Episode 266 – Laura Carno and Assemblyman Brian Jones

Rob: Welcome to the polite society podcast recorded live on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014
Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone and on tonights show we’ll have interviews with Laura Carno and California Assemblyman Brian Jones
John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about self-defense news, so climb aboard
Rachel strap in
Rob: and hang on! Episode 266 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1- Personal news from each participant
Rob- Dry practice, buying ammunition and writing. The article I wrote about my “may issue” sheriff was picked up by Ammoland. From there it was picked up by NRA news. Scheduling some training.

Rachel- Not much news, just work and homeschooling. Enjoyed our trip to the beach last weekend and watched a great football game in which my brother’s team won.

John – My Next Level Training SIRT pistol arrived yesterday. And I love it! I have been doing some dry fire practice and trying out all the features of it.

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Seg 2- News News_Partner_white

Rachel -John Katso was a New York prosecutor.  He prosecuted organized crime.  He prosecuted street gangs in Syracuse, and put 130 gang members in jail.  He and his family were threatened.  Katso asked for and received permission to carry a firearm.  His car was robbed in the church parking lot while Mr. Katso and his family were inside.  His firearm was taken from the car.  A few weeks later, the thieves used the stolen firearm in a strongarm robbery of an illegal gambling house.  All that happened 14 years ago.  This November, John Katso is running for congress.  Katso’s opponent says he negligently gave firearms to criminals.  Here are points to ponder;

One- Take your gun with you when you go to church.
Two- Read political comments in New York media very carefully.

John Comment- The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms loses about 15 firearms a year.

Rob- A police officer in New York city stopped at a Bronx bodega on his way to work at the 44th precinct.  Three thugs beat him and grabbed his firearm.  Fortunately, they did not kill the officer.  Backup officers caught the thugs and recovered the pistol.. this time.

John Comment- The 44th precinct is where John Cardillo was a patrolman.  We’ve had John on the show.
Rob Comment- I’ve heard an officer say he can never lose a fight.  The officer can run away, but if he loses a fight then the odds are the thugs will kill him with his own gun.
Rachel Comment- Here is an important safety tip- don’t fight a police officer.

John- Welcome back from your long Labor Day weekend.  In New York City, 15 people were shot on Saturday and Sunday, and another 10 were shot on Labor Day.  4 of them died from the gunshots.  In Chicago, 33 people were shot and three of them died over the three day weekend.

Rob Comment- Ouch.  Those gun free zones aren’t working, are they!

Rachel- This phrase has become a joke, “Trust me.  I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  The US military was going to help local law enforcement by giving them surplus military weapons.  They received M-4’s, M-14s and M-16s.  They received shotguns, handguns and armored vehicles.  As you’d expect, the local police departments are not as careful with other people’s property as they might be with their own equipment.  184 state and local police departments have been suspended from program and the entire program is under review.  Weapons are missing from police arsenals.. as well as two humvees.

In Mississippi, the Meridian Police Department was suspended from the program after their inventory showed four missing M14s.  In neighboring Arkansas, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department was suspended after it lost an M14 assault rifle and a night vision scope that was “damaged and destroyed” without prior approval.  The Huntington Beach, California Police Department was suspended from the program after losing an M16 assault rifle.  Quote

“The loss was discovered during an internal audit, and an investigation was inconclusive as to how that occurred.”

John Comment- I have a curio and relics license, and I don’t think the lost weapons were transferred with a 4473.
Rachel Comment- No, probably not.

Rob – This law enforcement officer knows his citizens.  Maryland politics are dominated by Baltimore and the DC suburbs.  Rural Maryland is another country entirely.  Wicomico [wy-KAHM-ih-koh] County Sheriff Mike Lewis reminded the citizens of his county that he will not violate the Constitution.  “I made a vow and a commitment.  As long as I am sheriff of this county, I will not allow the federal government to come in here and strip my citizens of the right to bear arms.”  Sheriff Lewis is mindful of keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous felons, but also explained, “We do not need to strip law abiding citizens of their Second Amendment right to bear arms. That I get upset over. I really do.  I can tell you this.  If they attempt to do that, it will be an all-out civil war. No question about it.”

Rachel Comment- I bet he is part of the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace officers association.
rob Commnet- I wish he were my Sheriff.
John Comment- Yeah, but then you’d have to live in Maryland.
Rob Comment- Good point.


John- Welcome back. The California legislature did not close business until 5am Saturday morning.  There were several proposed bills that attacked the right of armed self-defense.  Some of them died in the legislature, and some of them are sitting on the Governor’s desk waiting for his signature.  The Firearms Policy Coalition wants to flood California Governor Jerry Brown’s office with e-mails and faxes.  Give them some clicks at VetoGunControl.com  These bills establish firearms restraining orders, mandate firearms registration, and mandate a gun owner re-transfer his own firearms each time he leaves or enters the state.

Rachel Comment- Let’s give California gun owners some help.

Rob – Here is some more news from the land of the fruits and nuts.   A junior high school vice principal in California was arrested after he didn’t break the law.  Bakersfield police took 51 year old Kent Williams, into custody sometime after 9 am.  Williams is Vice Principal of Tevis Junior High School.  Assistant Superintendent Gerrie Kincaid said she immediately notified police when a district administrator called her with an anonymous tip that a staff member had a gun on campus.

Vice Principal Williams cooperated with the school resource officer and said his licensed  firearm was secured in his office.  It took the Bakersfield police several hours to conclude that no laws had been broken because the Vice Principal holds a valid Kern County concealed weapons permit that allows him to have a firearm on a school campus.  The Vice Principal remains on paid administrative leave from the Panama-Buena Vista Union School District for violating district policy by bringing the firearm on campus before he received permission from Superintendent Gerrie Kincaid.  Superintendent Kincaid said “We’re a gun-free zone.”

Rachel Comment- Evidently they are far from a gun free zone.
John Comment- A gun free fantasy zone maybe, but not a gun free zone.
Rachel Comment- Does an “anonymous tip” sound suspect to you too?

Rachel- Here’s some breaking news from Texas. Today, Michael Keoughan stood trial regarding his arrest in Andrews, TX last January when he was openly carrying a rifle. Michael is a part of Come And Take It Texas but was doing a solo walk in a new location as part of a brand-new CATI chapter. CATI-TX has stood with him through his legal harassment this year, and today he was vindicated as the jury returned the verdict: Not Guilty.

Rob Comment-  It is legal if we all do it but not legal if you open carry alone?

John – The Washington Times described the booming business from pro-gun restaurants.  There are some 57 thousand businesses that welcome the armed citizen.  The Cajun Experience in Leesburg, Virginia, has Second Amendment Wednesdays, where patrons are encouraged to either go concealed carry or open carry.  Shiloh Brew & Chew in Maryville, Tennessee gained national media attention by putting a sign in the window of her restaurant welcoming firearm owners with permits.  The Chicken Express in Bossier City, Louisiana, gave a free combo meal to patrons who showed up with a concealed carry license.   John Kavanaugh owns Kavanaugh’s Esquire Club in Madison, Wisconsin decided not to disarm his honest patrons with a “no guns” sign. Quote ”..what if a crook came in and realized he was the only one with a firearm? Why should I post that? There’s never been an issue about it. We have such a variety of customers — older, younger, a lot of families.”  Some restaurants ask their customers to disarm.  The Pit Authentic Barbecue in Durham, North Carolina, decided to  hang a “No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms” sign in the window.  The barbecue restaurant was robbed at gunpoint in May. Two employees were injured, with one ending up in the hospital. Their Raleigh restaurant is the one  that hosted Gabby Giffords on her so-called listening tour.

Rachel Comment- Gun check! Who has their gun?
Rob Comment- Podcasting makes me hungry!

Rachel- Last episode we talked about more school districts with armed school staff on campus.  This is why they are critically important.  A teenager threatened to shoot her classmates and teachers at Franklin High School near Cincinnati, Ohio.  The 15 year old student told her friends she wanted “to do a mass school shooting and end it with suicide by cop.”  Her friends told school officials and the student was arrested.  She is being held at the Warren County Juvenile Detention Center.

Rob Comments-???  I’m sad that this young lady is suicidal.  We’re lucky she was stopped in time.  I’m glad more school staff are armed.

Rob- This is a story about someone who hates gun owners.  The self-proclaimed liberal democrat Mike Dickinson sent out a tweet saying “Dear god, please use Ebola to infect the NRA and it’s various members. For they are a true virus and true terrorists in America.  There would be no funnier thing then to see the NRA members in a death clutch of their gun while dealing with Ebola.”  Dickinson used shock media to get attention before.  In July he offered 100 thousand dollars for nude photos of the hunter and college cheerleader Kendall Jones.   Dickinson also attacked the The Tea Party and Christians.

John Comment-  I don’t think reaching out as a kinder and gentler gun owner is going to help with this guy.  He hates us.
Rachel Comment- Haters are going to hate, and it isn’t about us.

John – We have discussed the impact of concealed carry on the murder rates in Chicago a number of times on the podcast. A different take on this comes from Kurt Hofmann writing for the JPFO. Kurt holds that it is unnecessary to rely upon statistics to make our case for gun rights. Kurt states, “I don’t care because fundamental human rights–and the right to self-defense must be seen by any rational, ethical person as chief among those–cannot legitimately be held hostage to a requirement for a favorable statistical outcome.” He goes on to make the point that using numbers to justify our rights tacitly surrenders those rights if the numbers turn against us. He concludes by saying that our opponents try to bolster their weak arguments using stats like “a gun in the home is 43 times as likely to kill a family member” etc and that we must be better than that.

Rachel – This might seem philosophical, but we can do that every now and again.  Some liberal politicians want us to turn in our guns.  All of them.  Those are their words, not our words.  Their  “common sense regulation” is simply a series of stepping stones to disarmament.  We’ve taken about 23 thousand such steps in the United States so far, and the gun grabbers are still not satisfied.  Let me modify that last statement; citizens will be disarmed, not the government.  In fact, as citizens are disarmed and crime soars, the police claim they need more and more arms.  We’re told again and again that officer safety is paramount.  We have another example of where totalitarian power leads.  This example comes from Iraq.  ISIS, the Al-Qaeda associated group, issued this declaration for all land under its control.   in Iraq . . .

No public gathering are allowed other than those organised by ISIS. No guns are allowed other than those belonging to ISIS and carried by its supporters.

It has been said many times that power grows out of the barrel of a gun, and it looks like ISIS is embracing that idea.

Rob- Gun Quotes- To trust arms in the hands of the people at large has, in Europe, been believed…to be an experiment fraught only with danger. Here by a long trial it has been proved to be perfectly harmless…If the government be equitable; if it be reasonable in its exactions; if proper attention be paid to the education of children in knowledge and religion, few men will be disposed to use arms, unless for their amusement, and for the defence of themselves and their country. — Timothy Dwight, Travels in New England and New York [London 1823]

Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this
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Segment 3 Interviews

Laura Carno at 5:10 Defend Colorado, bring the second amendment supporters into this election.  Raise money and keep it in Colorado.  When was the event?  Where was the event? Who spoke?  Celebrities or candidates at the event?  How many attended?  What else is happening in Colorado politics?  Hickenlooper pardon, and Udall lied.  Laura’s I am created equal site is here, and Udall Lied is here.

Assemblyman Brian Jones of the California Assembly Republican Caucus.  The legislative session closed for the year.  The right of self defense had some wins and some losses this year.  Second amendment supporters are in the minority in the California legislature.  They fought SB 53 to a tie and it died.  Could you tell us about SB 53 and how you managed to stop the bill?

What are the other bills you managed to stop?
What anti-gun bills passed?
What should self-defense advocates do now?
Call the Governor.  Citizens in California have to vote and help get out the vote.

Here is a video of Assemblyman Brian Jones defending armed self-defense on the Assembly floor.  Here is the Assemblyman’s website, and here is his facebook page.  You can thank Assemblyman Jones by e-mail- brian@electbrianjones.com

Segment 4 DGUs

Rachel-This defensive gun use story is from Orchard Park, New York.  A homeowner and his son heard unusual sounds from an upstairs room at 1am.  They saw two people dressed in dark clothing use a ladder to break into an upstairs window.  The homeowner called police.  The homeowner and his son also grabbed their firearms and held the two intruders at gun point until police arrived.    Police arrested 18-year-old Jacob Rappleye and 22-year-old Anthony Guarino.  Both are charged with attempted burglary, criminal mischief, and unlawful possession of marijuana.

Rob Comment-

Rob – Also from New York, a homeowner called police.  She said two people were trying to break into her home in Crystal Lake.  By the time officers arrived, the thieves had broken in, and one of them had been shot in the stomach.  The homeowner fired after the intruders kicked in her locked door and advanced on her and her children.  Nicholas Porcayo, 18, and Brandon Mendez, 19, were charged with intimidation, a Class 3 felony, and criminal trespass to a residence, a Class 4 felony.  Mendez was taken to an undisclosed hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.  Mendez already has a pending case in which he has been charged with two counts of criminal damage to property of less than $300, Class A misdemeanors, and mob action, a Class C misdemeanor.  He also is under court supervision for a misdemeanor battery charge, a case in which he also was charged with aggravated battery, a Class 2 felony; resisting or obstructing a police officer resulting in injury, a Class 4 felony; and theft of less than $500, a Class A misdemeanor. Those charges were dismissed.

Rachel Comment- Another frequent flyer.

John – This is why you carry.  It happened along a walking path in Lancaster, Ohio.  Dinah Burns was walking her dog when two young white men came out of the woods along her path.  One of them held a baseball bat and said she was coming with them.  The two men were not afraid of her dog, but they fled after she drew her handgun and pointed it at them.  Dinah Burns is licensed to carry a concealed gun, but she’d only recently started taking her weapon while walking her dog.

Rachel- We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.

We’ll be back..

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Tips and tricks
Segment 5 Show close

Listener e-mail discussion.

Rob- I got an e-mail from listener John in Texas who recently got his pistol instructors certificate.  He also has a SIRT pistol and promised to share his training tips with me.  Congratulations, John, and I want to hear your ideas.

Rachel- Here is an e-mail from TJ

Hey everyone,
Can you guys give some tips on keeping front sight focus while transitioning between targets and shooting while moving? I tend to shift my focus from my sight to the next target and then have trouble refocusing on the front sight to make my next shot. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

TJ Gauthier

Rachel- practice slowly and perfectly
Rob- distance. point shoot versus slow aimed fire.

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Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?  Only that my post on my “may issue” sheriff was picked up by NRA news.  How about you John?

John do you want to mention anything off of your Only Guns and Money blog you would like to talk about?

I wrote a post on Tuesday regarding Tamara Keele’s decision to suspend her very long-running and very popular gun blog, View from the Porch. At the heart of her decision was having to deal with a cyberstalker. I said the person involved needed to be charged, convicted, and imprisoned. While I have been informed of his name, I don’t feel it proper to state it on the podcast as that would be giving him more attention than someone of his ilk deserves.

John- Rob, what do you have up on SlowFacts?
Rob- I’ll have a post comparing self- defense in two cities.

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Rob: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. Until the next time…
John: stay safe,
Rachel: be aware,
Rob: and we’ll see you down the road.