion, the environment and executive authority. The Wall Street Journal has opposed Garland’s nomination on the grounds that he is a friend of big labor and regulators, not small businesses.

It is important that supporters of the Second Amendment contact their US Senators and demand that Garland’s nomination not be acted upon. Urge them to stand on the same principles that Obama, Biden and Reid once espoused. It is essential that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell not be given the chance to roll-over once again.  


Gun Quotes

Every study on crime and or firearms proves time and time again, that 99.99999% of American gun owners do not commit crimes or use our firearms in any dangerous or improper way.

Ted Nugent


Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our defensive gun use.



3- Interview 1- not this week


4- Interview 2- not this week


5- DGUs

Saved by another employee– Joseph Curry drove up to the Jacksonville, Florida landscape company where he worked.  People were running from the building yelling that another employee was shooting people inside.  Curry got out of his car and stepped into the building with his gun.  That is when Curry met the armed attacker holding a pistol in his hands.  Evidently the attacker’s gun had jammed, and the attacker was heading outside to get a baseball bat from his truck.


Curry told the attacker to drop the gun.  The attacker saw Curry’s gun.  The attacker dropped his gun and ran. Curry let him go.   The attacker was arrested by police a few blocks away.


Rob- stopped mass murder?  No shots fired.  Hard to know where your shots might end up.


Thief is Shot And Killed – Relatives Defend Him:  How’s he gonna get his money?
This story is an unfortunate commentary on our society: a young thief lost his life burglarizing a home and his relatives were quick to justifying his actions, asking how he’s gonna get his money?  

A 53-year-old woman was alerted to a home break-in by her security system. Arriving before the cops, she saw Trevon Johnson, 17, climbing from the rear of her house. An altercation ensued, and the licensed concealed carrier shot and killed the alleged thief. Police said the homeowner was taken to a police station for questioning and is cooperating with detectives.


The shooting has been divisive in the community. Johnson’s relatives were very vocal in their defense of his actions. His cousin Nautika Harris said, “He was not supposed to die like this. He had a future ahead of him. Trevon had goals… “What’s wrong with her,” demanded Johnson’s sister Nisha Johnson. “She did not have to shoot him.” “You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” said Harris. “You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school?” Expressing similar sentiments, the Washington Post published an article all but demanding her arrest.  The article incorrectly compared Johnson’s shooting to the Trayvon Martin shooting.

The state’s attorney’s office must now decide if it will file charges against the homeowner. Florida does provide protections for its homeowners who confront intruders.  

It’s a sad situation all around. We remind our listeners that a self-defense shooting is just that; it’s not acceptable to shoot to defend property. However, the homeowner may well have been justified if the burglar made a threatening move toward her. However, the local social norms are damning her regardless of the actual situation. We must all be aware of these dynamics.    


Seeking Revenge, an Intruder Gets Only a Bullet

Seeking revenge on his old lover, a man broke into a Macon, Georgia area home.  However, he only got a bullet. Police found the woman’s brother in the backyard pointing a gun at a prone man dressed in all black. Blake Elliot Herman, 34, had entered the home using a key possibly stolen from the woman’s purse. The brother heard a noise from his sister’s room; opening the door he saw a man in the doorway. The two fought and Herman broke free, running out of the backdoor with the brother on his heels. During the chase, the brother claims Herman reached into his pocket. Thinking the man held a gun, he fired in fear of his life.

The man in black was hit in the leg. Herman will be charged with burglary when he is released from the hospital. The brother was not injured and no one else was at home.  

Brother With Gun: 1 — Jilted Ninja: 0


Rob- Why do you chase a fleeing suspect?

Teen burglars greeted by gunfire Near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Four teenaged burglars entered a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area home late one night. Two of the thieves were shot by the man living in the house. This being the 21st Century, the occupant and one of the thieves immediately posted about the altercation on Facebook.

A wounded 13-year-old suspect was found a half mile away, collapsed and bleeding. The other wounded 16-year-old suspect was found nearby. Their two similarly aged accomplices escaped, but returned to the scene to watch the police and were arrested there. One of those cherubs posted a live Facebook video from the back of a police cruiser where he was heard insulting police and talking about how the others were shot. Not to be outdone, the 21-year-old burglary victim posted on Facebook “Thank God for the right to bear arms” and “I kept my house safe” and “took all six shots out of my little .380 to keep my family safe.”  The four young idiots were taken to a juvenile detention facility. The 21-year-old resident hasn’t been charged. Police say he may have had a right to defend himself under the state’s Castle Doctrine.

Training, people; get some. It may save you from doing, saying, or, dog forbid, posting something stupid.  

A Baylor student loses only his cellphone, a PlayStation and an iPad
In another of our Cavalcade of Idiots, a Baylor University student was extremely lucky to lose only his cellphone, PlayStation and iPad. He met two men to finish a Craigslist deal to sell his electronics. The two told him they needed to go to a nearby home to get the money for the purchase. Driving to a house in the student’s car, the two drew guns when the trunk was opened to display the merchandise. Somehow having the foresight to have secreted a gun in the trunk, the student drew and forced the thieves to run off with their loot of electronics. One thief turned and fired, hitting the car. Waco and Baylor officers were still searching for the two suspects.

Brains, people; get some.

Rob- This student may have been disarmed because he lived in a gun free zone on his college campus.


Woman Saves Her Life With a .357

JoShanda Odems heard an insistent knocking on her Nashville area apartment door shortly before noon. Smartly using only the peephole, she saw a man she did not recognize. She retreated to a bedroom closet and called 911. She also grabbed a .357 revolver, an act that just may have saved her life.  

The man broke into the apartment, and when he came to the closet where Odems was hiding, she put the 911 operator on hold — and shot the intruder. Trenton Hartman, 24, showed up at a local hospital sporting a probably really impressive gunshot wound to his shoulder.  Hartman has been charged with aggravated burglary, with a bond set at $100,000. He was already free on bond for a felony theft charge involving stolen lottery tickets.


Gee, Shannon Watts, do you think that gun might have empowered that woman – and saved her life?  


We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com  Please take a minute and share them with a friend.



6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close


Before we get to the email discussion, I want to ask a few things. First PLEASE keep emailing, calling, and texting! The email address is onair@ad7.8f3.myftpupload.com. The Phone number to text or call to leave a voicemail is 605-215-1438. We really do need more feedback. It has been 2 weeks since we recorded last and we only have a few emails and no voice mail or texts. I often say kiddingly that I will read spaghetti recipes if we don’t have listener feedback well guess what? (rattle some paper) I have some ready!


Also please if you want your email read on the air email it to onair@ad7.8f3.myftpupload.com, not to Paul. I get a TON of email every day, and I do try to go through it when I am working on show notes and see if there were any that are supposed to be read on the air, but the chances of me missing it is really good.


Finally it came up in a recent show where I asked how many grains were in a chevy. A friend texted me and told me that if you had a large compact or small mid sized sedan (4500 lbs) that you are driving about 31.5 million grains of automobile.


Listener e-mail discussion


Comment off of the website


Thanks for the show. Great info, as usual.

As to the gentleman who commented about not being able to draw his weapon while riding his motorcycle; Paul was pretty spot on… at that point evasion is your best bet. As a rider, you must always be in the “defensive” mindset. Even the smallest car is several times your mass, and has a hard candy shell to boot. Irritating another driver is a very good way to get an up close and painful demonstration of several immutable laws of physics.

I have been riding for many years, and shooting for many more, but I cannot foresee a time when one would ever have to defend oneself while motoring down the road on a bike. Your assailant would merely have to wait until you put yourself in a ditch while trying to steer, aim and fire.

For that matter, I cannot imagine a good reason to do so in a car, either.

Be careful out there,

God Bless,





Jake from Iowa wrote in:


I just wanted to share with you guys my own excitement over a resounding legislative win in Iowa.  Iowa Senate recently passed HF2279, a suppressor legalization bill that also mandates a CLEO sign-off if a candidate is not prohibited from possessing a firearm.  It passed by an incredible 46-4 margin, and when it was passed by the house some time ago, it passed by a similarly impressive 74-24 margin.  It’s not officially law yet, but soon it’s off to the governor to sign, and there are indications that he will sign it, so I’m optimistic!


I’m also wondering if any of the cast are also buying an AR or two now that the prices are back down – I recently found an irresistible deal on a little 16″ carbine, and I have it well set-up with a free-float handguard, Vortex Sparc II red-dot, and Magpul MBUS sights, and the whole setup will be brand new and under $900, which is pretty hard to beat.  I’m skeptical they’ll ever get much lower than they are now, so I’m gonna build my dream gun (or guns) now!


Enjoying the show as always,

– Jake from Iowa


Jerry wrote in again:


Thank you for addressing my question on appendix carry.


We always talk about shooting your carry ammo. Last week I shot several rounds of my carry 9 mm hollow point and found that they often fail to feed in my Glock 19 when the magazine is nearly empty or the slide lock is released. The bullet hangs up on the feed ramp due the the angle of the follower. A little Internet research suggests that the 10 round magazines with a follower stamped “2183” are known to have a feed problem, especially with hollow point cartridges. New followers are less than $4 and perhaps can be obtained free from Glock.


For years my Glock ate everything jacketed I fed it without complaints. From now on I will periodically shoot my carry ammo, and at least a full magazine each time. Fortunately I found the problem at the range not on the street. I’m guessing the click of an unexpectedly empty chamber is one of the loudest sounds a gun makes.








Pat sent the next one:


Hello all,


I often hear people lament that all they hear about the candidates are the media soundbites that they are spoon fed along with a desire to find out more real details about the candidates positions and records. I wanted to introduce you to a website that I have supported for many years where there is a wealth of information on major and minor candidates.  Positions, voting records, ratings by a range of special interest groups and much more.  I have found it to be a very unbiased source of information.

Check out www.votesmart.org.

Really like the podcasts, in particular the news and DGU segments.  I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Foxtrot at a Patriots Day Appleseed event in Missouri.  He really can turn a phrase.

I am very much looking forward to attending the MAG40 this May in Sioux Falls.  I hope that I will get a chance to meet in person a few of the people I listen to each week.



I wrote about rating sites here-


Paul – www.wallbuilders.org




Ida sent in our final email/


How can I find local beginner training in Georgia?  I occasionally go to a great Gun range, Governors Club, but I can’t find training like the courses you talk about.  It seems they are all out of state which is not an option for me.  Seems crazy I can’t find training when it seems just about everyone has a gun out here in the country.





Rob- ?? http://www.usacarry.com/directory/category/firearm-instructors/georgia-firearm-instructors/


Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?


Rob- I wrote how California laws target honest gun owners  That and more are posted at Clash Daily, on  Ammoland and on my blog slow facts dot wordpress dot com.  John, tell us what’s new at your blog no lawyers only guns and money



That and more is at only guns and money dot blogspot dot com.


We would like to thank Charlie Foxtrot for writing up show notes for us. Even though you don’t hear him on the air he is certainly part of what you do hear. Look at his blog at not one more gun law dot blogspot dot com


Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  So for Charlie Foxtrot, Gary, Rob, John, Rachel and Susan,

(Paul, stop talking now)


Rob: Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Susan: be aware,

Paul: and we’ll see you down the road.


(after show close) How could we have made this episode better?


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