Episode 294 – Stephen Halbrook and Regis Giles

“An armed society is a polite society.. and this is the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.”
Rob- Welcome to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition.  We’re recording live on Wednesday, December 17th, 2014. I’m Rob Morse.
John- I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk with Stephen Halbrook about nazi gun control laws and the Jewish Holocaust.
Rachel- I’m Rachel Malone, and we have Regis Giles with us to talk about her website and a movie called Girls Just Wann’a Have Guns- the real war on women.
Rob- Of course, we have our usual news and defensive gun use stories, so climb aboard.
Rachel- strap in
John- and hang on!  Because episode 294 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

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Seg 1- Personal news from each participant
John- Welcome to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition.  Nothing really gun related to report since Sunday. It has been mostly work and a business planning meeting with my boss. I’m still looking for the very lightweight stock for my AR that I’ve misplaced. How is that I can find stuff easily when it is piled up but never when things have been restored to their proper place and order? Hmm.

Rachel-Politics (the stuff I do because I have to): went to a new-senator forum and was very pleased with Senator Creighton’s understanding of Vermont-style carry; met with a handful of reps & senators offices prepping for the next session. Shooting (the stuff I do because I want to): taught a rifle marksmanship course at Battle Road USA for my militia group. Almost half scored riflemen, including several at full-distance. Great gunpowder fix.

Rob- I’ve had two christmas parties at my house.  About 100 guests on Sunday, and another 80 last night.  Other than that, I’ve been editing podcasts and writing.  Umm.  Wait.  That isn’t true.  A friend is having a red-dot installed on his 1911.  We went to a Alpha-Omega Armory in El Cajon.  They were awesome.  There was not a trace of gun guy curmudgeon among them.  I have not touched hardware since Saturday.  I ordered a new recoil spring.

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Seg 2- News

Welcome to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition.
Rachel, would you explain the difference between open carry and constitutional carry.

open carry: deals with the method of carry. It allows you to carry guns without concealing. Unless otherwise specified, you would still have to have a license just as you would if you were concealed carrying.

constitutional carry– (vermont-style carry): This acknowledges that the constitution is our “carry permit,” so to speak. It allows us to carry guns without a permit. I like to explain it essentially as being able to carry “what I what, where I want, how I want, no permit required.” The key thing here is being able to carry open or concealed without a permit. Some states have partial constitutional carry – i.e., permitless carry only if you’re open carrying (but not if you’re concealing).

One potential issue with constitutional carry is losing reciprocity with other states. I promote constitutional carry but I’d like to keep the permit system – not as a requirement for carrying, but to keep reciprocity and to be able to use a CHL for gun purchases.

1-Wouldn’t it be great if your gun club did something nice for the community?  Well here is a club with some imagination.  Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range was having their usual holiday food drive for a local pantry.  This year, was a little different.  If you donated cash or cans, you got to pose with Santa Claus.. while holding a scary black rifle.  The suburban Atlanta gun club provided an AK, an AR, a SCAR and some shotguns for the photos.  One participant said, “You don’t often get to pose with Santa with a gun so I thought it was a great opportunity to have one taken to send to my family and friends.”  Kids could be in the photo, but only the adults were allowed to hold the firearms.  The event was scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. but ran longer due to the large response.  One of the club organizers said, “I think it’s important to note Santa goes to the mall.  Santa goes to car dealerships. He goes to sporting events and now Santa’s coming here..  we just happen to be a gun club and range.”Gagunclub1640

2-A student at Chanute Elementary School was suspended last week over possession of an empty rifle shell casing on school grounds. The five day suspension ended last week.  The student’s mother, Deana Carlson of Chanute, Kansas, thinks the suspension was inappropriate. Carlson said her son, Camron, was out with her the night before while she was shoooting.  That is when Camron picked up one of the empty shell casings and put it in his pocket. She said “There was no threat at school.  My child’s never been in a fight. He was just being a boy and bragging because it’s cool.” Principal Gary Wheeler that the incident could lead to a 168-day suspension, but they could possibly reduce it to five days if he spoke to Superintendent James Hardy.

Rob- If an elementary school principal treated me that way, I’d walk into his office with a pocket full of casings, dump them on his desk and then walk home.  See you next life, Mr. Principal.. but that is just me.

3-Washington State gun owners rallied in Olympia as they promised.  It rained on their rally since they scheduled it in Olympia in December.  Attendance estimates ranged from 1000 to 3000.  Most of the attendees were carrying long guns or handguns.  Violating the new Washington initiative 594, most gun owners handed their firearms back and forth.  The initiative requires a federal firearms background check for casual contact of a firearm.  Other than being felony illegal, the rally was absolutely peaceful.

John- Comment- The next rally is in mid january.  Bring a raincoat, but show up.

3A- Also in Washington.. The top law enforcers of Lewis County are making bold statements regarding the recently enacted gun background check Initiative 594.  Sheriff-elect Rob Snaza and prosecutor Jonathan Meyer of Lewis County saying they won’t be going out and prosecuting people who inadvertently violate the background check law.  Quote “We wanted to make sure that the citizens of Lewis County knew that we weren’t looking to make criminals out of ordinary citizens.  We’re not going to try to trap citizens into transferring a gun to a friend and then try to nab them on a violation of 594.  That’s not what we’re interested in.”  Close quote.

4- A muslim terrorist took about 17 hostage in a Sydney, Australia coffee shop last week.  Some of the hostages eventually escaped, and the terrorist was only killed after he killed two hostages.  Unfortunately, the honest Australian citizens held as hostages were disarmed by their government and helpless to defend themselves or others.  The terrorists had a shotgun in gun free Australia.  I can see that you’re shocked.  Don’t be.  It could happen in any gun-free city in America.

John – comment – While it was first reported that he had a gun permit, New South Wales police officials say no. So again, terrorists get guns, honest people don’t.

Rachel- but not in Texas.  In Texas we have guns.

4A- Since you mentioned Texas, someday Texas gun owners could have a tax holiday of their own.  There is already a popular tax free weekend for school supplies, clothes, and other related items in August leading up to the beginning of the school year.  A proposed tax holiday bill would establish the last weekend in August (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) as a tax-free holiday for guns, ammo, gun cleaning supplies and hunting supplies.

Republican State Representative Jeff Leach of Plano authored the bill.
Rob- I wish I lived in Texas.. or Oklahoma.. or Kansas.. or Arizona.. or..
Rachel- that’s pretty cool, but I hope that lawmakers don’t tout that as “meaningful gun legislation” they’re passing to distract us from the other stuff they want to block.

5-This isn’t Texas, but a judge on the Connecticut supreme court gets it.. finally.. at least a little.  Here is a story about the ability to move weapons from one home to another.  The judge say that police carry guns, knives, batons, tasers and mace.  The police only issue a permit for firearms.  Knives are less dangerous than guns.  Batons are less dangerous than knives.  Tasers and mace are less dangerous than batons.  All the other tools on the use of force continuum are less dangerous than firearms.

The state argues that these tools are so dangerous they require regulation, registration and prohibition.  At the same time, the state argues they are so safe compared to firearms that their prohibition is not an infringement on the right of self-defense.

The judge said firearms are protected, therefore these lesser articles are also protected by the right to keep and bear arms.  Quote, Post-Heller case law supports the commonsense conclusion that the core right to possess a protected weapon in the home for self-defense necessarily entails the right.. to engage in activities necessary to enable possession in the home. Thus, the safe transportation of weapons protected by the second amendment is an essential corollary of the right to possess them in the home for self-defense when such transportation is necessary..  The judge overturned an earlier conviction.


6-The next several stories are from Washington DC.  Human rights advocate and journalist Emily Miller documented the process of applying for a concealed carry permit in the district. So far, the police received 47 completed applications. Police Chief Cathy Lanier has approved only two people to legally carry a gun.

To fill out part of the application, Miss MIller went to a police station to pull her police reports.  She had evidence of three sources of special danger. One was an anonymous phone threat. The second was a scary letter she received.  Her third example of “special danger” was from the FBI.  The FBI notified all media outlets in late October that there was a specific threat from a terrorist group against all American reporters.  Good luck, Emily.

Rachel- many times, the day is won by those who are best at telling the story. Thanks to Emily for sharing her story to help others understand.

7-I looked for this story last Sunday and couldn’t find it.  Dean Weingarten did, and he posted it at Ammoland and at his blog site called gunwatch.  Thank you, Dean.

Attorney Alan Gura filed a motion for contempt in the legal case of Palmer versus DC.  The court found that the district denied the right of self-defense when it eliminated concealed carry permits for average citizen.  The District’s new laws again make it almost impossible for ordinary citizens to legally carry concealed.  The case for contempt hinges on the reasons why.

Attorney Gura argued that the court already said there is a right to armed self-defense in public.  The court admitted that the District can ask for registration to eliminate criminals and the insane from carrying.  Instead, the district claimed that anyone who carries is a threat to public safety, and therefore the applicant for a permit has to show particular need in the face of a special danger to themselves.  Gura said the City cannot respond by enacting a licensing system that does not treat the carrying of handguns as a right.  They enacted a licensing system that facially and specifically precludes the general community from applying.  They can’t then claim compliance with the court’s orders.

Quote “This claim (by the district) is nothing more than an assertion that carrying a handgun for self-defense, which this Court recognized as a constitutional right, is harmful to society, and therefore, the Defendants have an interest in limiting its exercise per se. No constitutional right could survive this sort of claim. The Fourth Amendment, without question, imposes severe restrictions upon the police’s ability to detect and prevent crime. Does that mean that only a select few, as opposed to the community at large, might have “good reason” to be secured against unreasonable searches and seizures?  .. A law that deliberately targets the right’s exercise cannot be constitutional, under intermediate or any other form of scrutiny, because the government cannot have an interest in eliminating a fundamental right, and targeting a right cannot be proper tailoring (of its application).”

John- The DC attorney general decided to limit citizens rights with his phone and his pen.  Maybe a judge will stop him.

8-The US Senate confirmed anti-gun Doctor Vivek Murthy as US surgeon general.  Murthy was confirmed in a 53-41 vote.  Republican Mark Kirk, of Illinois voted for Murthy.  West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin did not nor did Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota or Joe Donnelly of Indiana.  Doctor Murthy is best known for running a campaign arm of President Obama’s successful election efforts.

John- You get to be an ambassador if you bundle campaign donations.  Murthy had to settle for being appointed Surgeon General with his very meager medical career.

9-Oozing down the Potomac.. Anti gun Virginia delegate Joseph Morrissey was convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  Delegate Morrissey at first denied having sex with his 17 year old receptionist.  Morrissey was charged after the girls dad wondered why his daughter was called to the delegates house at midnight to discuss a quote “very sensitive legal matter”.  Morrissey also claimed his phone and the girl’s phone were hacked, and that the hacker put her 15 nude photos and text messages on his phone.  Morrissey was given a 12-month jail sentence.  He refused to resign his seat in the virginia house of delegates.  Morrissey has no explanation how the hacker also got his receptionist pregnant.

He even looks like Anthony Weiner.joe-morrissey

10-The U.S. Senate approved a trillion dollar budget appropriation for 2015.  This pile of pork included a few bits of good news for gun owners.  A provision in the appropriation prevents the Environmental Protection Agency from banning traditional lead ammunition.  It also includes 22 million dollars for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to cut down their backlog of unprocessed firearms applications.

11-In Washington, DC, it pays to follow the money.  The liberal group Media Matters has hounded John Lott.  Dr. Lott collected his rebuttals to their attacks and put the rebuttals in one place for us to see.  Lott calls out Media Matters for hit and run reporting.  They make a fantastic claim of bias, and then ignore the rebuttal.  They publish the headlines, but never report on the truth.  We’ve had Doctor Lott on this podcast, and he knows his facts like no one else.

Rachel- I’ve seen that in Texas politics.  They come up with a sensational story that discredits the good guys, and even fi they come back later with a correction of facts, the damage is already done.
John- Media Matters is funded by moveon.org, the joyce foundation and george soros.

12-Speaking of biased news sources.. a public broadcasting website started an online poll about gun control.  It is called a push poll and works like this.  “Here are all the great things that gun control says it does.  Here are the other great states who already enacted gun control.  Here are the celebrities who say gun-control both tastes great and is less filling.  Click here if you’d like some gun control in your state too.”

They wrapped it up in the prettiest words they could find.. only the poll didn’t work.  95 percent voted against gun control.  No one wants it.  Maybe this is a matter of timing.  We’ve seen the riots in Ferguson and the hostage murders in Sydney.

13–Good news out of Arizona. Retired Air Force Col. Martha McSally was declared the winner in the race for Gabby Giffords’ old Congressional seat. She had faced incumbent Rep. Ron Barber who had been a district organizer for Giffords before she was attacked. Giffords and her Americans for Responsible Solutions poured tons of money into this race to defeat McSally and elect Barber. McSally’s win was close – 167 votes. It will give Republicans their largest majority in the House in 83 years.

14- John-We interviewed Doris Montrose a few weeks ago.  She started the organization Jews Can Shoot.  She contacted us and mentioned they are having their next training class in San Fernando, California on January 4th.   Links are in our show notes.

Gun Quotes

Rachel- This quote is from Thomas Jefferson again.  The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history.  Whether man shall be allowed to govern himself, or be ruled by a small elite. Hang on everybody, we’ll be back after this

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Segment 3 Interviews
Stephen at 8:30 pm eastern time.

STEPHEN P. HALBROOK is a Second Amendment scholar and attorney. He has argued and won 3 cases before the US Supreme Court including Printz v. US which established that Congress could not compel the states to administer the Brady Act as it would be a violation of the 10th Amendment.

Dr. Halbrook is the author of eight books including most recently Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and “Enemies of the State”.  He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from Florida State University and a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center.  Dr. Halbrook is in private law practice in Virginia.

Welcome, Dr. Halbrook. Thank you for joining us on the Polite Society Podcast.

The Nazis prohibited firearms ownership by “social undesirables”.  Jews soon found themselves included as undesirables.  Why did it take so long for that story to come out?  Were the documents there and just ignored or were they more recently discovered?

In the early pages of your book you discuss the Weimar Republic’s 1928 law that established registration and licensing of firearms and ammunition. Did this provide the basis for the measures the Nazis later enacted?
Once Hitler and the Nazis were in power, how did they expand the gun control laws of the Weimar Republic?
Was the disarming of the Jews by the Weapons Law of 1938 a necessary prerequisite to Kristallnacht or, in English, the Night of Broken Glass or would it have occurred anyway?
It has been my understanding that Sen. Thomas Dodd based the Gun Control Act of 1968 upon the Nazi law. Is this correct and what can we as Americans learn from the experience of the Jews and other groups under the Third Reich?

Regis Giles at 9:15 eastern time.
Regis Giles hunts large and dangerous game, and she hunts large and dangerous stories on her website, Girls just wanna have guns.  She is also featured in an indygogo funding campaign for a new movie.
Welcome, Regis, Please tell our listeners about your background.
Women are at the center of gun culture 2.0
Changing attitudes from the women’s movement and women’s independence.
Other movies the producer/director have done Paul Zudd, Beverly Zaslow, Craig Berman.
Are there other celebrities involved?
Websites where people can find your work.
How is the fundraising campaign going?  (We’ve raised X out of the Y we need.)
Where they can donate to the movie- https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/girls-just-wanna-have-guns
There are usually premiums or prizes if you donate to a crowdsourced film.  What are you offering?
if donate enough you can become one of the producers on the movie
you can go on an african safari
a boar hunt
deep sea fishing
private screening
self-defense lessons taught by you.
for only $250, you get your name listed in the movie credits, you get entered in an AR15 drawing, and you get three sets of the DVDs when they come out.
When does the fundraising campaign end- January 2

Segment 4 DGUs

1-A man broke into a home in River Ridge, Louisiana.  He ordered his ex girlfriend out of bed at gunpoint.  Her current boyfriend retrieved his shotgun and shot the intruder twice.  The ex-boyfriend.. on the way to being her ex-anything, shot the current boyfriend in the arm before he collapsed.  Police pronounced the wounded ex-boyfriend dead at the scene.

2-Two thieves entered the 12th street market in Hamilton, Ohio.  They demanded the money in the till and pointed a gun at the clerk.  The clerk drew his own firearm and shot at the thieves.  The thieves fled.  The clerk was wounded under his arm and transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. A short time later a man arrived at an area hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. After his initial treatment, doctors also referred the man to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and reported the incident to police.  The store owner said the clerk was his brother, and had been in a gunfight at the store only two years ago.

3-This story nearly reported itself.  Three thieves smashed their way into the Wyatt’s home and stole two televisions and the families christmas presents.  All this activity was caught on their surveillance cameras.  The cameras also showed the get-away car.  Two days later, a TV crew was interviewing the Wyatts about the break in, when the family saw the get-away car drive past their house again.  They gave chase and held the thieves for police.  Unknown to the Wyatts, the police were in the area after a second reported burglary, and the police found those stolen items in the thieves get away car.  If you’re a thief, stay out of Jefferson, County, Alabama.

4-A homeowner in Jefferson County, Colorado heard his dog bark.  The homeowner then saw a man crawling through the dog door of his house.  The homeowner yelled for the man to stop.  The homeowner then ran to his bedroom and retrieved his firearm.  The intruder chased the homeowner up stairs.  The homeowner shot the intruder in the leg and head. The homeowner then ran to a neighbor’s house where he called the police.  The coroner said he would test the dead intruder for drugs.  The sheriff’s office said they would not press charges against the homeowner.

5-Two thieves tried to break into a home in Clarion County, Pennsylvania.  The homeowner confronted them, and one of the thieves raised a sledgehammer to threaten the homeowner.  The 63 year old homeowner drew his handgun and shot the thief in the leg.  The second thief ran away.  Police took the wounded thief to Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh where he is reported in stable condition.

6-Two brothers tried to break into a home near Charlotte, North Carolina.  The older brother had already been arrested for breaking and entering.  He was scheduled to go on trial in late January.  The younger brother did not have a criminal record.. until now.  This particular house had been broken into before.  This time was different.  A 14 year old boy was home with his grandmother.  They heard the intruders break a window at the back of the house.  They yelled that they were armed and asked the intruders to go away.  The 14 year old boy shot one of the intruders when they wouldn’t stop.  The other intruder ran away to leave his younger brother to die at the scene.

The 14 year old grandson knew about violence.  His father was a car mechanic.  His father was shot in a robbery.  His dad was shot while he was working on a car at his shop.  Police later arrested the older of the two intruders.

7-Sometimes the criminals shoot first.  Three armed and masked robbers walked into a gas station in Canton, Ohio.  They began shooting at the clerk and his boss.  The clerk was armed and shot back.  He wounded two of the three robbers.  Those two died at the scene.  The third criminal escaped.  The two robbers both had criminal records.  The store clerk was taken to the hospital to treat his leg wound.

The story doesn’t stop there.  The store clerk and the store owner have received death threats after the shooting.  The store clerk is now in protective custody.  Ohio Carry helped organize a rally, and a crowd of approximately fifty came out to support the clerk.  Quote, “We’re not going to roll over and allow our families to be hurt” Ohio Carry members talked about firearm education.  They also supported the store owner who allowed the clerk to carry his weapon.  Ohio Carry raised enough money to provide the clerk with a new weapon, holster and ammunition since the clerk’s weapon was seized for evidence in the shooting.

8-When Joseph Jaccob first heard a loud bang early Sunday morning at his High Point, North Carolina home, he thought his aunt’s 88 y.o. mom had fallen down the stairs. Investigating, he saw his front door being kicked in. Jaccob, an Army vet who had served in Afghanistan, ran to his bedroom and retrieved his shotgun. That is when one of the burglars yelled, “He’s got a gun” and gunfire was exchanged. Police arrested Patrick Neal Lackey Jr., 28, of nearby Trinity on Monday. They are still looking for two more suspects. Lackey, who has an extensive felony record, was charged with felony first-degree burglary, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.

9- An armed robber wore a mask and carried a shotgun into a Las Cruces, New Mexico smoke shop.  The robber also wore a hoodie and disposable gloves.  He wasn’t there to pick up a free pack of matches.  Instead, he pointed the shotgun at one of the employees and demanded cash from the store’s cash register.  The thief was distracted for a moment, and a store employee grabbed a handgun they kept behind the counter.  The clerk fired several shots at the robber.  Then, the store employees ran out the back of the store.

One of the shots hit the robber in the head.  24 year old Luciano Acuna was pronounced dead at the scene.  The shotgun was reported as stolen.  Four years ago, the robber was arrested and pled guilty to armed robbery with a deadly weapon.  Police said no charges are expected to be filed against the store clerk.

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rachel- break

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Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?

My article is out about protecting our schools and churches.  It is up at Ammoland and my blog.  They also picked it up at JPFO.

John do you want to mention anything off of your blog No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money?

I had a post just after Dr. Murthy was confirmed. I noted that many supposedly pro-gun Senators who were now lame ducks supported Murthy. This included Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Kay Hagan of NC, Mary Landrieu of LA, and Mark Begich of Alaska. When it counted and when there was no penalty for them anymore, they reverted to their anti-gun ways.

Rob: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank Stephen Halbrook and Regis Giles for joining us today.  John, will you join us this weekend?  Rachel, will you?  I’ll see you there.  Until next time..  stay safe,

John- be aware,
Rachel: and we’ll see y’all down the road.

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