Episode 209 – NRA, Training, and ARs

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Seg 2- News
-Governor Andrew Cuomo poured more gun regulations on honest New York gun owners with his so called SAFE Act. Cuomo didn’t expect that NRA membership would double in New York since the SAFE act passed a year ago. Cuomo didn’t expect 200 thousand dollars to be donated towards court challenges. In one year, the New York chapter of the NRA has grown to become the largest chapter in the US.
Thanks, Andy.

-A review committee impaneled after the bombing at the Boston marathon has some bizarre recommendations for firearms safety. They suggested that police be given the right to refuse a firearms purchase to anyone who was arrested, even if there was insufficient evidence for a prosecution or conviction. Say goodbye to innocent until proven guilty.

-At the other extreme, Law Professor and scholar Eugene Volokh is an articulate and well reasoned second amendment advocate. His blog, the Volokh Conspiracy, is now carried by the Washington Post. That is good news.

-There is a second amendment case before the US supreme court. In this case, Texas law enforcement officers conducted a no-knock raid and shot the homeowner. The homeowner’s son was suspected of using drugs. Law enforcement claims the NO-KNOCK raid was required because the homeowner has a concealed carry permit. The existing Texas policy implies that every gun owner deserves a no-knock entry simply because a gun is in the home. Exercising your second amendment rights to bear arms means you give up the right to be secure in your property. The son was not on the property at the time of the raid and law enforcement knew that, and the cops found a small amount of drugs.

-They hate us in Canada. Louis DiNatale didn’t intend to enter Canada when he and his wife wound up on a bridge from New York state to Ontario, Canada back in September having been misdirected by an unreliable GPS. DiNatale, whose request to turn around and cross back into the U.S. was denied, then made another mistake. When a border official asked whether he had any weapons, he said no. He had a 380 he’d left in his center console a week before and now faces a three year prison term if convicted in Canada. The trial is scheduled to start in June.

They’d like to hate us in Cook County, Illinois. Police across Illinois have objected to just 236 applications from people seeking to carry concealed weapons out of 33,631 submitted to the state police. That is .7 percent. The first licenses to carry concealed weapons could be issued by spring. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart has assigned 25 employees to screen concealed carry applications filed by anyone who has lived in Cook County during the past decade. They scan for arrests for gun- or gang-related crimes or violent offenses, along with any history of domestic violence or mental illness.

Police say that nearly 1,100 guns were reported stolen in the city of Corpus Christi [TX] last year alone. 16-percent of the weapons were stolen from vehicles. Be a good ambassador as a gun owner and keep your weapons locked up when you are not at home.

Gun Quotes
They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.— Benjamin Franklin

Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this and close out the show.

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Seg 3 Jeff Knox interview on NRA board of directors.
Jeff Knox interview about AR developments.

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Segment 4 DGUs

DGU- A Michigan mom was home with her two young children while her husband was deployed to Afghanistan. She heard scratching at her downstairs door just after midnight. She retrieved her gun and pointed it at the man wearing a ski mask and waving a machete and firearm outside her door. She also called police. The intruder ran to the back of her house and then tried those doors and windows. She did not have to discharge her weapon to keep the intruder outside. Police captured the 15 year old after a brief chase.

Yeah, that sounds crazy. I want to read the toxicology report.

Police say a home invasion suspect is on the loose after his partner in crime was shot by a quick-thinking homeowner in Oakland County [MI]. The situation unfolded around 9:30 p.m. The two men forced their way inside his home and demanded money. The man told police he agreed to give the intruders all of his money and took one of the suspects into his bedroom.. where the homeowner grabbed his firearm and shot at the suspect.

Segment 5 Show close
Kenn Blanchard tips and tricks segment HERE.

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