Episode 220 – Joe Chetwood and Miguel Gonzalez

Intro- “An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast recorded on Saturday, march 15th, 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop
Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone and on tonights show we have an interview with Miguel Gonzalez of “Gun Free Zone”
John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about self-defense news
Rob: I’m Rob Morse and we have our weekly stories of defensive gun use
Joe: I’m guest host Joe Chetwood from Crusader Weaponry
Rachel: so climb aboard
John: strap in
Rob: and hang on!
Paul: Episode 220 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1 Personal news from each participant

Joe Chetwood- finding my way out of boxes.

John: I just finished reading Jm Curtis’ The Grey Man: Vignettes. Jim, also known as Old NFO, blogs at the blog “Nobody Asked Me.”  The novel is Jim’s first and a great start. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good story that has guns interwoven through it.

Rob: I got in some dry practice with reloads and malfunction clearance.  I invited a friend over, so practice can be fun.  So was dinner, but dry practice is always a good excuse to throw a party.

Rachel: Got a CWW pin from whiskey5a today, doing online training tomorrow for Texas Firearms Freedom activists for the next convention to help move gun legislation along, and scheming for how I can clone myself so next weekend I can staff the A Girl & A Gun conference, teach at an Appleseed shoot, and be a delegate in my county convention all at the same time.

Paul is in Soux Falls and jumped home from Wisconsin.  We’re podcasting from ABN surplus.

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Seg 2- News

Paul: In Rob’s backyard, Ares Armor machines AR lowers and sells polymer lowers.  The BATF asked for its inventory and customer list.  Dimitrios Karras, owner of Ares Armor, asked for a restraining order against the ATF.. and he received it.  So far the customer list is safe.  Ares is also being harassed by a local city council for its sign that shows a modern sporting rifle.  Anti-gun bigotry is not dead in San Diego.

In late breaking news, the ATF broke into Ares Armor’s national city office and seized records. That is the real price of having a weak sheriff in San Diego County.

Rob- Idaho Governor Butch Otter signed a bill allowing people with enhanced Idaho concealed carry permits to carry firearms on state school campuses.  The law takes effect July first when anti-gun journalists forecast the streets will run with blood.  I doubt it since eight states allow some firearms onto school campuses.

John:  Retired elementary school teacher Laura Getty was diagnosed with breast cancer on Valentine’s Day. Her son Jeffrey, also a teacher, developed a lesson plan to help her conquer her fear. Since she had never fired a gun before, he took her to the Palmetto State Armory range in Greenville, SC where they live. Laura says she found it very therapeutic as all she had to do was focus on the target. Afterwards, Jeffrey sent the range a thank you note explaining the circumstances. PSA was so touched that they built up a hot pink custom AR-15 for Laura  as a gift. They also made a second one that they are raffling to raise money for her treatment. They have now put that raffle online because demand was so strong.

Rachel- Shane Kinney is an NRA member.  He is also a 16 year old and works a part time job at his local gun club.  He wore an NRA shirt to school and served a one day suspension when the school vice principal told him to turn the shirt inside out.  Shane refused.  “I’ve worn other shirts before with guns on them.  I was never asked to cover up. I think this happened because it was an NRA shirt.”  Officials at the school cited the dress code which prohibits any clothing that might incite or encourage “violent activities.”  Grand Island High School is located between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, New York.  Sounds like the school administrator flunked the Zero Tolerance for Stupid test.

Rachel – A group of over 100 Texans with CATI-TX (“Come And TAke It”) open carried their rifles and shotguns through downtown Austin during the SXSW festival again today, and I was again privileged to be among them. The light rain might have dampened our clothes and rifles, but it didn’t dampen spirits among the men, women, and children who participated. During the months that these activists have faithfully done their safe, peaceful, friendly open carry walks, the attitude of the APD has changed, and they now come out and shake our hands and even escort us to make sure no one messed with us. Hooray for peaceful, effective grassroots activism!

CATI Sx Sw.jpg

On a sad note: a car plowed through barricades a couple of nights ago and killed a few SXSW participants and injured almost 2 dozen more. I guess barricades and signs don’t work so well – for banning either guns or cars….

John: We all know it is easier to ride a bicycle downhill.  It is also easier to promote a cause with a sympathetic news media to inflate your claims.  But what would the media say if they had an anti-gun rally and nobody came?  26 bicycle riders rode from Newtown Connecticut to Washington DC to carry their anti-gun message to the nations capital and provide a media moment for politicians who hate self-defense.  If you look closely at the photos of the rally, it looks like the riders and politicians were larger than the crowd.  Some of the bicycle riders said they received considerable support along the route from the New Jersey police.  Let’s see a show of hands if you’re surprised.


Rachel – A statewide grassroots group in California gathered over 60,000 signatures to date proposing  quote- “a state constitutional initiative ensuring the right to bear arms for all individuals and guarantee the right of all individuals to lawfully use a firearm for personal and property protection, hunting and sport shooting.” California Gun Rights is attempting to collect over a million valid signatures by the May 20 deadline. They posted downloadable copies of their petition in both legal and letter sizes for circulators to use.  California is one of only six states that lack second amendment language in their constitutions.

We have an interview with Miguel Gonzalez about the Florida bill that might permit school staff to go armed.  Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this

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Seg 3 Interview with Miguel Gonzalez from the blog “Gun Free Zone”.  Miguel talks about the Florida bill that might permit school staff to go armed and how the Miami Herald lost their mind.

Ask the GunDoc questions with Joe Chetwood.
1. I have a savage 357 over 20 ga, it has a crack on the wood near the selector switch with the piece about to come off, is there any type of glue made just for this type of repair? i don’t do anything with this gun but shoot every now and then so its not critical, just want it to look right

2. I have a pt1911 ar pistol made by taurus and the grip safety does not work. The safety is a little loose at the pin that holds it in place. If i push up on the beavertail safety right under the hammer the safety works. Has anyone had this problem with theirs and if so how was it fixed without sending it back to taurus for repairs. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

3. My Thompson SMG is now back together, but I can’t use it because the ‘headspace’ is off. Is this something that can be repaired (gun is about 25yrs old), or do I have a 45cal paperweight?

4. I have a 1911 and the front sight came off at the range and I couldn’t find it. How can I figure out what height I need if I still have the rear sight?

5. I have a TCP 380. When firing, the slide isn’t cycling and it’s not feeding the next round. Could this be a future gunsmith visit or is there something I can do myself?

6. I have a gorgeous Remington 48 sc 12 gauge. It’s not ejecting the empty shells. It pulls up a new shell but still, the empty isn’t being grabbed out. Is this a common problem with this gun?

7. Type 53 nagant sight removal. I want to remove the entire front sight so I can slide the bayonet lug off, but is the front sight mount also soldered on?
Break and Shelly Sorensen when we come back.

8. Interdynamic KG-99 pistol (9mm) with a 30 round clip. When I put the loaded clip in the weapon and rack the lever to load it, it is tossing the first cartridge out on the ground. The motion of the bolt seems to be catching the first round and tossing it out or, the motion is dislodging the first round just enough that it becomes loose enough for the magazine spring is spitting it out. Or something… Any ideas what the problem may be?

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Segment 4 DGUs

Rob: Lisa Atkin was sick in bed Wednesday morning and couldn’t go to work.  She was surprised when her three labradors wouldn’t stop barking.  Then she heard another loud noise from the front of her house and grabbed her firearm from the nightstand.  She slowly cleared her way into her home and found Joseph Baker.  She drew her weapon and told Baker to lie down on the floor while she called police.  The police arrived 23 minutes later.  The  Junction City Oregon homeowner said, “We’ve been through the Oregon Firearms Academy courses so we were trained to deal with these kinds of situations.  Twenty three minutes is a long time and while most people in town wouldn’t have to wait that long for a response, it was an incredibly quick response for where we live.” (close quote) The burglar is in the Lane County Jail facing charges of burglary, resisting arrest, menacing, and criminal mischief.

Any comments?

John:  A pizza delivery woman in Fayetteville, North Carolina made an unexpected delivery.  26 year old Ashley Marie Hurd approached a house at about 10pm and asked the man standing outside to be paid for the pizza.  A second man walked up behind her, put something against Ashley’s head and demanded money.  She drew her handgun and both suspects ran.

If I was a pizza delivery driver, male or female, in Fayetteville, I’d carry a handgun, too.

I’d also like to make a comment on this DGU. It is important to note that no shots were fired and it was the mere presence of a firearm that ended this encounter safely for Ms. Hurd.

We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.

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Tips and tricks segment with Kathy Jackson

Segment 5 Show close and listener e-mail discussion

Paul and Crew,

Got behind listening due to problems with downloading the show via itunes after the name change so these comments are over a few shows.

I. For the guy who disliked the British accent. My father didn’t care much for the British either. No idea why, something dealing with his stay during WWII. I enjoyed my too short stay in England back in the 80’s. Really fell in love with the beer, real beer; definitely not PBR. The Brits do need to take some lessons on how to season their fool Having to salt and pepper pizza to make it edible just isn’t right. I personally like the accent. Brings back memories of watching Mrs. Emma Peel in those nice leather cat suits she wore.

II. With regard to the posting of home addresses and pictures of the various congress vermin. I agree with you however we must not be too worried about taking the high road in this war. There does become a point where one must fight fire with fire. The problem is that there are very few, and mostly ineffective ways, to hold these people accountable for their malicious acts. I don’t think many states have a recall option and it is very rarely possible to hold them legally accountable for the damage and hurt they cause. Roman senators and tribunes were completely immune for their actions but at least once they left office they could be brought to account. No so with out system. They can get away with anything. Look at the disdain the state shyster Corey is getting away with in Florida.

For an interesting, and highly questionable result I suggest reading “Unintentional Consequences” by John Ross. The book is way too long and quite slow in getting started but still entertaining. I just hope it never actually comes down to that extreme. It is rather scary of how some rather radical ideas are much more commonly heard than they were just a few short years ago. In fact, if the state of Connecticut doesn’t get its act together things could quickly degenerate into something very similar and those who are truly responsible, the idiots who made the ridiculous law will never be made to really answer for all the tears that will be shed.

III. With regard to Kathy Jackson’s comments on training. I completely agree that one shouldn’t come in with the attitude that keeps them from taking suggestions on how to improve. However I don’t see the problem with people wanting validation. If one is doing something correctly I can understand them wanting conformation of that. Kind of like how you liked having your skills as a driver trainer validated. Now if they are not willing to accept correction, that is another issue.

She sounded like she really doesn’t like seeing people taking classes who seem to not really need them. Depending on the reason for that happening I don’t understand the problem. There are some who are ready and would like to take an intermediate or more advanced course but can’t due to no formal training. Many instructors and training institutions won’t let people sign up for more advanced training due to them not having any formal training. They have their prerequisites. Completely understandable but someone who managed to acquire the basic skills on their own really have no choice but to take beginning classes. They need to have their skill level formally validated if they want to continue their training. Yes, there are some, many perhaps, who just want to boost their egos, but there are some caught in the middle.

There are also those who repeat classes as a way to renew their skills. It sounded like she didn’t really like having them in her classes.

These are just some thoughts. I thoroughly enjoy your program and look forward to each episode. Your show, along with Doc Wessons’s “The Gun Nation” are the first two I check for new episodes.

Oh, what happened to Sticks? Did I miss something?

William Harvey

Paul: The Polite Society download app is out on Amazon for Android and the I-phone app is in I-tunes.  They are located by our old name, Politics and guns.  Hot links are in our show notes.

Rachel: We’re experimenting with the show all the time.  Please send us an e-mail to tell us what you like or dislike.  You can contact the show by e-mail.  Paul@politics and guns.com, Rachel, Rob, Susan, or Onair to reach all of us.  Call 605-215-1438605-215-1438 to hear your voice on the air!

Rob: That’s 605- 215- 1438605- 215- 1438

Rob: Roadgunner’s Mag 40 class in Conway, Arkansas at Shoot House USA is scheduled for May 15th thru 18th 2014 you can register here.

John: Also please check out Kathy Jackson’s Cornered Cat training classes. Her next class is at Carry On Colorado starting April 4 in Castle Rock, Colorado.

There is a rally scheduled for saturday, April fifth from 12 to 3pm.  See the Connecticut Citizens Defense League.

John: Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?

I do.  The ninth circuit rendered a decision a month ago.  The decision was not acted on by the San Diego Sheriff.  There have been four THOUSAND violent crimes in San Diego in that month.  Judges and Sheriffs fiddle while citizens bleed.  The post was up at Clash Daily and I put it up at Slow Facts this morning.

Rachel: Also please check out the shooters club by Bob Mayne and Ben Branam.  For $75.00 a year, $6.25 a month, you get 24/7 access to some fantastic training and audio podcasts that you can’t get anywhere else.  Bob is giving away his M&P Shield to one lucky member.

Paul: Listen to other podcasts on thethe Crusader Podcast Network, Also give our friends over at Modern Rifleman Radio a listen!

Rob: Join the National Rifle Association, Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.  Joining two makes you a hero.  Supporting all four makes you a super hero.  Not belonging to any of them means we won’t loan you any ammunition.

John: Join your local civil rights group like the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, Arizona Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of California, Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Florida Carry, Georgia Carry, Georgia Gun Owners,Grass Roots North Carolina, Illinois Carry, Michigan Gun Owners , Michigan Open Carry,

Rachel: and Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, Texas Firearms Freedom, Texas State Rifle Association. Tennessee Firearms Association and the West Virginia Citizens Defense League.
Rob: since the Canadians are listening, join the CSSA and the NFA

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. Until the mid-week show…
Rob: stay safe,
Rachel: be aware,
John: and we’ll see you down the road.