Episode 211 – Guns for Everyone Colorado

Seg 1 Personal news from each participant

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Seg 2- News
Rachel- Missouri is one step closer to nullification of federal gun laws. The bill not only would prohibit state and local LEOs from enforcing federal gun prohibition, it would allow open carry, it would drop the age you can get a CWP from 21 to 19 and would create state level preemption so that cities and counties couldn’t write their own restrictions. Arizona has a bill that is moving forward that would also nullify federal gun control rules.

-In the no good deed goes unpunished file, a Florida state trooper pulled over a Miami police car doing over 120 MPH (with no lights and siren) she eventually ticketed the off duty officer who claimed he “was late for his off duty job” and the Miami PD officer lost his job. Since then she has found herself a target of a great deal of harassment, including having her drivers license data accessed over 200 times by some 88 officers and having strange cars idling outside her home at all hours. She filed a harassment suit this week, and I hope she is successful.
So, tell me why you think our firearms registrations are secure.

-Here is some good news from Florida. House Bill 209 introduced by Florida Representative Heather Fitzenhagen from Fort Myers would allow storm evacuees to carry a concealed firearm during a mandatory evacuation ordered by the governor.  This applies to those who do not have a Florida Concealed Carry License.   Time for Florida gun owners to make some calls.

Rachel -If at first you don’t succeed, then Georgia gun owners try harder.  Legislators tried to allow concealed carry on campus in previous sessions.  They could not get the bill to a vote on the floor of the legislature.  Even if it passed, the bill would have left churches, libraries, senior centers, swimming pools, town council and zoning meetings off limits to legally armed civilians.

That was until Georgia House Representative Rick Jasperse sponsored bill 875 that decriminalizes gun ownership.  Under this bill, licensed concealed carriers would face a fine up to 100 dollars if caught and prosecuted.  This is at a time when violent criminals are released from jail due to overcrowding.  Georgia gun owners, you need your legislators on your speed dial.

-Concealed weapons permit holders in South Carolina can now carry their weapons into restaurants and bars.  Governor Nikki Haley signed the bill Tuesday morning and it went into effect immediately.  Congratulations South Carolina gun owners.  Now, go get  your CCWs.

Paul -Another member of Illegal Mayor Against Guns has been convicted.  This time it is Tony Mack, the Mayor of Trenton, New Jersey who has been convicted of Fraud. That means prosecutors gathered evidence, he was arrested, charged, tried and convicted by a jury.  On Friday, the mayor of New Jersey’s struggling capital was found guilty of official extortion, conspiracy, attempted extortion, accepting bribes, mail fraud and wire fraud.  He joins a long list of New Jersey mayors, and other Illegal Mayors Against Guns members who were found guilty of corruption in recent years.  But wait, there’s more!

Ray Nagin is another member of Bloomberg’s dwindling group Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  He was also the mayor of New Orleans.  He was convicted on Wednesday of accepting bribes and free trips from contractors in exchange for helping them clinch millions of dollars in city contracts.

I wonder if these two will get their Illegal Mayors Against Guns newsletters in jail?

Rachel- Another crazy day in the crazy state of New York.  Gun  designers re-introduced the AR platform to comply with New York SAFE act laws.  They eliminated the pistol grip and adjustable stock so the gun looks like a skeletonized paintball gun.  Anti- gun groups are shocked and horrified.  If you’re not a gun guy, the AR is a girls gun and much less powerful than most hunting rifles, but that didn’t stop New York legislators from outlawing it.

Maybe that is WHY they outlawed it.

-Colorado Democrats voted party on lines to maintain magazine capacity restrictions.  Hey there.  Just because it doesn’t work doesn’t mean to won’t attract anti-gun campaign contributions from Bloomberg.  The State Judiciary Committee also voted along party lines to prohibit armed teachers in schools. I guess they don’t have the problem of active shooters in Colorado.



-A Colorado father is being called a hero after defending his home as criminals tried to break in. He grabbed his gun and held the burglars until deputies arrived.  It happened at a home on the east side of Colorado Springs around 9:30 Wednesday morning. Many of the neighbors praised the man for getting the crooks off the street. The homeowner told news sources the burglars were 16 years old.  Podcaster and friend of the show Ken Kowalski reached out to the homeowner for an interview but we’ve yet to hear back from him.

-Mississippi passed some pro-gun laws last year, so local governments in Mississippi started preempting these bills with local restrictions.  Mississippi House Bill 314 gives citizens a way to challenge these local ordinances and holds local officials personally responsible for enacting and enforcing laws that have been deemed illegal by the Attorney General.

The citizens of Mississippi need this protection. The bill is on the House calendar and should come up for a vote on tomorrow February 11, 2014.  Wake up, Mississippi gun owners!

-The National Shooting Sports Federation filed a complaint against California Fish and Game Commissioner Michael Sutton.  Sutton is also the Executive Director of the Audubon Society.   The Audubon Society sponsored Assembly Bill 711 to outlaw lead ammunition for hunting.  The Fish and Game Commission now gets to decide what activities are “hunting” and what activities are not hunting.  The NSSF questioned Commissioner Sutton’s impartiality, to which the Commissioner repeatedly replied, “No comment.”

The fix is in against California gun owners.

– President Obama’s nominee as Surgeon General has some history.  Some anti-gun history.   Dr. Vivek Murthy is the 36-year-old president and co-founder of Doctors for America, a group that advocates for Obamacare and gun control laws.  As Surgeon General, Dr Vivek could call all firearms dangerous devices and a public health hazard.  The doctor is facing Senate approval in upcoming weeks.  Who in the Senate will stop him?

Hey, did we ask gun owners to make any calls yet?

Gun Quotes from the famous instructor at Thunder Ranch, Clint Smith. “You cannot save the planet. You may be able to save yourself and your family.”

We’ll be right back after this
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Seg 3 Interview with Guns for Everyone Colorado.  They provide free firearms instruction.
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Segment 4 DGUs

Rachel: DGU #1 An off duty Chicago LEO was robbed at gunpoint this week. One young male approached the LEO with gun drawn and demanded money. Two other young males approached, one flanked (moved to the side of) the LEO and another opened the passenger side door of the car that the LEO was refueling. As the victim was handing money to the gun toting robber with his left hand he drew and fired with his right. The armed robber drops to the ground and his 2 accomplices run away. The armed robber was pronounced dead at the scene and the 2 other robbers are not yet in custody.

DGU #2  A Hayward Ca resident stopped a home invasion on Sunday afternoon as multiple invaders attempted to break into his home. The details are a little sketchy but it appears that the victim fatally shot one male invader and injured a female invader who was dropped off at a local hospital about 15 minutes after police arrived at the victims home to investigate. With 2 of their accomplices down the other invaders decided that this might have been a poor victim choice and fled.

DGU #3 This is an interesting one. A 19 year old male enters a home through the window of a 19 year old female.  An altercation happens and the female is punched in the face. Her mother hears screaming and grabs a revolver, The 19 year old male is shot and is recovering in a local hospital. The news story we have says the two 19 year olds did not know each other.

DGU Two women were targeted at a South Carolina ATM by three criminals.  The trio followed the two women, and drew a gun on them as they reached their home.  That is when one of the women drew her own firearm and shot one of the robbers.  The robbers fled, but two are already in police custody. http://www.wnct.com/story/24637170/new-details-shooting-investigation-in-spartanburg-county

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Segment 5 Show close
Tips and tricks segment with Kenn Blanchard

Listener e-mail discussion
Email from Chris G
I started listening to the show back around December 2012, you guys always put out a great show. Sticks , man you will be missed by the audience of this show. I know you said you’re not going far I hope I’m reading into that correctly because like all the hosts that are currently on the show and those that have left you’re knowledgeable and fun to listen to. Keep up the great work ladies and gentlemen.

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