Cheaper than what?

I will admit it, I am a hot head. I have a tendency to become angry and emotional when something wrong happens. Friday of last week something VERY wrong happened. Almost as soon as the last shell casing hit the floor something even worse started to happen. The anti-gun movement went into high gear with more fervor than I can EVER remember coming from that side before.

Today we get news that Cheaper Than Dirt is going to impose a moratorium on on line gun sales and review their policies. Also Dicks sporting goods is stopping sales of at least some rifles. Part of me wants to scream and holler “STOP COWERING!” at these places, but then a friend pointed out that these businesses are going to loose A LOT of money in the near term, as everything firearms is going gangbusters. They did not go into firearms retailing with closed eyes, they knew what they were selling.

So I don’t know if it is age creeping up and mellowing me out, or whether my friends astute observance pushed me in this direction, but how about we take Dicks sporting goods and Cheaper Than Dirt at their word and see what happens. They are sure to loose a TON of money short term and many who feel slighted will never turn to them for purchases again. After all all of the things that these people sell are still available from other retailers. The people who run these businesses had to know this when they took action today.

One other note and I am going to call it a night. Unless something happens this week it is unlikely that any gun bans will go through. Pro-rights congressmen still hold the majority in the house and that did not change with the election, Unless I am wrong (unusual, but it has happened) the only hope is for a lame duck congress to cave, and that isn’t likely. Please remember if you are adding to your collection of arms to add to the collection of pro-second amendment organizations that you belong to as well. Belonging really does multiply your voice.

Stay safe, be aware, and I’ll see you down the road.