Episode 204 – with Allen Gottlieb, Pete Brownell and Kathy Jackson

Rob: An armed society is a polite society.. and welcome to the Polite Society Podcast where we support and report on civilian self-defense.

Paul: We’re recording today’s episode on Sunday, the 19th of January, 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop
Rob: I’m Rob Morse, on this show we have an interview with Allen Gottlieb and Pete Brownell
Paul: and we have a lots of news and DGUs as well as the return of Kathy Jackson’s Cornered Cat segment, so climb aboard.
Rob: Strap in
Paul: And hang on, episode 204 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.
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Seg 1
Personal news- recovering from SHOT show.

Topic 1 BIG NEWS! The Polite Society Podcast will be running on http://www.ahib.us/ Almost Heaven Internet Broadcasting is a West Virginia internet radio station that has been focusing on local high school sports and is expanding to include topical talk radio. We will be the morning drive show, on from 7 to 9 am weekdays eastern time!

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Seg 2- News
Paul: News #1 – Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein said he is developing an anti-gun movie with actress Meryl Streep. Weinstein said “I’ll make a movie that makes the National Rifle Association wish they weren’t alive.”  Texas Senator Ted Cruz said “The Hollywood liberal elites, they have their view of things,” “Left-wing propaganda films” rarely do well at the box office and Senator Cruz predicted the movie would be a flop.
My thought is that the same guy who produced ultra-violent movies like Pulp Fiction, Halloween 3 and Kill Bill is suddenly a pacifist and against common citizens having tools for self-defense. The NRA trains firearms safety councilors, “Don’t Be a Victim” instructors, and puts on Women On-Target seminars. I can smell the hypocrisy from here.

Rob: News #2 One of Bloomberg’s MAIG cronies gets sent to jail for a gun crime.  Despite impassioned pleas from family and friends of former Marcus Hook Mayor James Schiliro, a Delaware County Court judge on Monday sent him to jail. Schiliro was sentenced to 10 to 20 months for an alcohol-fueled episode last February in which he had a police car bring a former neighbor – a 20-year-old to whom he said he was attracted – to his home, made him drink wine, and refused to let him leave for 31/2 hours. During the encounter, Schiliro threatened to kill himself and fired a gun into a stack of papers. The man eventually left and later called police… Schiliro is a past member of Bloomberg’s front Mayors Against Illegal guns, also known – thanks to several members of this sort – as Illegal Mayors Against Guns. Schiliro was among 600 local lawmakers who signed a letter to Congress calling for gun-control legislation. His name was dropped from the letter and the MAIG website after his arrest in March.

Paul: News #3 The vast majority of New York county law enforcement has refused to support the New York SAFE act.   Some of the act was declared unconstitutional.  A year after the law was passed, the mandatory registration scheme lacks necessary database software in a failure too reminiscent of the Obamacare website.  Law enforcement officers said the law would do not reduce crime, but could easily trap honest gun owners.

Rob: News  #4 Ruger says it is being forced out of California for sales of its semi-automatic pistols.  “We’re being forced out of the state by the California Department of Justice,” said Ruger CEO Mike Fifer. “The DOJ insists on microstamping, which doesn’t work, and is denying you your rights to have access to these guns.”
California law enforcement agencies are exempt from these state requirements.

Paul: News #5 Very Long time listeners to the show know that I have been incensed by the “Fast and Furious” scandal that the Obama administration wants to go away. This is the DOJ and BATFE operation where guns were intentionally allowed to “walk” across the border after being sold to known straw purchasers.

Now comes word via Forbes Magazine that the whole thing may have been set from the beginning as a secret agreement between the Obama administration and the Sinaloa drug cartel. The Sinaloa would provide information on other drug gangs in return for the US government leaving them to do their business.

The Obama administration has a long history of picking winners and losers economically, now it seems that they are doing the same with terrorist drug smugglers and enemies of governments that border us as well.

Host asks for comments before moving on.
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Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after the interviews to go over some defensive gun use stories.
Seg 3 Interviews Allan Gottlieb and Pete Brownell
Kathy Jackson’s Cornered Cat Quick Tips
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Segment 4 DGUs
Rob: DGU#1  In Chester PA, a robbery victim pulled a weapon on his attacker outside a Chester bar early Sunday, fatally shooting him. A 31-year-old Chester man with a history of previous arrests was armed with a handgun when he tried to rob 22-year-old Marcus Hook about 12:55 a.m.  Hook had a permit to carry a concealed weapon and exchanged fire with the robber, who carried the gun illegally. Both men were wounded and taken to a local Medical Center.  The robber was pronounced dead at the hospital, while the intended victim and successful self-defense victor was in serious condition.

DGU#2  A male suspect is in stable condition after being shot during a home invasion Saturday night in south Houston [TX], police said. According to the Houston Police Department, the suspect smashed in the front window of the Houston home with a piece of concrete just before 11 p.m.   The homeowner heard the noise and grabbed his gun. He then saw the suspect at his front door. The homeowner shot one time through the window, hitting the suspect in the stomach, police said. The suspect tried to get up and come after the homeowner, who then shot him a second time. The suspect was hit in the hand with the second shot. He was then taken to Ben Taub Hospital in serious but stable condition, police said.

DGU#3  A homeowner shot and killed an intruder in his home early Friday morning. It happened after 3 a.m. at the North-West Phoenix suburb.  The 77-year-old homeowner woke up to discover an intruder in his home. The homeowner grabbed his shotgun and fired once. The suspect, identified as 30-year-old William Thomas Mackey, was pronounced dead at the scene. Police spokesman said Mackey did not appear to be armed. One neighbor who heard the shot said she didn’t think much about it because crime has become a common occurrence in the neighborhood.  Police will forward the case to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for review after they conclude their investigation.

DGU#4 Also in Phoenix, Arizona, a 70 year old jewelry store owner put a young robber in the hospital.  The woman in her late twenties entered the store in a northern Phoenix suburb and tried to rob the store at gunpoint.  The store owner shot the thief several times and she fled the store.  The intended victim was slightly injured while the thief is hospitalized in critical condition.

DGU#5 From The Blaze and sent in to us from multiple listeners.
An armed man entered a Orrville, Ala., Dollar General on Thursday, waved his gun in the air and threatened to kill everyone, AL.com reports. Though motive is unclear, he never got the chance to hurt anyone because a customer carrying a concealed handgun neutralized him with a deadly shot.

Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman Jr. told WSFA-TV that the gunman held a cashier and customer at gunpoint, forcing them toward a break room area. It was at this point that the customer reportedly drew his firearm and shot the suspect one time in the chest. The entire incident took less than five minutes, police say.  The gunman was pronounced dead on the scene.

The sheriff said the customer is not currently facing any charges over the shooting death, however, investigators are working to confirm he had a valid concealed carry permit. Open carry is legal in Alabama, but a permit is required to carry a concealed handgun.

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Any extra short topics or humor
Listener e-mail discussion

Email from Marc in Ohio
I know you guys are busy with shot show but I just had a chat with my kids about the scenario of an active shooter in their school. Maybe you can touch on this in the future.

I asked my kids what they would do if someone came to the school shooting. They answered, the school calls out a code word like “Red” (to protect their actual code I’m using “red”). They turn off the lights close the curtains and hide quietly together in a corner.

I asked them to pretend to be the shooter for a minute. Your intent is to shoot kids. Where do you find kids at a school. They said classrooms. I asked them if it’s easier to shoot a moving target or one holding still. They answered a moving target is harder to hit. Is it easier to hit 10 small targets spread out or all the targets in a small single pile. I asked them why would they hide where a bad guy would expect to find them and hold still in a large group. My kids stared at me in wonderment.

I have instructed my kids to leave the building at any cost. I think it’s better to leave and get to a phone to call the police. Running from a shooter is better than holding still. Being away from the group would be my preference.

Another thing to consider is the school isn’t going to tell the kids what’s happening. It’s going to be hard for my kids to make a judgment call that goes against the teachers.

I have had some active shooter training from the local Sheriffs office. The sheriff told us they won’t do anything other than set up a Perimeter until a swat team arrives. That could take an hour in my remote burg. I don’t want my kid hiding defenseless for an hour. Why is the first instinct a lock down? As you can see I strongly disagree on the lockdown idea in an active shooter situation.

What are your guys thoughts?
Marc from Ohio…..again.
Rob: I have an opinion.  The sheriff is 10 years behind and the huddle and pray response is no long considered best practice.  Law enforcement is now trained to immediately enter the building, and potential victims are not trained to exit immediately.

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Paul, That wraps up another episode of Polite Society Podcast. Until the Monday show…

Rob, stay safe,
Paul, be aware,
Rob, and we’ll see you down the road.