Episode 231- Scout of Project Appleseed

Intro- “An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Rob: Welcome to the polite society podcast recorded live on Wednesday, April 23rd. I’m Rob Morse
Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone and on tonights show we have an hour long interveiw with Scout from the Appleseed Project.
Rob: we also have our news, tips and tricks, and DGUs.
Rachel: so climb aboard
Rob: strap in
Rachel: and hang on! Episode 231 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1
Personal news from each participant

Paul- earning a living.
John- on his way to NRA convention
Rob- Vehicle repair, day job, NRA convention. Wrote my article that has to publish while I’m away.
Rachel- fundraiser dinner for TJ Fabby, our Constitutional Carry Candidate. Trying to hurry up the recovery of my busted ankle for the Zombie Run this weekend. It’s 4.5 miles, and I’d rather not crawl, but I will if I have to…
Rachel’s rant on women and concealed carry.

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Seg 2- News

Good news for Georgia gun owners. Governor Nathan Deal signed a bill today allowing those with concealed carry permits to carry guns many more places, including some schools, churches, and bars, and airports outside security. Americans for Responsible Solutions opposed the bill, calling it “extremism in action.” GeorgiaCarry, which lobbied for the bill, calls it “meaningful pro-gun legislation,” despite it being watered down from the group’s perspective. The bill will go into effect July 1.

Rachel-Texas gun rights activists have experienced multiple unlawful arrests in the past 6 months. Most of those cases have been stalled…one has just reached a happy ending. Terry Holcomb, Sr., arrested last fall for legally carrying a black powder pistol, reported, “My case has been officially dismissed “in the interest of justice”! This has been a long hard fight and the Travis County Attorney finally came to the conclusion that no crime had been committed therefore I was unlawfully arrested. At this time I do not know what my next steps will be. I am very grateful for all of the prayers and support. We still have 6 arrests that need to be dealt with so our work is not done.” Today, Terry successfully retrieved his black powder pistol that was confiscated as evidence.

Rob-The New York City comptroller questioned a Texas energy company about donations it made to the National Rifle Association and  the political action committee American Crossroads. The comptroller requested“all direct and indirect political” payments made to 501(c)(4)s, 501(c)(3)s and other tax-exempt organizations “involved in the political process, including voter education.”  New York city’s pensions have around $3.2 million invested in Clayton Williams Energy, which is based in Midland, Texas. Clayton Williams Energy has a market capitalization of over $1.6 billion.

Hey, New York, if you don’t like a company’s donations, invest elsewhere.

Rachel- Kory Watkins is a member of Open Carry Texas, a pro-gun rights group that often demonstrates with firearms in hand. Now, a microphone will be his weapon of choice as he speaks out against what he calls an attack on his freedoms by the City of Arlington… Tuesday night, the Arlington City Council passed the first reading of two ordinances that have the group up in arms. The first ordinance would put a blanket ban on all weapons and “simulated weapons” at government meetings. The other would ban all weapons and any objects that resemble a weapon from public government meetings… Open Carry Texas complained to city leaders after members of its group were ticketed last month while passing out pamphlets to drivers near Lincoln Square. Arlington police said they were violating a city ordinance because they were going into the roadway to hand people the pamphlets, creating a potentially dangerous situation for themselves and motorists. Police met with the group before that demonstration and explained the ordinance to them. Watkins believes the rule is unconstitutional…


Gun Quotes
An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it. Lt.Col. Jeff Cooper

Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this

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Seg 3 Interviews

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Segment 4 DGUs

Rachel- A Lynn, Massachusets teenager brought a shotgun.  His friend brought a handgun when they decided to rob people at 12:30 AM on Wednesday.  Amoy Blake pointed the shotgun at the victim’s face and Jahleel Williams pointed the handgun at the second victim.  When Amoy Blake turn to talk to his accomplice, the first victim drew his 357 and shot Blake twice in the chest. Jahleel Williams fled, but was later arrested by police.  Blake was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.  The victim had a licensed firearm and a Massachusets concealed carry permit.  He is not being charged.  Jahleel Williams pleaded not guilty to attempted armed robbery and felony murder.

Tease Rachel about her e-mail.

Rob- A jeweler in Grand Rapids has been down this road before.  This time he was armed and ready.  Four armed robbers entered Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry on Tuesday.  Mister Medawar say them gather outside the store and ordered his staff to the back room of the shop.  They watch the four robbers try to break into the jewelry cases and yelled that they were armed.  They watched the armed robber enter the back room and two of the jewelry store staff fired.  The thieves fled.  Police found blood at the scene.

David Medawar said “It all happened very fast… even though the door to the back room opened slowly with the gun pointed at us.

Rachel- A robber was shot while trying to hold up a Dallas [TX] beer and wine store. It happened around 9 p.m. at Lisa’s Beer and Wine in west Dallas. A man went into the store and demanded cash. And as he grabbed for a pack of cigarettes the store clerk grabbed a gun. The robber got away with about $300 and police believe they know the suspect’s identity, but have not yet arrested him.

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Tips and tricks segment


Segment 5 Show close

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Rob: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. Until the weekend show…
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Rob: be aware,
Rachel: and we’ll see you down the road.