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“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome to episode 350 of the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Sunday October 11th 2015, I’m Paul Lathrop

Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we will talk about the murders at Umpqua Community College .

John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk with

Tina Maldonado and Brittany Sutton about Texas students for concealed carry.

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and in one of our DGU’s  we talk about a Houston criminal that made a very poor choice in the victim selection process. so climb aboard

Rob: strap in

John : and hang on!

Paul:  episode 350 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

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Seg 1- Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)

Rob- I carried at GRPC.  I had an additional adventure on the way home because I had a gun.  Here is a pro-tip for traveling with a gun.  Carrying a gun only adds a few minutes to your travel time at the airline counter, but it could add one problem.  You CAN NOT be late at the airport, not even by one minute, if you’re carrying a gun in your bag.  There are hard cut-off times for checking a bag before your flight.


You can’t dash to the gate and then check your bag as you walk down the boarding ramp.  We have to check our bags at the counter if we’re flying with a gun.    I missed my flights so I had to rent a car and drive the last hundred miles.


One of the highlights of the trip was to meet AWR Hawkins.  He has been writing a lot these days.  I also got to talk with Jim Irvine.  One of my disappointments was the people who did NOT go to GRPC.  Come on, guys.  Go to Tampa and stop making excuses.  Really, I lost respect for some people who didn’t go to the conference.


You know we have to shout out a thank you.  You know that, don’t you?  Guys?  Who do we owe a thank you?


I was on Mark Walter’s Armed American Radio and on Bill Frady’s Lock and Load Radio program a couple of times.  We have to tell them that we’ll hold a seat in the front row for them in Tampa.


I’ve also stopped carrying concealed in Louisiana.  I carried as a non-resident because I had nonresident reciprocity from my licenses in other states.  Those licenses are not valid for carry in Louisiana now that I’m a Louisiana resident.  I’m applying for my new permit and going unarmed.. unless I go to Texas, where I can carry again.  Don’t you all feel safer?!


I made room reservations for nra convention in May.


I have some training coming up.  I’ll be a line coach with Jeff and Robyn Street in Naples Florida on October 24th.  They are having a glock range day at the LouLand Gun Club.  The entry fee is $5, and they have loaner guns.  If you’re on the South West coast of Florida and are free on Saturday, October 24th, you should look into it.  Maybe you have a friend who talked about self-defense.  Look for glock range day at step by step gun training in Naples, Florida.


John – I spent yesterday morning at the local gun show working the Grass Roots North Carolina booth. We got a number of people to sign our petition saying no more gun control at the Federal level. It will be delivered to our US Senators and Congressmen. While at the show, I bought enough ammo that Hillary Clinton would say I need a license to purchase – if she had her way.


I have talked to a number of people about attending the next GRPC in Tampa including fellow GRNC volunteers. I think this past GRPC in Phoenix had to rank as one of the best. I talked to more activists than ever before from a number of states. I credit the podcast for this as I was more visible and people sought me out. The other thing I enjoyed about this GRPC is that I finally got to meet Gary and Rachel in person. It’s one thing meeting a person over the Internet, it is another to meet them in person.


Gary – What training do you have coming up?

We have a weekday evening ILFCCL class coming up October 19-22 it will be four evenings from 6-10pm.

I had to block a friend on Facebook for posting a name calling article to me. That really makes me sad, when someone reverts to name calling they are admitting they have lost the argument. Please try to avoid this in your conversations with the anti-gun crowd. This brings me to this post on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CourageCampaign/photos/a.164423892567.119987.7364882567/10153300704932568/?type=3 This is a post about the concealed carry school ban in California. The horrible things people are saying to each other, from both sides of the argument, are despicable. Please remember we are a polite society. Aside from that, someone posted “…no armed bystander has ever stopped a mass shooting. Ever.” and it got 8 thumbs up. There were also several posts about how a concealed carriers will just start wild west shoot outs with the bad guys and cause more carnage and kill innocents. I just want to say with no animus and only love in my heart, if you believe this you are flat out wrong.


I and most concealed carriers take carrying a self defense tool as seriously as most people do driving a car or surgeons do when operating on people. If you think me being in your proximity while I am carrying a concealed firearm puts you in more danger again you are just wrong.


Oh, yah GRPC…the water slide was awesome. Seriously, amazing, got to meet so many positive minded gun rights people that it recharged my energy to do whatever I can in my own small way to support gun rights. Take your time and watch all of the video that we recorded at GRPC, I promise something from the speakers or one of our exclusive interviews will make you say to yourself, “Wow, that was interesting or I hadn’t thought of that.” The listeners have been so helpful in the past I’m reaching out to them again. I have a student that is interested in switching to a shoulder holster for the winter and since it’s been over 20 years since I did bodyguard work and wore a shoulder holster under a suit I’m sure things have changed, so if anybody out there is currently using a shoulder holster please share your experiences with us at OnAir@PoliticsandGuns.com Sig P938


Paul – WOW what a GRPC in Phoenix. Had a great time while we were down there and an amazing trip back. Highlight of my time down there had to be Dave Workman giving us a little grief and then jumping on the mic after finding out we were on the air and coming through like a trooper. Also getting Alan Gottlieb (my personal hero in the gun rights arena) on the air.

Highlight of the trip down was a tie between meeting Laura Carno for lunch and taking US 160 just east of Pagosa Springs Colorado. Really experienced truckers that spend a lot of time in the west or southwest will know the reference to Wolf Creek Pass, made famous in the C.W. McCall song. It is a BEAUTIFUL drive… in a car… I can only imagine what a pain in the butt it is in a truck.

The Trip back was highlighted by a stop for breakfast at the Shooters Grill in Rifle colorado. A few things about this stop, first there isn’t any truck parking close by. the nearest truck parking is about a mile and a half away at a rest area.  Secondly the food is REALLY good. I was expecting that they were getting business off of the gimmick of the staff open carrying, but I was pleasantly surprised!  Yes, our waiter was open carrying (he carried an XD) and was super attentive to us. Another surprise about Rifle is that of the 3 cafe’s that were on Main street 2 were open for breakfast and of the 3, two had pro gun signage up. Also there were 2 ummm marijuana dispensaries and both had very clear no guns allowed signs.


Was on the GunBlog Variety Cast this past  week, thanks to Sean for asking me to come on and doing a masterful job of editing my ramblings. We talked GRPC and why more people should be there.




Seg 2- News


UCC shooting

The members of the Polite Society Podcast would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family, friends and community of the nine victims off the Umpqua Community College tragedy. Trapped by madness and religious hatred and bigotry, the students and staff of UCC paid a fierce price in what the school administration had declared as a gun-free zone. Not even the school’s single security guard was allowed a firearm to preserve the fantasy of an unarmed oasis.  

Obama didn’t wait for the bleeding to stop before he rushed before his cameras. In twelve minutes of rambling petulence, he expressed his frustrations with his six years of gun-control failures. Referring to himself 28 times, much more than twice a minute, he personalized the gun-control debate, holding it as a personal affront that his desires had not been granted. He trotted out the usual non-sensical “common sense” demands, backed by discredited studies, half-truths and outright lies. And he pledged to politicize the tragedy even further and push the usual gun banner’s dreams – NONE of which would have prevented the murders.

Obama targeted a unnamed, sinister, shadowy organization that was wholly responsible for frustrating his whims. His willing minions in the media were quick to take up the boogeyman fallacy. More than a few people who should have known better responded and demanded that the NRA be labeled as a terrorist organization. No mention was made of the millions of people that actually make up, support and guide the NRA.


It’s hard to believe this latest divisive distraction from his collapsing presidency will go anywhere legislatively. The Congress is in relatively friendly hands, even if Boehner and McConnell roll over once more for old times sake. The danger is in Obama’s lawless and unConstitutional executive actions.  The one phone and pen action that has been floated will do absolutely nothing to affect violent crime, other than possibly criminalizing some wives for selling their late husband’s firearm collection.

What the Obama tantrum did is identify his desired end state for the gun “problem.”  He favors the British and Australian models of gun control. Have no doubt those models mean draconian bans on nearly every firearm in private hands, door to door confiscation, mass destruction, and the centralization of all arms and power in the hands of the government. This, Mr President, we will resist.  

It’s going to be a long, difficult wait until the Twentieth of January, 2017.  


Comments:  Okay – I’m outta here. The Princess is back.  Thanks again

How’s the tone for the above rant?  OK, Dan.


-john – I want to point out the killer passed background checks.


Paul -There were widespread protests in Roseburg, Oregon when the president came to visit.  Roseburg is a deeply red working class town.  The president and the media were widely resented as using the town’s tragedy for their personal profit.


Rob- I want to talk about gun control.  Oregon has mandatory firearms registration.  The murderer registered his firearms.  Oregon has mandatory background checks.  The murderer passed those background checks.  The school campus is restricted as a gun free zone, and honest students were disarmed as the murderer went to a gun-free zone.  Oregon is a gun control paradise, and the state is ranked 18th out of 50 by the Brady campaign because of its strict gun control laws.  Obama had to speak out quickly.  Not because he has a solution, but because his policies failed so miserably and he needed to distract the public from noticing his failure.


As to the news media, they have been horribly corrupt in their coverage.  Here is a thought experiment for you. Do you think the media would be chanting for more “gun-free zones” if the murderers we’ve seen this last year were attacking newsrooms rather than schools? I think the newsies would start carrying at work.  The CNN studios in New York had armed guards the day after the Charlie Hebdo murders in France. and they do today as well.  They have armed security every day.. yet they say we should put our children in disarmed schools.. and blame the National Rifle Association even though the NRA has begged for armed school guards.


Open comment- If gun free zones are such a good idea, then start with the White House.


-John – I will say that some Republican presidential candidates responded appropriately. I want to mention Bobby Jindal and Ben Carson in particular. Jindal asked where the father was and Carson asked why more people didn’t fight back.


Rob- Did you hear where 22 people were stabbed when a 16-year-old boy went on a  rampage.  It happened in Pennsylvania.. in a gun-free school zone.


Hate to the NRA

Top strategists in the Democrat party have decided this is the year to attack gun owners.  We’ve heard several outbursts from politicians condemning honorable gun owners and the National Rifle Association after this last public murder.

  • Hillary Clinton said “You know, the NRA’s position reminds me of negotiating with the Iranians or the Communists. You know there is no possible discussion and it’s for political purposes.”
  • President Obama asked America’s gun owners ..to think about whether your views are properly being represented by the organization that suggests it’s speaking for them.
  • Bernie Sanders said “we have got to come together on common sense approaches.. to ban semi-automatic assault weapons, guns which have no other purpose but to kill people.”
  • The Chicago Sun Times says every politician in washington should pass a law making it illegal to sell a gun online or at a gun show to anybody who is a convicted felon, repeat domestic abuser or seriously mentally ill.  How unreasonable would that be?

Obviously the Chicago Sun Times and leading democrats don’t know existing firearms laws that already make those transfers illegal.  They don’t know how mass murderers actually get their guns.. or they don’t care, because they only need to sell voters and advertisers, not solve a real problem.


Gary?  open comment-  The NRA is the only organization that gets blamed for things its members never do.

  • John – I don’t have a problem with neg. like the Iranians. They got the bomb and the USA got nada.


Rob- I called the NRA and asked them how NRA membership numbers look.  In particular, I asked the membership office in Fairfax, Virginia  if people were calling up and cancelling their memberships.  They aren’t.  The rate of new memberships and renewals is up, but they have noticed a particular surge in new lifetime memberships.  Life memberships are usually a thousand dollars, but the NRA runs a promotion at each annual meeting where they drop the rates.  You can become a life member, an endowment, patron or benefactor member.


A friend of mine in New York City is a photographer.  She doesn’t own a gun, but after hearing the progressive politicians dump hate gun owners and the NRA, she became a member.


John- Now your friend gets daily e-mails from Fairfax.   


CF- She doesn’t have to get them if she doesn’t want them. The NRA is EXTRAORDINARILY good about respecting their members desires. My Father bitched and moaned until I talked to the NRA for him. They immediately took him off all their mailing lists. This forced my Dad to find something else to bitch and moan about. 😉


Do Non-Badged Citizens With Guns Ever Stop Mass Shootings?
In his televised fit only hours after the UCC murders, Obama dismissively asked if more guns actually reduce crime? Eugene Volokh, of the Volokh Conspiracy blog, answers definatively: Yes they do!


Professor Volokh cites ten times where a civilian with a gun stopped a mass shooting.  Of course, such instances are relatively rare, as the diseased mass killer usually chooses places where he will not be restrained in his sick fantasy. Areas like gun-free zones. As an example, the Aurora theater killer deliberately bypassed nine closer venues and choose a smaller movie house – because it was the one protected by a gun-free zone sign.   

It seems the only logical way to reduce these mass killings is to eliminate gun-free zones.   


Rob- I’ve written about this.  John has written about the failures of gun control.

Gary- Massad Ayoob has written about this. He references an article that talks about a dozen cases where a concealed carriers stopped mass shootings.  It is good to see other journalists weigh in.


-John – I love what Mas calls GFZs – hunting preserves for psychopaths.


Cuomo Throws an Anti-Gun Tantrum

Speaking of petulant tantrums, New York Governor Cuomo threw a beaut at the funeral of an ex-aide. His former aide and friend was shot at an early morning party in the Bronx. Instead of eulogizing his friend, the rabidly anti-gun Governor of New York City and Albany delivered a political anti-gun stump speech. He demanded the Democrats shut down the nation’s government until the gun control laws that are not working in New York are legislated nation-wide.   


We certainly agree with Cuomo’s demand to shut down the non-essential portions of the federal government. However, the laws that the citizens of his state are roundly ignoring are nothing we could tolerate under our Constitutionally guaranteed Rights. Better try again, Stumpy.    


Ronald Reagan Carried a Gun While President
Another President had very different ideas about personal gun possession and use. Brian Meltzer, author of the new book The President’s Shadow, reports that President Reagan carried a weapon in a bag or briefcase with him after the assassination attempt. A Secret Service agent revealed this info to Meltzer while he was researching the book.  

Looks like the nickname Ronnie Raygun was a little bit closer to the truth than his detractors would have hoped. Good on you, Mr. President!   

For any commentator: Sooooo, what gun do you think Reagan carried?  A 1911?  ;^)’  Old School Cool.  


Paul- I remember an old interview where RR stated that he saved a woman from an attack from his room by pointing an unloaded handgun at the perpetrator. It was widely thought of as a made up story until NPR (seriously!) tracked down the nurse who corroborated the story.


CF-Yep, a 45 Colt single action, if I remember correctly.  Definitely old school cool.


Felon Shoots and Paralyzes a Veteran Outside of St Louis Cardinal Stadium
This story strikes too close to home for one of our staff members. A 43 year old veteran celebrating his mother’s birthday at a St Louis Cardinals game was shot and paralyzed by a felon with a decades long rap sheet.

Chris Sanna and his girlfriend were walking back to their car after the Cardinals game when they were assaulted by two armed robbers. Despite giving the criminals everything they wanted, Sanna was shot in the back. The bullet punctured his liver and lung after destroying two vertebrae and his spinal cord. Doctors do not expect Sanna to walk again. There has been a recent spate of victims being shot after a robbery, perhaps related to the racial tensions in the city.  

Several days later, police arrested Kilwa Jones for the assault. Jones was already in jail for beating the mother of his two children. Police found video of Jones using Sanna’s credit cards. They’ve also recovered a 9mm Hi-Point from the career criminal’s car.

The Cardinals do not allow any weapons in their stadium; that includes knives and pepper spray. They do back up their policy with metal detectors, but that works only inside the stadium walls. Fans must walk the downtown streets to get to get to their cars. The fans are known to be weaponless – and very attractive to criminals. From personal observation, city police and security guards are largely absent from the streets after the games.  Fans disarmed – and abandoned – Cardinals games will be few and far between.      


Rob- Gun free zone.  fugitive from justice.  Tell me again how the state will protect us from thugs.


Governor Brown Vetoes SB347
It’s a sad commentary on the state when “Flaky Jerry” Brown, Governor Moonbeam of California, is one of the more rational political voices.


Senate Bill 347, authored by Senator Hannah Beth Jackson, a member of the Barking Moonbat Caucus, would have eliminated Second Amendment rights for some minor firearm-related misdemeanors. For example, possession of a single round of ammunition on school grounds could have cost a citizen their firearm rights for ten years. Brown vetoed this bill and eight others, stating; “Each of these bills creates a new crime — usually by finding a novel way to characterize and criminalize conduct that is already proscribed …without commensurate benefit.”


Congratulations Governor Brown, for bringing a small amount of common sense to California.


Unfortunately, sanity was apparently only a fleeting acquaintance, as Jerry has signed Senate Bill 707. The bill, despite the experience of the UCC murders, prohibits licensed, law-abiding CCW holders from carrying firearms on school property. The law further criminalizes the simple possession of ammunition on campus, even without the firearm. Apparently, the politicians decided to Gun-Free Zone HARDER!


Rob- This is more of the culture war on gun owners in California.  So the inadvertent possession of ammunition on school grounds was vetoed in one bill and then passed in the next bill.  The democrat politicians of California are abusing gun owners while they build another school shooting.  The California Attorney General said the legislature should show autopsy photographs of the murdered students in order to pass more gun laws.  I like that.  I want to show the pictures of the murdered students to show how their gun free school zones failed again and again.


John – I think Gov. Brown is trying to split the baby. He vetoes one anti-rights bill and then signs another. It doesn’t work that way. You are either pro-rights or anti-rights. There is really no in-between. The fact that SB 707 creates a privileged class – retired LEO – is wrong.


Professor leaves Texas for Australia

Here is a lighthearted take on the very somber subject of guns on campus.  MIssouri and Texas passed laws allowing carry on campus.  A local campus denied its staff the right to carry.  In similar situations, some professors have written articles saying students are at a greater risk once licensed concealed carriers are disarmed.  One law school professor at the University of Missouri is suing the school for a civil rights violation by denying him the right to carry. A business professor at Purdue in Indiana is also fighting for that same right.


John- William A. Jacobson is a clinical professor of law at Cornell Law School.  He also blogs at the Legal Insurrection website, and he came out against gun-free schools.


In contrast, one professor at the University of Texas at Austin said he will leave Texas and go to Australia to teach because of Texas carry laws.  Another 390 faculty members from UT said they would not allow students with CHLs to carry in their classrooms.  Given that few of their students are over 21, that is a hollow threat.


John- They could be 18 if they were in the military.

John –


Susan- Rachel had this to say about her fellow texans.

Maybe all the anti-gun professors will leave and get replaced by a friendlier faculty.

I hoped that someone who has the credentials and education to be a professor would understand some basic logic, including but not limited to the following points:

-We’ve already had campus carry for almost 2 decades, just not inside the school buildings

-this new law does not allow 18 year old freshmen to have any more access to guns, nor does it permit them to use guns to murder professors

-someone intent on shooting a professor out of anger is not super likely to go to the trouble, expense, and time of obtaining a chl.

Unfortunately, UT Austin professors are baffled by such simple arguments.


Rob- Most of these professors are elitists.  A university president with either conviction or bravery would accept their resignation and say good riddance.  If you’re carrying in class, it is not a sin to tell a lie to someone who does not deserve to know the truth.


Gun Quotes- Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.  Martin Luther King, Jr.  I would add, do you love your family and community enough to protect them?


Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our guest (Name).

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Segment 3 Interviews


Campus Carry in Texas

Campus Carry goes into effect on August 1. It will allow CHL holders to carry concealed inside buildings on campus. Schools in Texas are currently deciding what their policies will be, since they are allowed to restrict carry in areas of their choosing. Our activists are speaking up to try to prevent carry restrictions.



Tina Maldonado, UT staff member and chapter facilitator of A Girl & A Gun

Brittany Sutton, student leader of Texas A&M Students for Concealed Carry on Campus


Action items:

  1. UT-Austin is conducting a survey. Please share it with your people who are connected to UT and ask them to fill it out. This includes students, staff, faculty, and also anybody in the community. Link: https://utexas.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9QrRbfdWtcjk0Bf
  2. Everybody in Texas knows somebody connected to A&M. Find those pro-gun students and tell them to join the facebook group Texas A&M Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. There will be public forums – make sure they go and speak up. Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tamusccc/
  3. Befriend a college student and take him or her shooting.


Segment 4 DGUs


Houston Deputy Shoots Home Invader

A Houston, Texas criminal made a very poor choice in the victim selection process. Behind Door #1 stood a Harris County Deputy Sheriff and his duty weapon. When his door was kicked down and the invader rushed into his home, the deputy fired. The suspect fled in a car likely driven by a second suspect. Because blood was found in the hallway, it is almost certain the Deputy wounded the invader. Area hospitals have been alerted to watch for a black male with a gunshot wound.

We note that the Deputy was in the same desperate situation that many normal homeowners are finding themselves. He relied on his weapon to save his life, as many of the other homeowners have done – and will do in the future. That’s certainly a common sense reason to own a firearm.  


Three Against One Turns Out Poorly For Home Invaders

A homeowner turned the tables on three home invaders – through the use of a firearm.  A Dallas-Fort Worth homeowner found himself under attack by three invaders. Their robbery and assault was going as planned until the homeowner was able to grab a gun. Neighbors heard the five shots that hit all three invaders. The criminals ran from the house and escaped in a car driven by an accomplice. The driver abandoned the car at an intersection, and the three wounded robbers were arrested and taken to a hospital. The feckless fourth remains at large.


Rob- Point shooting was taught at an NRA safety class.

John- look for one handed point shooting Col. Rex Applegate.


Husband Shoots From Behind a Robber
As they say: Location, Location, Location. An elderly Indianapolis couple is together today because the husband used the advantages of position, stealth and a firearm to stop a deadly attack.

The 75-year-old woman was at their property rental office when she found herself under the gun of a 27-year-old attacker. Her husband heard the commotion from the front office, entered the room from behind the attacker and saw the gun pointed at his wife’s head. The man describes his fear for her life and shooting into the robber’s back. When the criminal got up and pointed his gun again, the elderly man fired twice more. Those shots struck the thief in the head. The attacker is in critical condition in a local hospital. He has a long rap sheet with several outstanding warrants for his arrest.


Police will not charge the elderly man. A spokesman stated that if someone comes into your home and you’re in imminent fear of danger for your life, you have a right to protect yourself.

In such a deadly situation, an armed citizen is under no obligation to warn the attacker, nor chivalrously face him. The elderly man was completely justified in shooting the attacker in the back without warning. He rightly used every advantage he had in that deadly situation.


However, most firearm instructors advise to shoot until the threat stops. Allowing the criminal to regain his feet and point the gun again is not a good strategy. Many self defense instructors also believe that with a finger on the gun’s trigger, a central nervous system hit is best. For immediate incapacitation, without the reflexive tightening of the trigger finger, a shot to the brainstem, the medulla oblongata, is recommended. However, the citizen must be able to make the shot to a racquet ball sized target at the base of the brain. Education, training and practice are a must.  

This episode is just one more common sense reason to have a gun — and to know how to use it.  




Another Craigslist Ambush

Police say at least two criminals were shot after a Craigslist ambush was foiled by an intended victim.
A father and son from Grand Rapids drove into Battle Creek, Michigan to buy a car. When they arrived, they were jumped by three robbers. The son, a concealed carry license holder, fired twice, hitting two of the alleged attackers. The third criminal is still on the loose. Because of the son’s action, neither father nor son were injured.  


It should come as no surprise that people with cash or valuables meeting anonymous strangers at an unfamiliar location are in a risky situation. Buyers and sellers should both take precautions. Many police departments are setting up Craigslist Transaction Zones outside of their stations. We urge our listeners to stay careful, observant, and prepared.     


Don’t Torque Off The Old Guy

“I wanted to shoot him really bad. I really wanted to shoot him”; said Old Guy Robert Hamm, who had his 10 AM nap interrupted by a man carrying an armful of his tools. “I just pointed the gun at him and told him I’d blow him in two if he moved.” The very expressive Old Guy made the thief lie on the floor until the Carter County, Kentucky Sheriff’s Department arrived. Hamm said he’d known the suspect from birth and he has a reputation for this sort of thing.

Unfortunately, the 75-year-old might get his shot, as the home-invader is still at large. The suspect was so intoxicated from pills and booze that he was taken to a hospital to detox. A day or so later, the thief checked himself out of the hospital — and disappeared. Hamm felt it’s inexcusable that a man who broke into his home carrying a knife was given a chance to walk away. “It made me madder than hell.” The Old Guy had predicted the legal system would let the burglar off lightly. “I’ve seen where they’ve turned people loose who’ve done it four or five times,” he said. Officials say the burglar could be held in contempt of court (ooooo!) since he didn’t turn himself in.

Hamm’s not overly concerned about a return visit. The Old Guy said, “I wish he would. I would finish the job.” The thief should know that you just Don’t Torque-Off The Old Guys. And you certainly don’t interrupt their naps.  


We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com  Please take a minute and share them with a friend.



Segment 5 Show close


Listener e-mail discussion


Email #1

Subject: Guns in the cold


Apologies for the delay in sending this in. You had a guest on recently discussing the effects of extreme cold on the functioning of semiautomatic weapons. Immediately it made me remember the exploits of my “cousins” back in Finland during the Winter War with Russia at the outset of WW2. The winter of 39 was one of the coldest on record, so cold that the Baltic Sea froze ships in place. The Finns had to change how they handled the cleaning of their guns, adding gasoline to their gun oil for their rifles,  mainly Mosin Nagants.  For automatics and their artillery they used a mix of alcohol and glycerine to avoid the freeze. I’ll attach an image from William Trotters book Frozen Hell (an amazing read FYI).


As a side note, this would have been the practice of Simo Hyha during the war. Hyha is by far the highest numbered sniper in World history, especially confounding when you consider the short time span of his engagement. Also his weapon of choice was an iron sighted Mosin, scopes raised his head too high.


Love the show, keep it up.




Email from Bud with the Subject line Crazy Gun Studies


I happen to run across this interview today and couldn’t believe what this professor was stating.  I immediately posted it on Facebook, with a detailed overview and the links, to show to my pro-rights friends and followers.  I couldn’t locate it on Facebook, so I reposted it later in the day.  I think that I will post it daily and in different areas of Facebook and other social media sites to ensure that it is seen by many.


Here is my posting


Is anyone buying what this “Professor” is selling when it comes to CHL’s, guns and crime rates?  “There isn’t any correlation between concealed handgun license holders and crime” according to the professor and his colleagues at Texas A&M.   He also describes how they collected and formulated their data, which is drastically different than normal research performed by others.  You can listen to a short interview that the professor gave on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at http://dfw.cbslocal.com/audio/minute-with-mitch.


Texas A&M Regents Professor Emeritus Dr. Charles Phillips states that he was not surprised by their findings.  He said a couple of things during this short interview that leads me to believe that he has an agenda in obtaining his results.  One is he states that “according to the NRA, if you don’t carry a weapon, you are a CHUMP”.  And secondly, “the NRA’s definition of a victim is someone who doesn’t own a gun.”  I’ve never heard anyone from the NRA state this and I’ve never seen it written on their website.  Maybe the Dr. can point this out or provide a link where I can find this information?


He states that their research shows that the number of CHL holders in Texas counties has a direct correlation with the number of firearm dealers in that county, but nothing due to crime rates.  CHL holders are very seldom convicted of crimes, but when they do happen they are big time serious crimes. He references previous studies that he or Texas A&M have done named “When CHL Holders Break Bad”.   In these studies they found:

  • There are very few convictions or occurrences of crimes by CHL holders
  • They are violent crimes
  • A firearm is usually involved
  • There is a death


He also states that “easy access to a means of deadly force means that it is likely to be used.”


Dr. Phillips cites 3 recent studies conducted by the American Journal of Public Health which conclude that more guns (he doesn’t state whether legal or illegal, and I have not read them yet) equal:

  • More police officers are killed
  • Higher rates of young male suicides
  • Guns are more likely to be used by, or on, another occupant of the home, rather than to protect you from an outsider or stranger (criminal).


The Dr. provides the following advice – “If you are thinking of buying a firearm for home defense, consider the following:

  • Guns in households are dangerous
  • It is more likely that GUN suicides will occur
  • Don’t believe that you are going to save yourself from, or during, a criminal encounter.”


Just for the record, I am biased on gun ownership, CHL holders and I’m a lifetime member of the NRA.


I hope that you guys can create a research topic on firearm studies and results in a near future podcast.  I would really like to hear someone have Dr. Phillips on their show to challenge him on his research tactics and conclusions. Maybe having Dr. John Lott on the show to discuss specific issues with the way that studies such as this one is slanted for certain results would also be very enlightening?  We all hear of different studies, with major differences in their results and are often left wondering who is right.


Keep up the good work on the Polite Society podcast.  I look forward to listening to it each week and I have even gone back and listened to the older podcasts to hear topics of the times and the fine DGU stories.


Thank you,



-John – Believe or not, I actually know Charles Phillips. Or did. He was an asst prof of political science at UNC-Chapel Hill when I was in grad school. He got there in about 1981 and left in 1987 when he didn’t get tenure. He was one of the young liberal professors. I didn’t know he had become a prof of public health.


Rob- I’ve read the studies.  They count a criminal bringing a gun on your property as if it was your gun… and therefore you had a gun on premises.



Jacob emailed us a video of a hero who stepped in and ended up losing his life trying to help rescue a woman being threatened by a man with a gun




This guy is a hero. Full stop. He made a risky move when he saw an opportunity, and it could have turned out very poorly, but I find it hard to fault a man who is so clearly willing to give his life for a stranger. He gets shot, mortally wounded, and continues fighting to subdue the attacker and save the victim. I hesitate to call him a victim in return, because I doubt he would want that – I think he knew the trade he was making and went in knowing he might not come out. I think it really drives home what Paul always says – weapons and tactical advantages might make defending yourself easier, but the fight is never over as long as you’re conscious and willing to fight back.


William also emailed us.


Greetings All,

I’d sent this weeks ago but I am a world class master procrastinator. I’ll reference several shows.

You had referenced the wonderful NY trigger and kind of equated it to that of a double action revolver.

While that can be true it really depends on the revolver, specially the time frame of it’s design and build. My wife has an old Webley revolver made back in the early 1900’s. It was carried by her grandfather who served as a sheriff somewhere in West Texas. We don’t shoot it but the trigger pull is such that I’m tempted to use two fingers when I play with it. (Not very often due to its on hammer firing pin.) I suspect that is very close to the NY trigger. I hear the new S&W J-frames are as bad but haven’t pulled the trigger on one to see. On the other hand the K-frames made back in the 50’s and 60’s when the police were using them were very nice. Maybe 7 to 8 pounds, smooth and were a joy to shoot, if you used proper trigger technique. Still kicking myself for selling one that I had. And while python’s stack a bit differently I’ve heard few complaints about their triggers.

Next topic. Several time you, and those on other podcasts, seem to make a distinction between the police and civilians. Unless a police officer is also a member of the military they are also civilians. While that is nitpicking word usage we really need to be careful as those opposed to our views will use anything they can against us. Perhaps “private citizen” would be a better term to use for distinction.

Last topic for this email is the apparent misconception with regard to using a gun to protect property in Texas. In spite of what has been said Texans can no more use guns just to protect property than anyone else. We do however have a bit more leeway. As it was explained to me back when I took a concealed carry class in the 90’s. The teacher was a police officer and what he said summarized and in my words.

If I see someone in my workshop I can go out and confront him. However unless he has a weapon, picks up something to use as such, or makes a furtive movement I can’t just shoot him. I can however have a gun in my hand. At night things are a bit different because I can’t see as well. Does he have a weapon I’m not seeing? What during the day time might look innocent might look like a dangerous furtive motion at night. Is someone else hiding in the darkness. It all comes down to whether we think we are in mortal danger.

>From past episodes I know you will say that you shouldn’t go out and confront them. While that may be true it is a personal decision and realize that when people live in rural areas things are a bit different. That 911 call which may take 10 long minutes in town can take hours in the country. The last time I needed an officer’s assistance they had to patch me through to the responding officer so I could talk him in. Couldn’t find the place.

Either way, I for one, don’t want to just sit and watch while someone carries off all my stuff. I guess it boils down to the feeling that if something is worth having it is worth fighting for. It is a decision I’d just have to make at the time and the situation. If there is a team, they can take what they want. My life isn’t worth the risk.


Is a human life worth my table saw? I don’t know. Is the bad guy really human or a predatory animal? While legally human you have to wonder what will he do on his next job? I think we all would do what was necessary to stop him if he was stealing a firearm. It’s a very complex issue with lots of what ifs.

Enjoy your show. Keep up the good work or I’ll cut what I pay for your show. 8->



Rob- badged and unbadged civilians




Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?


Rob- I posted the links to the Gun Rights Policy Conference along with a list of the speakers.  I did that for each of the three segments we recorded.  I also wrote up a review of the conference.


After the recent murders in Oregon, we’ve heard the howls for more gun control.  The politicians and news media got me thinking, and I asked myself if gun control works.  We know it doesn’t work in schools, but I wondered if I was missing something, so I looked at the data from each of the 50 states.  I put the states in order based on their level of gun control, and then looked at the FBI data for the crime rates in each state.  I printed the data out as a graph so anyone can see it.  After looking at the results, I can say that gun control does not reduce violent crime.  The article is called “Does Gun Control Work”  I’ve seen several other authors write similar articles, so it is a good time to study that question.


This may sound simplistic to our long time listeners, but most people have not studied these issues at all.  They think violent crime has increased when violent crime has fallen since the early 1990s.  I want to thank our listeners for reading past the headlines and staying informed.


In another article I said gun-free zones and fatherless boys are killing us.  That was in the article called Liberal Politicians Blinded by Feel-Good Policy on Guns.


My articles are up at Ammoland and Clash Daily.  After the shooting in Oregon, I noticed I had 55 entries in my category called Public Violence.  You can find all of them on my blog at slow facts dot wordpress dot com.


John, tell us what’s new at your blog no lawyers only guns and money


I’ve done a number of posts since GRPC but this is one I want to highlight. Dr. Carson said that if the Jews had not been disarmed it could have made a difference with regard to the Holocaust. He was correct and the mainstream media piled on trying to discredit his statements. They are trying to make out like he is a kook and trigger happy. Frankly, they are afraid of the truth. One need only listen to our friends in JPFO and read the writings of Stephen Halbrook to know that.


I will have an important post coming out on the 15th. It will be called Every Picture Tells A Story, Part 3. It will be in honor of Maine going live with Constitutional Carry on that day. It graphically shows the growth of freedom from 1986 through 2014.


That and more is at only guns and money dot blogspot dot com.


We would like to thank Charlie Foxtrot for writing up show notes for us. Even though you don’t hear him on the air he is certainly part of what you do hear. Look at his blog at not one more gun law dot blogspot dot com


Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank (Guests) for joining us today.  co-hosts, will you be with us next time?  I’m looking forward to it.  Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Rob: be aware,

John: and we’ll see you down the road.


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