Episode 309 – Reed Snyder

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“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast presented by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded live on Sunday February 8th 2015. I’m Paul Lathrop

Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone and on tonights show we’ll talk with Reed Snyder of the AR15 podcast about his impressions of Shot Show

John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about a Yale university study that says getting shot may not be so random

Gary D: I’m Gary Daugherty and in our DGU segment we’ll cover a hitchhiker that brought a knife to a gunfight.

Rachel: so climb aboard

John: strap in

Gary: and hang on!

Paul:  Episode 309 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.

Seg 1- Personal news from each participant

Paul – This is the 3 year anniversary of the show. Feb 3rd 2012 I hit “record” for the first time.

Hello to Brian Williams

John – I didn’t get a chance to go shooting any this week. I did order a Ruger LC9s Pro as a carry gun for generally non-permissive environments. I used the cash that I brought to Vegas that I didn’t spend gambling which was virtually all of it for the pistol. We spent the weekend with my step-daughter who is due to give birth to our first grandchild in less than 2 weeks. All is well and we are getting more and more excited.

Rachel- Spent the past few days recovering from the flu…just happy to be mostly well now.

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Seg 2- News

A new study of those with non-fatal gunshot wounds in Chicago has some interesting findings. The study by researchers from Yale University found that the likelihood of being shot was not random. Rather it depended a lot on who you associated with. The researchers found that only 6% of those arrested were arrested with someone else at the same time. However, this 6% accounted for 70% of the non-fatal gunshot wounds over a six year period. Similar results were found in an earlier study of fatal gunshot victims. The study appears in the January 2015 issue of Social Science and Medicine.

– There was a shooting last night – Saturday – in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania mall that left three wounded, two critically. Dr. John Lott, who has been on the show in the past, notes that like earlier shootings in other malls this shooting took place in posted against guns. Yet again, a so-called gun free zone is anything but. In a change from the past, the AP reported the fact that guns were banned at the Monroeville Mall.

The North Dakota House approved legislation on Tuesday that would allow firearms in schools. The bill would allow North Dakota residents with a carry permit to carry in the school if they had the school’s permission. The bill passed 53-38. The bill’s sponsor Rep. Dwight Kiefert said that allowing firearms in schools would increase security especially in rural schools. He added, ““Most school shootings are over in five minutes. If you don’t have someone at the school, law enforcement’s role will only be an investigation.” The bill was opposed by several school administrators and school board officials. A similar bill passed in 2013 but was killed in the State Senate.

A limited campus carry bill has stalled in the Arkansas House. The House Education Committee split 10 to 10 on advancing the bill. It was Republicans supporting the bill and Democrats opposing it. The bill would have allowed college professors with concealed carry permits to bring their guns on campus. The bill was opposed by university chancellors. Joel Anderson, chancellor of the U. of Arkansas – Little Rock said, “I do not want to have several hundred employees on campus carrying guns.”

Gun control showed its racist stripes in an interview at the Aspen Institute on Friday. In a long ranging discussion touching on topics such as legal marijuana and guns, Michael Bloomberg claimed that  95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: male, minority and between the ages of 15 and 25. Cities need to get guns out of this group’s hands and keep them alive, he said.

“These kids think they’re going to get killed anyway because all their friends are getting killed,” Bloomberg said. “They just don’t have any long-term focus or anything. It’s a joke to have a gun. It’s a joke to pull a trigger.”

The anti-gunners in Congress are still beating the drum for a 10-round magazine limit. Rep. Elizabeth Esty of Connecticut and Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey introduced the Large Ammunition Feeding Device Act on Thursday. It would “include not only traditional box magazines, but also any, “belt, drum, helical feeding device, or similar…” than can be converted or made to accept more than the allowed round limit.”  The bill is not expected to go anywhere and, like most bills, is a publicity device for their sponsors.

Speaking of anti-gun politicians, California State Sen. Leland Yee is facing more charges. A Federal Grand Jury has issued a second superceding indictment against Yee. He and his co-conspirator are accused of depositing money from his gun running into his Sec. of State campaign account. The new charge accuses Yee of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Gun Quotes

“I began teaching my son how to shoot when he was two, starting with the basics of a BB rifle. My theory is that kids get into trouble because of curiosity–if you don’t satisfy it, you’re asking for big problems. If you inform them and carefully instruct them on safety when they’re young, you avoid a lot of the trouble. My son has learned to respect weapons. I’ve always told him, if you want to use a gun, come get me. There’s nothing I like better than shooting.” –Chris Kyle

Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with an interview with REed Snyder of the AR 15 Podcast.

Segment 3 Interviews

Reed Snyder of the AR15 Podcast is our guest this evening.

Segment 4 DGUs

-(Knife to Gunfight)  A Henderson County [KY] resident taught a hitchhiker a valuable lesson: Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Henderson police said Corydon resident Raymond Givens, 45, was driving in the area of Henderson Community College around 1 a.m. last Friday when he stopped to pick up a hitchhiker. Givens told authorities that the male hitchhiker pulled a butcher knife on Givens and demanded his wallet. Givens then pulled his handgun on the hitchhiker and told him to get out of his vehicle.  At that point, the male hitchhiker jumped out of the car and started running towards Corydon.

-(Employees Defend Themselves) A suspected robber was rushed to the hospital Friday afternoon after he was shot during an attempted robbery. Memphis Tennessee Police responded to a shots fired call shortly before 3:30 p.m. Two people were working inside of the home when two other men entered and attempted to rob the workers at gunpoint. One of the robbery victims then shot one of the suspects. The wounded suspect was transferred to Regional One in critical condition. The other suspect fled the scene and is still on the run as of Friday evening. The workers were with Americas Best Carpet and Tile Cleaning.

-(Reader submitted DGU) Chris sent our next DGU in to us. Reading right from the Guns n freedom dot com website.

An 11-year-old girl was able to scare off a suspect — later taken into custody — during a home invasion in Lapeer County’s North Branch Township.

Deputies from the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department responded around 3:45 p.m. Friday, Jan. 30 to a Five Lakes Road home where the girl was home alone when a vehicle pulled into the driveway.

A Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office news release states one person knocked on all the doors and forced their way inside the home when there was no response. The girl locked herself inside a bathroom closet with a shotgun.

The suspect eventually opened the bathroom door and closet where the child was hiding with the weapon. The girl aimed the shotgun at the suspect, who then fled from the home.

Police said the girl was not harmed during the encounter.

The suspect’s vehicle was located around 30 minutes later in Imlay City by local police, with assistance from the Almont Police Department, Michigan State Police and Lapeer County Sheriff’s deputies.

Two occupants in the vehicle — a 53-year-old Detroit man and 31-year-old Detroit woman — were taken into custody without any resistance and remain at the Lapeer County Jail pending formal charges.

The case remains under investigation by the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Office.

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Segment 5 Show close

Listener e-mail discussion

This one came in today from Tony.

Black History Month Diversity Shoot at Gun For Hire range


I am hosting a pro Second amendment shoot at Gun For Hire range located in Woodland Park NJ of February 19th. The 50 yard indoor range will be reserved for a group of twenty participants to shoot from 6pm – 8pm. Range fees are $25 per hour.

This event is to raise the awareness of non-stereotypical firearms enthusiast to the difference they can make in New Jersey’s political scene. This event is open to all people that are pro-2A, we can only win against the gun-control zealots if we are united.

I will be there with Sean Fisher from Black Bag Resources.com to hand out literature and answer questions about joining the NRA, NJ2AS or ANJRPC. He and I have been or are members of all three.

The range charges $25 an hour to shoot there and they have everything you need to have a great time. They have rental guns, ammo, targets, safety equipment plus range officers to help insure a safe environment for everyone. Rental and ammo are an addition fee.

I would like to thank Anthony Colandro from Gun For Hire for all of his help. I also want to thank Sean from Black Bag Resources.

Thank you,



Jeff sent me a link to a YouTube video. Apparently Speer G2 ammo is out. The YouTube video that is linked isn’t very complimentary of it, and being one that chooses Speer Gold Dot for my own carry ammunition that is concerning to me.  I like what they are trying to do, but will wait for more testing to come in.


Kevin sent in an update to a Christmas morning shooting in the Anaheim area. It seems that the homeowner will not be charged after shooting a home invader.

I love this portion of the story taken from the OC Register website.

While several legal and self-defense experts questioned whether the shooting was justified, many concluded that the District Attorney would not file charges against the homeowner.

Lawrence Rosenthal, a former federal prosecutor and criminal law professor at Chapman University, said prosecutors would have a tough time convincing a jury that homeowner committed a criminal act.

“Once the burglary is over, the right to use deadly force disappears, but as a practical matter, jurors are going to be very much on the side of the homeowner, thinking, ‘I probably would have done the same thing in those circumstances’ and they will want to acquit,” Rosenthal said.

There is more to the story, check our show notes to get the link to read up on it yourself.


John do you want to mention anything off of your blog you would like to talk about?

Before I went to SHOT Show, I had been thinking about doing a post that contrasted the booth babes – pretty girls, skimpy clothing, don’t know much about the product – with the accomplished women of shooting like Julie Golob and the like. In a time when women are the real growth segment of the gun culture, booth babes are out of date.

I did the post but it didn’t come out like I thought it would. I really didn’t see the booth babes while I was at SHOT. To me, that was a pleasant surprise. I think this is because the industry is maturing and the marketing departments recognize the role of women in the gun culture.

The post has been tweeted and mentioned by Julie Golob amongst other which makes me very happy.

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank Reed Snyder for joining us today.  co-hosts, will you be with us next time?  I’m looking forward to it.  Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Rachel: be aware,

John: and we’ll see you down the road.


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