Episode 190 – Glen Tate and Dan Ingram

Open: Hi and welcome to the Politics and Guns Podcast recorded on Sunday, December 15th, 2013.  I’m Paul Lathrop.
Tom: I’m Sticks and on today’s show we talked with author and frequent guest, Glen Tate.
Rob: I’m Rob, and we also have an interview with Dan Ingram of New Jersey Concealment Furniture.
Tom: we have our usual gun news and DGUs as well, so climb aboard.
Toby: Strap in,
Paul: And hang on, episode 190 of the Politics and Guns Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1
Paul: Nothing new in Guns, but I drove my @$$ off today.
Rob: I shot an IDPA match on Saturday.  In one stage I had 18 shots in 21 seconds.  That was fun even though I had to reload twice.  I felt really slow, but finished 5th of the 18 of us shooting 1911s.  I got some good suggestions so I’ll work to get faster.
Tom: Still have a cold.  Bought a new long gun and helped a buddy buy two guns.  Helped the new owner shoot and clean his weapons. This friend is a delivery vendor who carries cash, and a restaurant owner.  He wants to concealed carry.
Toby: Working the weekends, and half way through reading 299 Days book-7. I’m listening to George Hill’s Audio Book- Uprising USA. Wearing a 1911 in a shoulder rig at work as my backup gun.  Shared the Massad Ayoob DVD with a co-worker.

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Seg 2, News
Tom: Two impossible things happened in Centennial, Colorado.  A high school student legally bought a shotgun and then brought the gun onto school grounds.  Colorado politicians told us that couldn’t happen once they passed their new gun laws.  Within seconds, an armed school resource officer had the student in his sights and the student took his own life.  If you remember, the anti-gun pundits told us that armed safety officers at school were useless and even dangerous.  The student was a committed anti-gun liberal and had a grudge against a teacher.  Two others were injured.

Toby: Also in Colorado, a judge ordered Colorado Springs police to pay $23,500 to a man they arrested for legally carrying his weapon in public. James Sorensen sued and won after he was improperly arrested at a festival in July, one day after the Aurora shooting occurred. The entire incident was caught on camera.  The officer who disarmed Sorensen told him to get a lawyer, that’s exactly what Sorensen did.  The police blamed improper training for the arrest.

Rob: And now on to Florida.  Florida’s first district court of appeals had an unusual ruling before a panel of all 15 of the district’s judges.  The judges ruled that Florida universities can not preempt state and federal law by imposing their own gun regulations on campus.  They ruled the University restricted a fundamental, constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self-defense by doing so.

Tom: Here is some more good legislation- Two Republican Ohio legislators proposed Constitutional Carry. Our listeners in Ohio should give their support.  The Ohio Association of Police Chiefs declined to take a position.  Maybe you should call your local police chief too.

Paul: A bit of bad news- In the year after the Newtown Connecticut murders, the anti-gun advocates spent over 14 million dollars on lobbying and advertising, outspending the pro-gun human-rights advocates by over seven to one.  The bad guys have Bloomberg and Hollywood.  Where are our billionaires for liberty?

Before we leave off to the interview I would like to mention that we just passed the 3 year anniversary of the murder of Brian Terry. 202- 224-3121 is the congressional switchboard.  Please ask for justice for Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Also, listener Tim from Texas took an Appleseed training course with Rachel Malone.  (We interviewed Rachel in episode 183) Tim made Rifleman and is working at being an Appleseed instructor!

Hey everyone hang on, because next we have Glen Tate and Dan Ingram
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Seg 3 -Glen Tate part 1
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Seg 4- Glen Tate part 2

Seg 5- Glen Tate pt 3

Seg 6- Dan Ingram of New Jersey Concealment Furniture

Seg 7 DGU
DGU#1 Emailed from listener Guy in Indiana
Paul & the podcast gang,
I saw this story on our local news station a few nights ago.  Here is a link to the story for your DGU segment.  Thanks for all you guys do, I really enjoy the podcast.  Keep up the good work.
Rockport, IN

Police in Greenville, Kentucky identified good Samaritan who save a stabbing victim.  The incident began when Jeff Warner stabbed his wife in the neck after a custody hearing in county court.  The wife and children fled into the street.  Lance Martin, a firefighter, coal miner, and member of the National Guard, pulled his concealed weapon on Warner to prevent any more injuries.  This is a clear example of a concealed weapon holder saving lives.

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Listener e-mail discussion
Email #1
From James about Arizona Citizens Defense League
I had to finally email in and make sure that one of the best gun rights advocacy groups get represented again in your wonderful podcast. So let me official proclaim the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AZCDL) http://www.azcdl.org, where thanks to them Arizona is now a constitutional carry state and any law abiding US citizen can legally carry a firearm without first getting permission from the State.

Email #2
From the Un-Named listener in the Russian Federation
Subject: Hello from the Russian Federation
Hey Fellas!
I wanted to say hello as a fairly recent listener to your podcast. Love the show and appreciate the gun talk.
A little background on why I am in Russia. I work for one of the largest engineering, construction and procurement contractors in the world. And our client is one of the largest companies in the world. I engineer/design oil production facilities all around the globe. I recently (August) left Iraq where I spent over 2 years. Wherever we went we were under the protection of private security companies. Mostly ex-British special forces and Para-regiment soldiers. They carried AK-47 and 74’s and CZ 9mm pistols. Body armor and Kevlar helmets, B6 armored vehicles always. In the summer the hottest I experienced was 140 Fahrenheit. Needless to say, extreme conditions.
Being ex-military myself I got to be pretty tight with security forces and we discussed firearms and shootouts at length. (to be clear, I was never involved in a firefight). Since I am a firearms enthusiast, I was curious as to what these Brits had to say about what weapons they preferred and would ask each team what they preferred. With very few exceptions, they would have preferred to carry the M4 over the AK. I think only one team leader ever said he would have preferred the AK. I found that interesting…You see Brits are not from a firearm culture and have not been raised discussing what everyone else says in better. Most had never even held a weapon until they entered military service. When pressed on a sidearm caliber, .45 ACP. 9mm is a toy, especially with ball ammo. “couldn’t stop my 90 year old grandmum with a full mag” one big fella joked.
I could write some more about being on the M-1 Abrams when I was in the Army, but I’ll save that for another day.
I would appreciate it if you would not use my name as I would not like to advertise the fact that I am away from my family. Keep up the good work!
Name redacted at the request of the listener… Minnesota boy in Russia!
PS, I have talked to dozens of ex-Iraq military about chemical weapons also. I was pretty surprised about what I heard. Not what you will hear on the TV that’s for sure!

Email #3 Greg in Bremmerton
What a waste, if he really wants safety, lift the gun restrictions!!!!!
Greg, Bremerton
Obama marks Newtown murders with a call for more gun restrictions.

Email #4 Greg in Bremmerton
N.J. is taking gun control WAY to FAR!!!!!  An unregistered BB gun can earn you a felony conviction in New Jersey.
Greg, Bremerton

Email #5
Listener Michael emails in and says
I don’t know if this helps or not but I am an iPhone user/listener. I just did a search in the apple App Store and did not find the “Politics and Guns Podcast” app.
Michael C.

Paul forgot to ask for the iPhone app. Give us a few weeks.
Contact us at Paul@politics and guns.com, Toby, Sticks, Rob, Susan, or Onair to reach all of us.
The Roadgunner mag 40 class in Conway (sorry Chaz), Arkansas at Shoot House USA May 15th thru 19th 2014  Registration is not open yet.  It will sell out quickly.

Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?
I wrote an article called Sandy Hook and the Body Count of Gun Control  Some friends of mine were murdered and raped because they couldn’t defend themselves.  I thought we needed to remember their story as well as the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The media is interested in selling advertisement, not a serious discussion.
The article is on my blog and at ClashDaily where I’m now a regular contributor.

Please listen to other podcasts on the Gun Rights Radio Network, the Crusader Podcast Network, and give Roadgunner a listen.
Join NRA, SAF, GOA and JPFO.

Rob: Join your local civil rights group like NJ2AS, Arizona Citizens Defense League, Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, and Michigan Gun Owners, Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance. Arizona citizens defense league, Texas State Rifle Association.

Maybe there are others that have not e-mailed us.  In that case send us a letter if you’re a Houston Texans or Washington Redskins fan, and you have my sympathy for being afraid to turn on your computer because you might see their scores. Join a local group even if they are in an adjacent state.

Paul: we are now proud affiliates of the Shooters Club! Bob Mayne will be on on the mid-week show to help explain the benefits. Until then please check out http://www.shootersclubmembers.com/politicsandguns/

Paul, That wraps up another episode of Politics and Guns.  Until the mid-week show…
Rob, stay safe,
Tom, be aware,
Paul, and we’ll see you down the road.
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