Episode 352 – Watch Those Finger Guns!

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“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome to episode 352 sponsored by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on October 25th, 2015, I’m Paul Lathrop
John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about Hillary and her proposal for the “Australian” model of gun control
Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone, and we’ll visit with author B.C. Scott about his book, Continental Divide: Forgotten.
Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and in one of our DGU’s we talk about a CPL holder that got his license just in time .. so climb aboard
Rachel: strap in
John : and hang on!
Paul:  episode 352 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1- Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)


Gary – What training do you have coming up?

John – This week has been tied up with business. On Monday I had to attend a district meeting for my company. The one thing I like about people in my district is that they aren’t anti-gun. Indeed, one of my co-workers wanted to show me a video he took of him shooting with his new suppressor. It’s good to work where you don’t have to hide your pro-gun views from your co-workers.

Other than that, I haven’t really done anything gun related.sigh.

Rachel – Finally, lots of guns & politics news! The highlights: Appleseed shoot in Fredericksburg, new monthly meet-up/training with Lone Star Gun Rights, and a new holster that I absolutely LOVE for concealed carry – check my facebook page for pictures and a full review this week.

I am going to insert a live promo about upcoming training classes here.


Seg 2- News

Hillary Clinton For President

Barring a well deserved, but politically unlikely, FBI Server-gate indictment, Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat candidate for President. Joe Biden blinked, Jim Webb found himself at odds with the current party, and Lincoln Chafee wandered off in confusion. Bernie Sanders and the other non-entities still running are likely no threat to the Clinton machine.

In November ‘16, Americans will likely have a choice between two very different directions for the country. Restricting gun rights has already been targeted by candidate Clinton as a major portion of her campaign. She has proposed the Australian model of gun control, with it’s door-to-door confiscation of firearms and destruction of the citizenry’s Constitutional Rights.    

If you do not agree with the elimination of your Rights, now is the time to get involved. Support the candidates of your choice in national, state and local contests. Join organizations that speak your values, and contribute your money and especially your time. Now is the time to fight – before the doors are kicked in.      

John – I notice that Hillary’s spokeswoman tried to walk back off some of the comments about gun confiscation.

Ben Carson

Presidential candidate Ben Carson has a very different take than Hillary on the 2nd Amendment.  

Dr Carson said that logic and common sense make clear that it’s time to talk about eliminating gun free zones, not guns.  He observed that a lot of these shooters are people who are mentally unstable, but they’re not so unstable that they don’t recognize that if I’m going to kill a lot of people, I need to go to a place where people are not likely to have guns and kill me.  We should be concerned about [these tragedies] so let’s sit down and let’s talk about reasonable ways to prevent this from happening without infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights. He added, that’s what intelligent people do.

And that’s probably why Hillary doesn’t.  

Rachel-Carson hasn’t always had pro-gun rhetoric. In fact, he has some disturbing statements about not wanting people to be able to have semi-automatic firearms.

John – So has Jeb Bush whose campaign seems to be imploding.

NRA More Popular Than Obama or Hillary

Despite decades of political demonization, a new Gallup Poll shows The National Rifle Association is much more popular than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. 58% of Americans said they have a favorable view of the gun rights organization, while 35% said they have an unfavorable view. Seven percent were undecided. By contrast, Less than 50% of the populace supports Obama, while only 39% favor Hillary.  

CF – I’m amazed that toe fungus isn’t more popular than Hillary.  

John – I got the results of a poll taken of NH voters.

New York and Connecticut Anti Gun Law Upheld

On Monday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit upheld most of the 2013 arms prohibition laws enacted in New York and Connecticut. According to David Kopel, the 2nd Circuit decision exemplifies the pattern in many lower federal courts of defying the Supreme Court’s admonition in McDonald v. Chicago that the Second Amendment is not “a second-class right, subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees.” The approach of some lower courts seems to be that Heller stands for little beyond its holding that handgun bans are unconstitutional.

It is all very interesting reading – and very detailed. We recommend that our listeners read the entire excellent article at the link in the show notes. However, as a take-away, one of the underlying themes is that Elections Have Consequences. The President gets to appoint the federal judges, including those in the Supreme Court. Who you elect – or allow to be elected due to non-participation – is very important!

Gallup’s Annual Crime Poll

Another Gallup poll, the Annual Crime Poll, also had some interesting results. 56% of Americans say more concealed weapons would make country safer. And all political candidates should take note that more than one in four U.S. registered voters (26%) say they would only vote for a candidate who shares their views on gun control — about double the 11% to 15% who said this in the year after the 1999 Columbine High School massacre.

However, the public’s support for Universal Background Checks and a centralized database is strong. Even though they are uncertain that the background checks would actually reduce the number of mass shootings.

It seems we have more education to do.


Lucky Gunner Reviews Self-Defense Cartridges

Here’s another article our listeners absolutely need to read. Lucky Gunner has tested 117 self-defense cartridges. Put a little science in your duty pistol. Link is in the show notes.

John  – Lucky Gunner is a good company. I don’t say this because my blog is one of their affiliates, I say it because they stood up to the Brady Campaign when they were sued over selling ammo to the Aurora, Colorado theater killer.

Finger Gun Forces Emergency Landing

A San Jose to DFW flight was diverted to Phoenix because of an unruly, armed  passenger. The passenger who allegedly boarded the flight already in his cups, became belligerent when the attendant would not serve him any more alcohol. The plane was diverted when the man produced a gun and was then subdued by several men.

It was not know how the 26-year-old passenger was able to get his weapon past TSA. There are reports that he had it in-hand when he went through the security theatre checkpoint. However, it’s unclear if it can be legally considered an arm, because technically, it was attached to his hand. Which is where most of us keep our fingers. The weapon that diverted a flight, burned tens of thousands of dollars, and delayed 96 passengers — was a finger gun. The very same fearsome weapon that has armed generations of 4-year-olds.  

After the landing, a shamed-faced American Airlines refused to prosecute, released the plane, and sent the drunk to a hotel to sober up. He’ll continue his flight later. After all, It could have been much, much worse – the man might have been armed with a Pop Tart gun.  

CF – Our society has become insanely hoplophobic if a finger-gun requires the emergency diversion of an airplane.   

Hearing Protection Act of 2015 Introduced

Rep. Matt Salmon, Republican from Arizona, introduced HR 3799 this week. It is called the Hearing Protection Act of 2015. The bill, if it becomes law, will remove suppressors and silencers from the purview of the National Firearms act. Even though they really aren’t firearms, they would now be treated like any other firearm and you would go through a NICS check. You would no longer have to pay the $200 tax nor would you have to wait 6-9 months for a background check to be completed.

The bill would also preempt state laws that would tax or require registration of suppressors. It would also refund the $200 tax if paid after October 22nd.

The Hearing Protection Act has the support of both the American Suppressor Association and the National Rifle Association. The support of the NRA is significant as they haven’t been pro-suppressor in the past.

John – As I’ve mentioned in the past on this podcast, I have some hearing impairment due to shooting without hearing protection when I was in my teens and 20s. I am a strong supporter of this bill and would urge our listeners to contact their representatives and Senators to push this bill.

Rachel. – You can use PopVox to send a letter to your congressman and state’s senators.

Rachel- Straight from the CDC, recommendations for preventing hearing loss – “If state law permits, consider providing noise suppressors for gun barrels”

CF – Teach your family and friends the importance of hearing and eye protection. We were young and stupid and ignored our eyes and ears out of machismo. Now that we’re old and stupid, we know better.

Gun Quote

“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.”

– Noah Webster, An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, 1787

Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our guest (Name).

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Segment 3 Interviews

Our guest today is Adriel Michaud (me-show) of Slam Fire Radio. We asked Adriel on the show today to talk about the recent national elections in Canada and their impact on Canadian gun owners.

Welcome Adriel

The Liberal Party won a big majority in this week’s election. The Conservative Party under PM Stephen Harper suffered a big loss.

Will this be a loss for gun owners in Canada and if so why?

Part of the Liberal Party’s platform involved gun control. Do you think the gun registry will be coming back?

What other impediments will gun owners in Canada face?

I listened to an interview with the director of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association and he seemed quite concerned with UN marking requirements. Why is that an issue?

What is the role of bureaucrats and the RCMP in gun regulations in Canada?

Where do Canadian gun owners and enthusiasts go from here?

The Hunting Gear Guy:

Blog: http://www.huntinggearguy.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HGGTheHuntingGearGuy

Segment 4 DGUs

CCW Holder Shoots an Attacker In Front of His House

Alertness and preparation likely saved a Toledo, Ohio man from serious injury or worse.  

The 21-year-old pulled into his driveway after his late night shift as a welder. A car slowing down in front of his house concerned him enough to put his legally carried CCW pistol in his pocket. Going toward his house, he was rushed by a robber, who leveled his pistol at the victim’s head and shouted “Don’t move!” In that deadly situation, the victim refused the thief’s order and moved decisively.  “He was a little quicker on the draw and he shot the suspect,” says Lt. Joe Heffernan of the Toledo Police Department. (As an aside, this is a nice illustration of action beating reaction.)

The victim’s shot hit the suspect in the abdomen. He called 911 while the former aggressor fled. Police found the suspect in a hospital, where he is expected to live.  “We have no reason to believe that [the victim] did not fire in self-defense, so no charges have been filed as of yet,” says Heffernan. However, it remains up to the prosecutor’s office to decide if they will take the case before a grand jury.

The victim’s mother says her son bought a gun and got a permit this year after two break-ins at the family’s home. “I have a very good kid,” said the mother. “He doesn’t bother no one. He’s not in a gang. He’s not into none of that. He’s just trying to make an honest living”. A neighbor also approved of the victim’s use of force. The neighbor had been jumped and robbed himself and is in the process of getting his own CCW permit.

We too applaud the young man’s preparations, alertness, and courage.  It certainly looks like he did everything right to save his life.

Oklahoma woman shoots boyfriend during domestic dispute

An Oklahoma woman was forced to shoot her boyfriend when he allegedly threatened her two children. An early morning domestic dispute took a violent turn when the man assaulted the children and went after one with a knife. The woman armed herself and shot twice. Deputies found the boyfriend dead in the front yard.

So far, no charges have been filed.

A Young Man Uses new CPL
Just weeks after he received his Concealed Pistol License, a young Detroit man had to use the weapon he lawfully carried.  Three teens approached him at a bus stop and told him if he moved they were going to blow him [up]. One thug demanded money and pulled a gun to back up his threat. Temporarily distracted by the victim’s $220, they allowed the man to draw his pistol and fire. Two were hit and the third took to his heels.  

The victim called the police, who found the two wounded assailants in a nearby hospital. One of the teens confessed to this crime and others; further evidence was found on the pair’s Facebook pages. The CPL holder has been questioned and released.

No one has been charged yet, the case still has to be handed over to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office.

The victim’s brother believes this is a perfect example of why he and his brother have no choice but to carry in a city that is plagued by crime. “I believe you should have the right to protect yourself from any danger,” he said, “We should be able to walk and go where we want freely and not be in fear of our life. That’s why I believe your CPL is protecting you from any danger you may come across.”

Pastor Shoots Man in Church

The pastor of the Detroit area City of God Ministries shot and killed a man threatening him with a brick. The alleged assailant was shot 4 or 5 times in front of the congregation.

Police said the pastor had had issues with the man before. He had been threatening him to do bodily harm. On that Sunday, the man posted to Facebook, “Can’t wait to see Sunday message at the City of God Ministry. I’ll be there with the truth. Later he typed, “This (expletive) gonna hit the fan.” The man believed the pastor had an affair with his wife and had gotten her pregnant.  

The pastor has not been arrested and is cooperating with the police.  Prosecutors will decide whether the shooting was justified.

Self Defense at Frisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf

It may seem fishy, but police say a shooting in Frisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf area was likely justified.  A 73-year-old resident heard someone in his home just before midnight. The man walked downstair and encountered a 54-year-old intruder — and shot him in the knee. The old guy then politely “escorted” the burglar out of his house and called police. They found the kneecapped bandit hobbling about a block away. He was treated at San Francisco General Hospital and was expected to be booked into jail when released from the hospital.

CF – Not a good idea to clear one’s house. That’s what the professional donut eaters are trained, equipped and staffed to do. And escorting the wounded man out the door… wow. The homeowner certainly needs to work on his home-defense tactics. Fortunately, it all worked out for the good.

John – I wonder if the gun was locked up and in secure storage before he retrieved it to defend himself.

Gary –https://youtu.be/_KvO-8IvoCI Boston Legal

Home Invader Climbs Naked into Bed With Home Owners
Finally, in our News From the Really Weird comes a story from Portland, Oregon (hmph, go figure); A homeowner was awakened by a late night smoochie. However, it wasn’t his honey bunch looking for a little sugar, but a naked home intruder in their bed.

The amorous cat burglar broke into the couple’s northside home and started collecting their valuables. Spying the sleeping homeowners, the robber took off his clothes and climbed into bed with them. He wasn’t completely naked, as the invader had a knife. Awakened by the kiss, the man pushed the criminal off him, and was fortunate to be able to back up his No-Means-No with a handgun.

An ear-witness related; “Screaming. It was screaming at each other. There was something about a knife and then after that, that’s when the shots.” Three shots were fired, driving the invader away, while struggling to get back into his pants. Police found the jilted thief a block away in a vacant house he had broken into. He was hospitalized for possible drug use (No, really?) and then booked. The Robbing Don Juan was charged with first and second degree burglary, first degree sexual abuse, and the unlawful use of a weapon. He can add those charges this to his already extensive arrest record from Oregon and California.  

Our congratulations to the homeowner for stopping what could have easily been a deadly situation. But please sir, put some pants on.  


We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com  Please take a minute and share them with a friend.


Segment 5 Show close

Listener e-mail discussion

1st email is from Bob in South Carolina

Greetings All.

I listen to and enjoy your podcast each week.  On the last podcast you mentioned a DGU at a Waffle House somewhere in SC (I don’t remember where).  Apparently someone affiliated with Waffle House mentioned continuing their gun-free policy.  While I am not sure, I assume this person was just affiliated with Waffle House in the location where the incident occurred.  I live in SC, have eaten in quite a few Waffle Houses, and have yet to see one that is posted to prohibit concealed weapons.  You mentioned how you would not be eating there again, but you might want to actually check before you just decide to pass them all by as I know for a fact that there are others in SC that have no problem with concealed carry – or if they do they have not posted their restaurants in any way to indicate that desire.

Keep up the good work and take care.

Bob in SC

Next we heard from Greg in Washington about shoulder holsters.

Paul & the gang,

I got a Galco JackAss shoulder rig for my 1911, for driving and wearing around the house, I love it, I can pack a REAL gun & mags in gym shorts and a tanktop.

Hope this helps

And we got a VOICE MAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob- Clash Daily.  Ammoland.  Slowfacts. That is at slow facts dot wordpress dot com.  John, tell us what’s new at your blog no lawyers only guns and money

I posted Every Picture Tells a Story, Part Four. This post which is a collaboration with Rob Vance features a graphic which shows the FBI Violent Crime Rates (crimes per 100,000) plotted against the percentage of the US population that lives in states with either shall issue concealed carry or constitutional carry. While as they say in statistics that correlation isn’t causation, you can see a negative correlation meaning that as the population with more gun rights has risen, crime rates have fallen. So much for the blood running in the streets thesis of the anti-rights groups.

That and more is at only guns and money dot blogspot dot com.

We would like to thank Charlie Foxtrot for writing up show notes for us. Even though you don’t hear him on the air he is certainly part of what you do hear. Look at his blog at not one more gun law dot blogspot dot com

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank (Guests) for joining us today.  co-hosts, will you be with us next time?  I’m looking forward to it.  Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Rachel: be aware,

John: and we’ll see you down the road.

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