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Intro- “An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”

Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast recorded on Wednesday the 5th of March, 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop.
Rachel: I’m Rachel Malone and on tonights show we talked with Rick Ektor from Ricks Firearms academy of Detroit.
Rob: I’m Rob Morse and we’ll also talk about efficient firearms in our tips and tricks segment.
John: I”m John Richardson from the blog No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money (!)
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Personal news from each participant

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Rob- There is another twist in the Peruta versus San Diego court case. That’s the case that ruled ordinary citizens have the right to armed self-defense outside the home. Kamala Harris is the California Attorney General, and she declined to be part of the Peruta case.. until it was ruled in favor of citizen self-defense. Harris used to be the District Attorney in San Francisco. Now that the gun grabbers lost, Harris asked the judges on the ninth circuit to review and overturn the decision. She said city government needs the right to arbitrarily deny citizens the right of self-defense. Harris found a ninth circuit judge from… yes, from San Francisco.. who agreed with her.  There remains some hope for citizens on the left coast.

John – Today the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals released its decision in another California carry case and it was a win for carry. Richards v. Prieto was a suit against the sheriff of Yolo County, Ed Prieto, over his restrictive policy for approving concealed carry permits. The court ruled 3-0 that given Peruta, the trial court had erred in not granting the plaintiffs’ motion for summary judgment.  This lawsuit was brought by the CalGuns Foundation and the Second Amendment Foundation and was heard at the same time as the Peruta case. The 9th Circuit heard arguments in 3 cases that day concerning restrictions on granting carry permits – Peruta, Richards, and a third case from Hawaii, Baker v. Kealoha. We are still waiting for a decision that that 3rd case.

Paul – We got a comment on our website that contained a link to an interesting story off of Russia Today.  The article is well worth a read and I would like to read a few paragraphs from it.

An online initiative to soften Russian gun laws by radically broadening the legal definition of self-defense has gathered over 100,000 signatures and must now be considered by parliament.  The petition titled “My home is my fortress” was launched by the Right to Arms organization – a relatively new group that actively promotes the liberalization of gun laws in Russia. The essence of the proposal is that any resistance citizens offer to intruders inside their homes must be considered as necessary self-defense.

Currently, the law only lists as necessary self-defense the actions aimed at protection of personal safety, and against actions that threaten or could potentially threaten human lives. Charges of murder or inflicting grievous bodily harm can be lifted if the suspect proves that he was necessarily acting in self-defense. The Right to Arms initiative suggests that if a confrontation takes place inside a home between the owner and an intruder the burden of proof lies on the intruder.The activists claim that this would prevent cases in which people faced trial and sometimes conviction for protecting themselves and their families against violent aggressors.

The explanatory note posted together with the draft reads that the current situation is very unbalanced – breaking into other people’s homes is considered a much softer offence than murder or grievous bodily harm. Because of this, ordinary citizens fear to resist intruders and become easy victims.

In addition, the activists suggest broadening the legal definition of “home” and include not only the official permanent residence, but also places of temporary lodging, like hotels and holiday homes. They also suggested altering the criminal code and making unsanctioned entry into other people’s cars a crime punishable with a heavy fine or up to 2 years behind bars – currently it is only prosecuted if the aggrieved party manages to prove the intention of theft.

Rachel -The American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri filed a lawsuit today.  The case started last July when Jordan Klaffer was slapped with a court order to remove social media postings criticizing a police officer in southeast Missouri.

Klaffer often fired his gun on his own property.  Police officer Jerry Bledsoe responded to a noise complaint and confronted Klaffer. Klaffer videotaped the interaction where Officer Bledsoe demanded that Klaffer surrender his guns or be arrested.  Klaffer refused and was arrested for disturbing the peace.

Klaffer then posted recordings of the encounter on YouTube and Facebook.  Officer Bledsoe then obtaining a court order demanding that Klaffer stop posting videos, pictures, and text data criticizing the officer.  The ACLU objected and said, “A government order prohibiting criticism of government is the worst kind of censorship.”

Rob- There are risks when a University bans licensed firearms.  Students are the disarmed on campus.. and off campus.  PJ’s is a restaurant on the edge of the Ohio State university campus.  Students eat there, work there, and are also robbed there.  A robber said he had a gun and demanded money from the PJ’s cashier.  He threatened to shoot the cashier, a student at OSU, if she did not open the cash register and hand over the money.  She complied and was not injured.. this time.  Others aren’t so lucky.

John – We have an update from the NFA on that situation in Canada where the RCMP changed the classification of the Swiss Arms PE-90 Classic Green Carbine to prohibited after saying it was OK for 10 years.  Minister for Public Safety Steven Blaney will be introducing a five-year amnesty period for owners of these now prohibited firearms. This amnesty covers possession of these firearms only. It is unclear whether this is a temporary measure pending changes to the Firearms Act and Criminal Code or the end of the matter.

Paul- Also at school, three teenage students were shot at an Ohio high school last year.  Their families have sued the school for failing to address the threat and protect their children.  Putting up signs that announce the school is a gun free zone, well that isn’t enough to stop a threat.. and it isn’t enough to stop lawsuits.  We’ve had Jim Irvine and Joe Kalil on the show in the last month, and both of them train school staff to protect students.  It is time school boards listened.

John – As part of President Obama’s decrees, pardon me, I meant Executive Actions, regarding guns in the wake of the Newtown shootings, the Dept of Justice appears ready to release 3 changes to the NICS or National Instant Criminal Background Check System. The first change grants Indian tribal police access to the NICS database. The second would authorize law enforcement agencies to run background checks before returning firearms seized or confiscated during the course of investigations. And the final rule change would allow the electronic storage – a database in other words – of all denials of gun purchases that had been denied by the NICS system.

Rachel- Senator Rand Paul opposes President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General.  Doctor Vivek Murthy is the co-founder of Doctors for America, which grew out of the campaign organization Doctors for Obama.  Quoting Senator Paul, ““We are asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to withdraw Murthy’s nomination.  Every other word that comes out of Murthy’s mouth or through his tweets is something condemning gun owners, condemning the NRA.”  Senator Paul said he’d filibuster Murthy’s nomination.  The NRA objects to Murthy also.  It sounds like Senator Paul needs could use our help.

Gun Quotes
The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops. — Noah Webster

Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this
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We have an interview with Rick Ector. Rick is a firearms instructor in Detroit, and Detroit had four gun owners successfully defend themselves this week.
Seg 3 Interviews

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Segment 4 DGUs
Rob DGU- James Cvengaros (SVEN-GAR-OWZ) lived every gun owners nightmare. The resident of Pocatello Idaho heard the upstairs apartment being broken into. That is when (SVEN-GAR-OWZ)’s girl friend called the police.. for the first time. Then they heard a second apartment being broken into and called the police again. That is when (SVEN-GAR-OWZ) retrieved his handgun. A man then kicked in (SVEN-GAR-OWZ) door and threatened him with a machete.  The homeowner asked the man to stop several times before he fired his gun.  The assailant is in intensive care and expected to live.

 This is a horrible experience for anyone.  The best that can be said is James and his family were not hurt.  I’m sorry for all concerned, but thank you, James (SVEN-GAR-OWZ) for stopping this attack before it became worse.

John- A Fenton, Missouri woman shot at intruders who entered her home. Two men entered through the front door of her home at about 3 a.m.   Awakened by the noise, she  got up, grabbed her gun and went downstairs to investigate. She fired three shots, and the men ran away. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department continues to look for suspects.

Rachel: In Palm Beach Gardens Florida Police say 81 year old Rosco Rock was at home with 2 females whom he rented rooms to when a 39 year old boyfriend slashed the tires of one of the women and forced his way into the house. on Saturday March 1st.

According to investigators, Rock retrieved a handgun and shot the intruder who was arguing with the women, the intruder aggressively approached Rock and then Rock shot him. The intruder was transported to the hospital where he is not expected to survived.

We have the links to each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com if you want to share them with a friend.

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Tips and tricks segment
efficient handguns – curtis pterra

Listener e-mail discussion
Email from Marc in Ohio
I want to share this story with you. A 10 year old is suspended for 3 days for pointing his finger gun at his schoolmate. I really thought Ohio schools were above this. I have contacted the father of this young man and offered to contact any school administrator he see fit. I find these overreactions embarrassing.  I’d like to welcome John to the show. John you’re doing great.
Marc from Ohio

We also heard from Greg in Bremmerton who wanted us to discuss the recently released  G2 Research RIP ammo.

Segment 5 Show close
John : The Polite Society download app is out on Amazon for Android and the I-phone app is in I-tunes.  They are located by our old name, Politics and guns.  Hot links are in our show notes.
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Rachel: That’s 605- 215- 1438605- 215- 1438

Paul: Roadgunner’s Mag 40 class in Conway, Arkansas at Shoot House USA is scheduled for May 15th thru 18th 2014 you can register here.

John: Go check out Kathy Jackson’s Cornered Cat training classes. Her next class is at Carry On Colorado starting April 4 in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Rob: Also please check out the shooters club by Bob Mayne and Ben Branam.  For $75.00 a year, $6.25 a month, you get 24/7 access to some fantastic training and audio podcasts that you can’t get anywhere else.  Bob is giving away his M&P Shield to one lucky member.

Paul: Listen to other podcasts on thethe Crusader Podcast Network, and check out http://www.ahib.us/  That’s Almost Heaven Internet Broadcasting out of Bayard BAY-ARD, West Virginia.  They stream the Polite Society Podcast from 7 to 9 am weekdays!

Rob: Join the National Rifle Association, Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.  Joining two makes you a hero.  Supporting all four makes you a super hero.  Not belonging to any of them means we won’t loan you any ammunition.

Rachel: Join your local civil rights group like the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, Arizona Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of California, Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Florida Carry,Grass Roots North Carolina,  Georgia Carry, Georgia Gun Owners,Grass Roots North Carolina, Illinois Carry, Michigan Gun Owners , Michigan Open Carry,

Paul: and Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, Texas Firearms Freedom, Texas State Rifle Association. Tennessee Firearms Association and the West Virginia Citizens Defense League.

John:    since the Canadians are listening, join CSSA and NFA

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast. Until the mid-week show…
Rob: stay safe,
Rachel: be aware,
John: and we’ll see you down the road.

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