Episode 314 – Virginia Legislature Fights Back

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“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Rob: Welcome to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Wednesday February 25th 2015, I’m Rob Morse.

Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone.  I’ll bring you the news segment and tell you about the Virginia legislature protecting concealed carry holders who travel through Maryland.

John: I’m John Richardson, and I’ll bring you a story of defensive gun use where a homeowner found an escaped inmate in his yard.

Rachel: We finally have some good news out of Washington DC.  At last, Emily Miller got her gun permit, so climb aboard

John: strap in

Rob: and hang on! Because episode 314 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

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Seg 1- Personal news from each participant

John- Intro

John – I’m back home after the birth of my granddaughter Olivia Grace. My wife Barb is still down helping Laura in her first week as a new mom. Olivia is healthy, eating, and has started to gain a little weight back. Her picture is in our show notes!


In terms of gun related news, we just had a drive-by shooting here in Asheville. It was in Biltmore Village which is just outside the entrance to the Biltmore House. This is a high tourist area with pricey clothing stores and nice restaurants. Supposedly, the shooter and one of the two victims had an altercation prior to the shooting. My point in reporting this is to show that we need to be aware all the time and prepared to defend ourselves. Bad things can happen anywhere!


-Rob nothing in my gun world.  How about you, Rachel?


-Rachel- busy teaching, running more music gigs, and having a bunch of cancellations due to cold, icy weather here in Texas. Getting ready for a speaking event at a TEA party club tomorrow and a spur-of-the-moment CHL class out of town Saturday.



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Seg 2- News


Rachel -Here is a way to stop anti-rights bigotry, and the solution came from the Virginia legislature.  They passed Senate Bill 948 which would stop Maryland law enforcement from accessing firearms registration lists in Virginia.  Maryland does not recognize concealed handgun permits issued by Virginia.  The bill was proposed after Virginia gun owners were profiled and pulled off the road in Maryland while Maryland police went on a fishing expedition for firearms violations.  Republican Delegate Robert Marshall from Virginia said quote ““It’s the policy of entrapment that has been used based on the concealed carry exchange information that has precipitated this”  close quote.  Delegate Marshall suggested that Maryland police officers would be safer if they cooperated with Virginia and recognized Virginia license holders.  I’m sorry to report that Virginia democrats voted against the bill.  Now Virginia gun owners are waiting for Governor Terry McAuliffe to sign the bill into law.


2- Many politicians do what their campaign contributors tell them to do.  So far so good, but both donors and politicians break their word.  We have news that staffers from the Brady Campaign were making funding promises to Pennsylvania politicians.. promises the staffers never intended to keep.  A few years ago when Pennsylvania municipalities were regularly passing gun control ordinances, several cities only went through with the measures that violated state preemption laws because Bloomberg’’s employees promised to pay for the legal defense costs for the cities when they were sued.  Those lawsuits are here, and the Brady Campaign is telling the media that they never made such promises by claiming that the person who made the promises wasn’t really speaking for them… well not officially.


Then the local Fox affiliate dug up city records from Lancaster and Erie Pennsylvania that staff members from Mayors against illegal guns had made those exact promises.  There was also a case in Radnor, Pennsylvania where local politicians demanded the promise in writing, and the staffers backed down.


In Lancaster, the pledge came from Max Nacheman who represented MAIG and Brady at the time and would later represent CeasefirePA.  In Radnor, it appears that City Commissioner Elaine Schaefer called the Brady Campaign herself and got the pledge that the group would defend the town.  Now this all appears to be an “unfortunate miscommunication”.


3- Here is some good news for advocates of armed self-defense and bad news for anti-rights bigots.  It wasn’t so long ago that Wisconsin enacted their concealed carry law.  Since 2011, Wisconsin now has over a half million man-years of experience with licensed concealed carriers.  Only one permit holder has been convicted of an unjustified homicide in all that time.  That calculates to an annual homicide rate of .2 per 100,000 for concealed carriers.   Yes, the homicide rate for Wisconsin permit holders for the first three years is below that of Japan, which was listed between .57 and .4 over a 14 year period.  It is hard to compare international statistics because the United States is stricter than other countries in the way we define and report on homicide.


Comment, the average rate for homicide is 23 times higher than the rate for concealed carry holders in Wisconsin.

Comment-  that is good news, and we want you armed with the facts.


4-Here is a follow up report on the case of Gordon Van Gilder.  Van Gilder was arrested for having an incomplete and unloaded antique smooth-bore flintlock pistol in the drivers compartment of a vehicle.  Van Gilder had just purchased the incomplete pistol from a pawn shop.  The 72 year old Van Gilder suffers from arthritis.  He uses a 21 year old man to drive him to the shop.  Police searched the car where Van Gilder was a passenger after a traffic stop.  Now the police claim the 21 year old driver’s car contained drug paraphernalia.  Van Gilder’s lawyer, Evan Nappen, said the police were trying to smear Van Gilder’s reputation so the police could justify their ridiculous firearms charges.


(UPDATE: This afternoon, Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae said she would use her prosecutorial discretion to drop the case.


“My client and I are very pleased that the prosecutor exercised her discretion wisely and we commend her for doing so,” attorney Evan Nappen said. “We’re glad that the matter has been resolved.”


Van Gilder’s arrest led several state lawmakers to publicly propose changes to New Jersey’s firearms laws.  Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande said she will introduce a bill to align New Jersey firearms law with the federal statutes that exempts firearms manufactured before 1898.




Rob 5- Here is more news about New Jersey.  The Second Amendment Foundation announced their financial support challenging New Jersey concealed carry laws.  Albert Almeida lives in Andover.  He operates a property management business that involves rent collections in high crime areas. He has been threatened numerous times, yet the Andover Township police chief turned down his permit application.  When he took the issue to court, the court denied his application on the grounds that Almeida “failed to demonstrate a substantial threat.”  He is represented by New Jersey attorney Evan Nappen and the case is on appeal in the state Superior Court.


Comment-  What does it take?  Do you need to wear a body camera so you can show video to the judge?


6-The citizens of Washington DC face a similar problem.  We can add another reporter to the list of citizens who had their carry permit rejected by the Washington DC police department.  Stephen Gutowski writes for the Free Beacon.  He applied for his DC permit and cited the documented threats he has received online.  It appears the magic formula is to have a police case opened for each threat.  No case implies no record.  No record implies no real threat.  It still took the DC police the full 90 days to reject Gutowki’s application.  Given the trickle of applications, that works out to the DC police department processing a single application every 1 and ⅓ days.


Comment- I hope the DC police don’t wear themselves out with that blistering response.

Comment- you think the judge will accept that performance?

Comment- yes, I do.  Some judges think that is doing too much to support the right of self-defense.

John- Emily Miller received the 15th carry permit allowed in DC.  The police explained their decision was based on the two different threats against Miss Miller which were documented with police reports.


John – I’m sure the fact that she would have gotten another book out of a denial had nothing to do with it.


7- The islamic terrorist group Al Shabaab issued a threat against the mall of the americas in Minneapolis-Saint Paul.  Wouldn’t you know it, but the mall is a posted gun-free zone.  Of course there are no scanners and no security personnel enforcing the gun-free zone.  Nope, they have a plastic sign that reads-



The sign won’t stop terrorists.  I doubt it stops many concealed carriers either.


What they really need is a no suicide bomber sign.


comment- What are they thinking. Imagine the huge lawsuits if the mall is attacked while citizens were disarmed.


8-Rabbis gathered in Prague Tuesday for training in self-defense and first aid.  The training is a response to the wave of attacks against Jews and a rise of anti-Semitism across Europe.  The training began with dozens of knives being distributed to the rabbis.  They were then taught to thwart an attack and how to treat injuries.  Their response was as serious as the subject.  The president of the united states called it a random attack when jews were murdered at a satire magazine, at a kosher grocery, and in front of a synagogue earlier this month.  Spokesmen for the rabbinical conference cited inaction from European governments for their motivation to seek training.  Other self-defense classes are scheduled in other countries.  Quote “We’ve urged the European countries to do something and we did not get a real response from them.  Jewish institutions in Europe should be protected by police 24 hours a day.  If police officers are not able to provide protection, guards appointed by Jewish organizations to protect Jewish sites should be allowed to be armed.”


Why are these religious leaders refusing to wait for government protection?  They have seen the deadly results of subcontracting your security to the state.  The Czech republic instituted strict gun control after a murder a few years ago.  Disarming the honest citizens had the usual effect.  A mentally ill 60 year old man murdered nine innocent citizens in a small town restaurant this week.  The message is obvious to anyone who will learn it.


Let’s invite Matt and Doris back on the show.


9-Professor John Lott wrote the book about guns and crime.  In an interview this week, Doctor Lott said terrorists have huge advantages since they determine the time and the place where they will act.  Israel is a prime example.  Quote “If you’re in Israel and … have two officers on a bus with you and a terrorist is there, the terrorist has certain options. He either can wait until the officers leave the bus and then engage in his attack, or he can kill them first.  Israel tried for decades to try to put more police, more military on the streets, but they realized that no matter how much money they spent, if the terrorists were simply willing to be patient long enough, there would be some opening when civilians were unguarded.” Close quote.


The Jewish state finally allowed civilians to carry handguns for protection, which removed the strategic advantage terrorists had.  Once the citizens were armed, then even if the police left the bus, the terrorist still didn’t know whether somebody in front or behind or to the side might be able to stop him.


Quote “Unfortunately, look at Europe right now; they still haven’t learned this lesson. They won’t let Jewish citizens carry guns for protection. They tried putting soldiers in front of Jewish facilities but the problem is soldiers can’t be on their toes every single minute, day after day, week after week, month after month.  The soldiers are sitting ducks.. They’re out in front of the buildings in uniform and the terrorists know that they’re there.  Europe faces the same limits that Israel faced years ago.”  Close quote.


Comment-  If the soldiers are out front, then who is protecting the back.. and the sides, and inside the buildings?  It is rigid thinking to think they will put a cop with every citizen.

Comment- how east-german.


10-A Democrat politician from Chicago proposed a ban on 3d printing of guns.  That makes sense because the last two prohibitions in Chicago worked so well.  I want to apologize to our democrat listeners. We are not beating you up.  We know you are not responsible for everything a democrat politicians does, but would you please make a call and give this guy a clue.


Illinois Senator Ira Silverstein wants to prohibit using a three-dimensional printer to create a firearm, or any piece or part of a firearm, unless the person possesses a license to manufacture firearms under the federal Gun Control Act of 1968.


Comment- The obvious application for a three D printer is custom molded grips for pistols.

Would ban slow down the drug gangs in Chicago for a minute?


We’ll be back after this with some good news from Arizona.



John 11- Here is some good news from Arizona.  The fraction of adult head of households who want stricter gun control laws fell by fifteen percent in the last two years.   The new poll found only 33 percent who want stricter laws on the sale of firearms, while 48 percent think the current level of control is adequate.  Interest in gun laws dropped among all political and age groups, particularly among whites. Support for gun laws also declined among residents of the state’s two largest counties but actually rose slightly among rural residents.


12-Speaking of Arizona.. Our frequent guest Jeff Knox has issued his recommendations for the NRA board of directors.  They include Timothy Knight, Sean Maloney, Virginia McLemore, Maria Heil, Robert Viden, Joseph DeBergalis, and Scott Bach.

Jeff urges voters to cast ballots marked for only these seven candidates since the fewer candidates you vote for, the more weight your vote carries. For those who want to cast a true “bullet vote,” he recommends marking the ballot only for Tim Knight.


Comment-  Let me write that list down.

Comment-  the list is in our show notes.

Comment-  Oh.. right.

John – I’ll be putting up a list of the recommendations and endorsements on my blog. Tim Knight is a true grassroots activist and helped get the recall effort in Colorado started. Our friend Laura Carno has endorsed him.


13- Law Professor Eugene Volokh had an interesting comment on open carry published in the Washington Post.  States may regulate concealed or open carry, but must allow one or the other to the average citizen.

Suppose the state requires concealed carry.  The state can not ban someone from then wearing a shirt that says quote “I’m legally carrying a concealed handgun”.  Take this sort of  “announced carry” a step further. Say that some gun rights enthusiasts start wearing transparent plastic over their transparent outside the waistband holsters.  Holsters that hold a real gun.  This tests the limits of concealed, since an individual could be assumed to carry once the meaning of a transparent patch on the strong side hip became generally known.

The symbol, either a t-shirt with a gun graphic, with a transparent patch, or some other recognizable symbol would convey to the public much the same that open carry conveys.  Those symbols by concealed carriers say I have a gun on me, though I’m claiming that I’m carrying it completely lawfully and concealed.


Comment- I was wondering about making fabric covered holsters and gun stocks so your open carry rig is effectively invisible.

Rachel comment- this reminds me of my friend’s Glock Sock.


14-Here is another article defending the gun-culture.. in Britain.  Yes, the Adam Smith Institute in London reposted some research that says guns stop violence.  The article is called “make Britain Safer: Bring back handguns”.    The research data goes back 8 hundred years.  Quote-  the sudden historical drops in crime are consistent with the invention and proliferation of compact, concealable, ready-to-use firearms which caused potential assailants to recalculate the probability of a successful assault and seek alternatives to violence.” Close quote.


Here is some more English history.  The government in England placed increasingly stringent controls on guns starting in 1920.  These controls reduced both the actual and the effective supply of firearms. The homicide rate in England in 1920 was 0.84 and has grown 70 percent since then.  The assault rate was 2.39 and has grown over a hundred fold.


comment- Well said.


15- The good ol’ boy network isn’t dead in Florida. No charges will be filed against a Hillsborough County [FL] sheriff’s detention deputy, a local firefighter or several of their friends who were taking target practice when a Lithia woman’s home was damaged by bullets [sic]. Among the firearms being shot was an AK 47 [sic], according to authorities. No one was injured in the Jan. 24 incident, but damage to Dawn Bryan’s Porter Road home amounted to $6,000, she said, and included holes in the walls, trim, a pool cage and a shot-out window above a crib in a child’s room. The State Attorney’s Office said no one is being charged because investigators can’t determine who shot the bullets that damaged Bryan’s home. Bryan says investigators didn’t try very hard and that law enforcement is protecting its own. When deputies arrived, only two of the people taking target practice in the neighbor’s yard stayed around, she said. She also said no one from the State Attorney’s Office contacted her during the investigation…




Gun Quotes

Rachel- There are hundreds of millions of gun owners in this country, and not one of them will have an accident today. The only misuse of guns comes in environments where there are drugs, alcohol, bad parents, and undisciplined children. Period. Ted Nugent


Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our defensive gun use segment.

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Segment 4 DGUs

Rachel -GUARD DOG AT NIGHT There is a lot of empty space in Northern Idaho.  Neighbors are few and far between.  So when your dog barks, you pay attention. Brian Becker followed his dog into the yard and turned on his flashlight.  Becker found a stranger trying to hide in a tree.  Becker called the stranger down and told him to stand still with his hands up.  Instead, the stranger moved toward him.  Becker was familiar with weapons from his time in the marine corps.  Becker drew his pistol and shot the stranger.   The stranger fell to the ground with a wounded leg.  Then Becker called police.  The police arrested Roy Bieluch (Bi Lu-ch).  Bieluch escaped from the county jail earlier in the day.  Bieluch was in jail for distributing methamphetamine, robbery and theft.


-INTRUDER SHOT IN BASEMENT A man was asleep at home when heard glass break in the basement.  Two intruders climbed in through a back window and entered the rural home in Catawba County, North Carolina.  The homeowner called 911.  He left his bedroom when he heard another door being kicked in.  Fortunately the homeowner was armed.  The homeowner shot one intruder in the chest when the intruder didn’t leave.  The intruder died on the way to the hospital.  The second intruder ran from the home and is being sought for murder.


-Proactive Pawn Shop with NSF- Police departments in East Central Florida area knew they had a robbery crew working the area.  The police put out e-mail alerts to local stores where the thieves might sell the jewelry and firearms they’d stolen.  The owner of Beach Pawn Shop in Cape Canaveral recognized the customer from the police description.  The store owner walked behind the customer, drew his firearm and ordered him to the ground.  The store owner said this Quote “I had to make the assumption he was armed, based on the break ins, and the theft of the guns and stuff.  He wasn’t listening and we informed him he needed to listen or he would be shot.  While it was a difficult decision to make, it was not a hard decision as an owner of a business to make.”


Police arrived and arrested the customer.  He is 29-year old William Hasencamp.  Hasencamp faces multiple charges including theft, burglary, and dealing in stolen property. Authorities say he is one of three thieves arrested in connection to a string of over 40 burglaries in five Florida counties.


TEXAS HOMEOWNER WITH NSF  This next news article about a defensive use of a firearm was sent in by our listener Scott from Texas.  This homeowner had been burglarized before.  That is why he installed an alarm system on his home in Spring Texas.  This night, the alarm told him he had an intruder.  The homeowner was armed when he met the intruder and ordered him to lie on the floor.  Police arrived and arrested 38 year old Christopher Martin of Conroe, Texas.  Martin is a member of the Aryan Brotherhood gang and was previously charged with criminally negligent homicide, with manslaughter, and with felony convictions.


John – Trainer Dave Spaulding had a discussion of why you and I don’t think like criminals. He made his observations based upon years of interacting with them as a police officer. Here is a link to his thoughts on the subject.


We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com  Please take a minute and share them with a friend.


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Segment 5 Show close


Listener e-mail discussion


John- Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?

Sure do.  You remember we had Tatiana Whitlock on the show.  She asked the question why there are not professional talks like the TED talks for firearms.  I’d never thought of that, but  I started a list of self-defense talks I’d really like to hear.   I’m curious what topics you would add or remove.  So please share your thoughts.


John : That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank (Guests) for joining us today.  co-hosts, will you be with us next time?  I’m looking forward to it.  Until the next time…

Rob: stay safe,

Rachel: be aware,

John: and we’ll see you down the road.


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