Episode 237 – Anthony Colandro and Kathy Perkins

Seg 1
Personal news from each participant

Paul is on his way to Mag40.

Rob- I cleaned my 1911s after a few thousand rounds of cheap ammunition. They needed it.

I changed to aperture sights on my Mosin. I was going to go out in the desert and shoot it, but I haven’t cleaned up from my last adventure yet, so that will have to wait.

Mojo sight rear

Mojo sight front

I traveled a few days this week so I got to listen to some podcasts that our listeners recommended.  Thank you Peter from Virginia who sent me a pro-liberty podcast.

I also donated to Dr. John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center.  Have you?

I have  an NRA basic pistol class this weekend, so I won’t be here on Saturday.

Rachel- Nothing much tactical lately – my neighbors have shot all the snakes around here lately, so I didn’t even get in on that. I’ve been watching some kids lately and having some fun helping them out with schoolwork. So, I spent my afternoon looking at Latin Roots.

John – As regular listeners know, I suffered a broken ankle just after Christmas. My physical therapist did his re-eval today and said I had exceeded the goals he had set earlier than expected. I think this means I can go shooting sooner than later.

Reminder that we don’t have a Saturday Show.
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Seg 2- News

News_Partner_whiteRachel’s “I Can’t” Rant!

My name is Rachel, but my friends call me Bullet. True to my nickname, I’m going to shoot straight with you tonight. This is the “I Can’t Rant.”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone tell me they can’t be politically active, my ammo fund would be amply supplied for quite a while…or at least for a couple of good training sessions. 🙂 It goes like this: “Oh, I just LOVE what you’re doing in gun rights! You do such a great job…..I wish I could do that. But, I can’t.”

What they imply: “Some people can be activists because they just….came that way, but I didn’t come that way, therefore I’m off the hook.” The truth: political activism does come more naturally to some people, but believe me, those who have been there for a long time and made a major impact in public policy didn’t do so because they were just born that way. They WORKED.

Thomas Edison said, Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and I would say that ratio probably holds true for political activism, too.

So, in order to bust this ridiculous I Can’t Syndrome, I’d like to cover a few FGE’s that I’ve heard more than once. What’s an FGE? Frequently-Given Excuse.

FGE #1: I can’t because I don’t live in the area.
This is 2014 and we are blessed with modern transportation to get us across the state – or even across the country. Driving a few hours to block walk or attend a meeting may seem too far at first, but you’ll get used to the drive – trust me, there are a lot of us who do it all the time for liberty activism. And, it’s always great to get to see what’s happening in other areas of the state.

FGE #2: I can’t because I don’t have the money.
I hear this all the time and I have to laugh and shake my head. Are you kidding me? Do I look like a rich young heiress?! I could talk all night about people who don’t have any spare cash who’ve made huge inroads and shaken up the whole political world – using the tiniest of budgets that would shock you.

Don’t have a car or gas money? Car-pool with other activists. If you have time, that’s an asset you need to utilize. Get connected with others who have other resources (cars, gas money). Successful grassroots activism is about working together – each of us using our own available skills and resources, combining all of those for greatest leverage.

I’m sure there is something happening close to you also. If not, make it happen. Find a liberty-loving neighbor or friend in your area to run for precinct chair, mayor, city council, school board….or run yourself. Host neighborhood get-togethers. Be proactive and make it happen.

If it turns out you really can’t get on location where the action is, you can STILL be a successful activist. Use your time to spread the word, to research information, to study liberty, to study the law. Use modern technology (internet, social media, etc.), which shouldn’t cost you much at all.

Learn to write well. Help the cause of liberty through thoughtful and articulate articles, blog posts, emails, newspaper editorials, or even through strategic use of social media.

FGE #3: I can’t because I don’t have time.
Find someone else to be boots on the ground – you can pay their gas to get there. Again, use whatever resources you do have to help accomplish the goal. Or perhaps you can re-prioritize….could you forego golfing or watching football or going to another movie or something less important than upholding liberty and standing up for gun rights?

FGE #4: I can’t because I’ve never done it before and I’m not that kind of person.
I’m not either. And once upon a time, none of us had ever done it before. The difference between the doer and the I Can’t excuse-giver usually has to do with work ethic and commitment. Are you willing to study up and learn? Can you commit to showing up and helping? Do it. Network with more experienced activists who can show you the ropes. Step out and be brave. Not only can you help the cause of liberty, but you can gain confidence in communicating with others.

I’m a music teacher, and I hear excuses all the time – at least, I used to, until I outlawed them. I’ve taught my students, never say “I can’t.” You can say it’s hard, or you don’t want to, or you refuse. That may not be good, but at least it’s honest. But don’t say you can’t. At least 98% of the time, for my students, the task isn’t impossible. They aren’t victims of their circumstances – they just didn’t complete it because of a personal choice (whether it was conscious or unconscious). For example: they decided not to practice because they chose to do something else with their time instead.

So, back to the “I Can’t” people: here’s the one thing I DO let people say.  I won’t because I have more important things to be doing.  I hope never to put anyone down for making a personal, rational, thoughtful, intentional choice not to engage in activism because they believe their time is better spent elsewhere.

I don’t push the cause of liberty in order to have the right to tell you how you should be spending your time.

By all means, do whatever you believe will be most effective and achieve the best results. If that means doing different political activism than I do, go for it. If that means spending time with your dying mother, going to your kid’s football game, having praying meeting, getting some sleep instead of pulling all-nighters….. do what you decide you need to be doing.

Remember: “Men do less than they ought unless they do all that they can.” (Thomas Carlyle)  Do all you can and don’t sweat the rest. Make your decisions wisely and don’t let anyone else beat you up for them. But please, don’t say, “I Can’t.”

Rob- This in from Illinois.  A Hinsdale Central High School student is challenging a suspension he said he received for wearing a T-shirt that depicts an AK-47 to school.  Senior Chris Borg said he was stopped for wearing the shirt by hall monitors. Dean of students, Kimberly Dever, offered him the chance to turn the shirt inside out, wear another shirt or be suspended for the day. Chris decided to go home. Superintendent Bruce Law said the T-shirt is a violation of the dress code because it is vulgar, inappropriate, unsafe or disruptive to the educational process (examples include the  advertising/display of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sexual innuendo), and this T-shirt was unsafe and disruptive. Chris said that pictures of firearms can be found in our history textbooks, but you don’t see people freaking out about that.  The school’s team mascot, which is a Devil, holds a trident, which is a weapon.

Can you say double standards in Illinois?

John-  Did you say double standards in Minnesota?  The Minnesota highway patrol closed a downtown Minneapolis freeway on Tuesday morning to make a quote “high-risk” traffic stop as they detained a motorist for brandishing a gun at another driver.  The alleged offender was a special agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  Now the state police say the matter is under investigation.

Rob- I want to compare the criminal behavior of a licensed citizen versus the criminal record of law enforcement officers.

Civilians are more law abiding than the police for sexual assault and homicide.  But for other crimes, the rate for police is very similar to the general population.  In contrast, permit holders in North Carolina commit violent crimes with a firearm 82 percent less often than the average citizen and are convicted of a DUI 85 percent less often than the general population.  Texas permit holders are much safer too.  The point being that police are as safe .. or as dangerous.. as the average citizen, and licensed carry holders are the most law abiding group.

I doubt the BATF officer will be prosecuted.  Anyone want to bet against me?

Rachel- Remember the story about the Open Carry Texas group going to Jack in the Box for a burger?  The New York times reported that employees hid in the freezer and called police.  The source of the New York Times story was.. (drum roll)  Bloomberg’s Mom’s Demand Action.   The New York Times story was then repeated by Texas law enforcement officers.  Open Carry Texas produced photographs of their group being served while the Jack in the Box employees went about their business, and the Times retracted their story.  The Times and Bloomberg’s group are made for each other.  All the lies that are fit to print meets all the lies that are fit to tell.

John Richardson– Now Jack in the box has released a corporate statement.  It is a lot like that of Starbucks. They “ask” people not to carry in their stores. They don’t ban it. Nonetheless, Shannon Watts and Everytown Moms for Illegal Mayors are claiming victory. Because they know how to play the media better than that group of open carry activists, it is perceived as a win for the gun prohibitionists. And for most people, their perception is their reality.


Rachel- In legal news, the Second Amendment Foundation won a case in Arkansas this week when they got a permanent injunction against that state’s limitation of concealed carry permits for US citizens only. SAF argued correctly that permanent legal residents should have the same rights as citizens. Alienage is a suspect categorization and courts have applied strict scrutiny to these cases. SAF has won similar cases in Nebraska, Massachusetts, and New Mexico. The ACLU, not the most gun friendly organization, has actually won two similar cases in South Dakota and Kentucky.

John- Do you remember a few years ago when an armed citizen thwarted an armed robbery in a Spartanburg, South Carolina Waffle House restaurant?  The family of the deceased robbers say they didn’t have to die.  Newly released video shows the criminals pointing their guns at the patrons.  The armed citizen ignored the event, but did not lie on the floor as the robbers demanded.  When the armed men came back and pointed their gun at him, the citizen defended himself from a credible, immediate and lethal threat to his life.  The robber died right there.  The robber threatened other people’s lives, and he deserved to die so others might live.  The link to the security camera video is in our show notes, so see for yourself.

Gun Quotes
Rob- “Having heard all of this you may choose to look the other way but you can never again say that you did not know.” William Wilberforce 1791

Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this
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Seg 3 Interviews
Interview with Anthony Colandro about his run for NRA board of directors ( file Anthony Colandro election results nra2014 2.mp3)
Interview with Anthony Colandro about his NJ senate testimony (file Anthony Colandro NJ Senate and Drake 2.mp3)
Interview with Kathy Perkins of Moms with Guns Demand Action. (file Moms with guns demand action Kathy Perkins 2.mp3) Look at the bottom of her page where Kathy talks to her local school administration about armed security for schools and a Youtube video of that discussion

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Segment 4 DGUs

Gary- An intruder was shot and killed Monday morning by an elderly man in Columbus, Ohio.  Emerson Frazier is 69 and his wife is 58. Police were called to 990 Bruckner Rd. shortly before 4 a.m. on a report of a burglary. A few days ago the alarm went off indicating an intruder was in the garage.  The intruder fled by the time the couple investigated. Early this morning, the alarm went off again and the couple went outside. Two men in the garage beat the homeowners.  Emerson Frazier was armed and shot one of the assailants. The other fled. The wounded man was taken to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center.

John- This is a DGU with no shots fired.  A rural homeowner called the Whitley County Kentucky Sheriff’s department reporting that a man had tried to force his way into the home through the front door. When that failed the intruder busted out a window and was swinging a knife.

Police found 67 year old Lonnie Paul partially in the home by way of the busted out window.  The homeowner was holding Paul at gunpoint with a shotgun in order to protect a two-year-old in the home.   Police found damage to the home’s front door, and Paul did have a knife in his possession.  Police said Paul appeared very intoxicated and that he confessed to drinking moonshine at a nearby residence.

Rachel- There are not many licensed firearms owners in Jamaica.  This license holder pulled to the side of the road with car problems just before dawn Tuesday morning.  A notorious robber called  ‘Pree Dem’ along with a young accomplice tried to rob the stranded motorist.  The license holder fired once striking  ‘Pree Dem’  in the head and killing him.  The teenage accomplice escaped.  The police described  ‘Pree Dem’ as a one man crime spree.. that is now at an end.

The single armed citizen was able to do what the Jamaican police have been trying to do for months.

John- Charlotte-Mecklenburg [NC] police say 22-year-old Darlanski Lamar Sherrill died Monday night a short time after an alleged robbery in northwest Charlotte. Police were called around 9 p.m. by a man who said he was in his yard when he was confronted by Sherrill who forced him inside and tried to rob him. The victim said Sherrill beat him with the gun. The victim also told police he was able to shoot his attacker. A short time later, a CMPD officer stopped a car driven by Don Antonio Morrison for driving erratically. His passenger was Sherrill who ran from the car and was found shortly thereafter. He was taken to Carolinas Medical Center where he died.

Mecklenburg County jail records indicate both Morrison and Sherrill had previous arrests. Morrison was charged in this case with charged with armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Prosecutors will decide later if any charges will be brought against the homeowner who was attacked. Under North Carolina’s castle doctrine, the legal presumption is always in favor of a homeowner if threatened with severe bodily injury.

John- Jonathan Haith said he was asleep in his home in Henderson North Carolina.  It was around 9:45 a.m. when he heard a light knock on his backdoor. He ignored it at first. Then he heard a loud bang in the laundry room area.  Haith grabbed the AR-15 rifle he keeps under his bed. Quote “I crouched down, grabbed the firearm and was walking up the hallway.  As soon as I poked my head around the corner, I saw a tall male standing there with a gun. He shot first, I shot second.  He missed and I reckon I connected.” close quote.

The intruder was struck in the stomach. He ran out the home, and collapsed across the street in a church parking lot. Police arrested the suspect and the get-away-car driver.  The intruder is listed in critical condition.  When asked why he didn’t shoot more, the homeowner said he only needed one well placed shot.

Rob- We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.  Next up is out tips and tricks segment.

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Tips and tricks segment
Segment 5 Show close
Listener e-mail discussion

Gary: The Polite Society download app is outon Amazon for Android and the I-phone app is in I-tunes.  They are located by our old name, Politics and guns.  Hot links are in our show notes.

Rachel: We’re experimenting with the show all the time.  Please send us an e-mail to tell us what you like or dislike.  You can contact the show by e-mail.   Email Onair@ad7.8f3.myftpupload.com to hear your email read on the air. If you would like to email any of the hosts directly just email their first name and then add at politics and guns dot com..  Call 605-215-1438 to hear your voice on the air!
Rob: That’s 605- 215- 1438

John: Also please check out Kathy Jackson’s Cornered Cat training classes. Her next class is the weekend of May 17 in Philadelphia. Go to Cornered Cat dot com for more classes and details.

John: Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?

Rob: John do you want to mention anything off of your blog you would like to talk about?

I do. I did a post yesterday about the Fencing Club at North Dakota State University. Thanks to a bizarre interpretation of the school’s weapons policy by the Director of University Police and Safety they cannot practice on campus. Why? Because the Director considers their blunt-tipped foils and epees to be dangerous weapons. He justifies this by saying the “safest way is simply to have no weapons, real or perceived, on campus.” Interestingly enough, the U of ND and Minnesota State Univ-Moorhead which are nearby both have fencing clubs and both allow them to practice on campus.

Rachel: Also please check out the shooters club by Bob Mayne and Ben Branam.  For $75.00 a year, $6.25 a month, you get 24/7 access to some fantastic training and audio podcasts that you can’t get anywhere else.  Bob is giving away his M&P Shield to one lucky member, there are lots of other prizes as well,  and the drawing is coming up the end of June!

John: Listen to other podcasts on thethe Crusader Podcast Network. We are also pleased to announce that we are members of the Gun Rights Network.

Rob: Join theNational Rifle Association,Second Amendment Foundation,Gun Owners of America andJews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.  Joining two makes you a hero.  Supporting all four makes you a super hero.

John: Join your local civil rights group like theNew Jersey Second Amendment Society,Arizona Citizens Defense League,Gun Owners of California,Connecticut Citizens Defense League,Florida Carry, Georgia Carry,Georgia Gun Owners,Grass Roots North Carolina,Illinois Carry, Maryland Shall Issue,  Michigan Gun Owners , Michigan Open Carry, and  Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.

Rachel: There are Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance,  Nebraska Firearms Owners Association,   Citizens for a Safer New Jersey,Open Carry Texas, Texas Firearms Freedom, Texas State Rifle Association. Tennessee Firearms Association, Virginia Citizens Defense League, Virginia Open Carry,  West Virginia Citizens Defense League and Wyoming Gun Owners.

Remember if your state or local organization isn’t read each episode email them in and they will be!   Peter from Virginia sent us a couple new organizations to add, so thank you, Peter!

Rob: For our Canadian listeners, and their supporters, join theCanadian Shooting Sports Association and theCanadian National Firearms Association. There is no Saturday show.

Gary: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. Until the mid-week show…
Rob: stay safe,
Rachel: be aware,
John: and we’ll see you down the road.

Rachel- This show copyright 2014 Paul Lathrop and Polite Society Podcast

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