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Paul: Welcome to the polite society podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on Friday May 17th 2019, I’m Paul Lathrop

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and on tonight’s show we Have an interview with Annette Evans recorded at the NRA Annual Meetings.

Belle: I’m Belle McCormack, we’ll talk about an increase in High School competitive shooting

Gary: and we got really good feedback about the NRA special episode that you will want to hear, so climb aboard!

Belle: strap in

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Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)


Belle – Been on hiatus for a while. My oldest is going thru all the FAS curriculum this spring before he leaves for Basic in July and getting ready for graduation at the same time. Hosting John Farnham this weekend and Ed Monk next month for sold out classes. Been teaching like crazy. Got to go fishing with Marty and my daughter for Mothers Day.


Promo about upcoming training classes here. Weeklong Handgun at FAS June 10th-14th $825

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2- News


Hi everyone. Please remember to send your comments on the news to “onair@politicsandguns.com”




Let’s start with some good news!

In a recent edition, Time magazine wrote a very thoughtful piece on the increase in participation in the shooting sports in High schools across America, with thanks in part to financial and equipment support, from the NRA.

The focus of the article is a Clay Pigeon competition run in Minnesota, where the Minnesota State High Clay Target League championship says it’s the “Largest shooting sports event in the world.” This year, at least three hundred twenty five high schools sent teams to compete.

They compare the crowds, corporate interest and enthusiasm to a NASCAR event. They talk about kids lining up shoulder to shoulder for team photos with their guns safety in hand, just like any other proud sports teams anywhere in America. Overall, it’s a very positive article filled with positive images.

The article is too long to be done justice here, but we do urge you to read it. It is filled with anecdotes about how sport shootings very much a level playing field, where so-called “computer nerds” can go up against football stars and beat them, and how champions “can emerge from anywhere”, and how this is an “individual sport, like wrestling, that also offers the bonding and interdependence of a team, and how the emphasis at the competition is completely on performance”. No cheerleaders here.

The article emphasizes the increasing involvement of girls – now up to 18% – and how girls and boys compete on an even playing field. It also mentions that in its history, over seventy thousand students have fired over forty-two *million* shots, and there has not been a single injury. Now that is common sense gun safety, for sure.

We urge everyone to read the article.

Paul – Kim Rhode multi multi multi gold medal winning olympian who is almost unknown






Since we were last on the air, Colorado and  North Carolina have seen two more attempts at mass murder in their high schools and colleges.

The most remarkable thing about these two mass murder attempts is that in both cases, the attempts were thwarted by brave students who rushed the murderers, stopping the shooting and allowing their classmates to escape. The tragedy is that both these valiant young men died.

In the first case, an 18 year old and a 16 year old attacked the STEM school in Highlands Ranch, CO, with firearms they stole from one of their parents. The pair had left a social media hate statement against the President and “all these Christians who hate gays.”

Here, Student hero Kendrick Castillo (who was 18) was shot when he leapt on the murderer as soon as he presented the firearm. According to his classmates, he acted immediately allowing the other students to “get themselves safe.” A second student, Brendan Brialy, also rushed the murderers. He survived.  It later transpired that a 12 year old in a different classroom armed himself with a metal baseball bat on hearing the shots. He later told his parents that he intended to “go down fighting.”

This shooting happened one week after a similar attempted mass murder At the University of Charlotte in North Carolina. Here again, one of the intended victims, hero Riley Howel age 21, challenged the murderer, breaking his initiative and giving Police time to subdue him. Riley was also shot and killed.

In this case, Police chief Kerr Putney hailed the environmental studies major as the “first and foremost hero” of the shooting, saying he “took the fight” to the alleged gunman and got him “off of his feet.” Riley’s parents and girlfriend are devastated, but have said it’s no less than they would have expected of him.

These two incidences demonstrate the need for positive action against active shooters no matter where they are. In Parkland, no-one challenged the shooter and seventeen people died. At Virginia Tech, the classrooms who mounted aggressive response were spared, while those who attempted to placate the murderer, died.

It’s time we taught our high school and university students to “Fight, Run or Hide”; not “Hide, Run or Fight”.






The session where members met the NRA Board of Directors at the recent Annual Meeting in Indianapolis was acrimonious to say the least.

Several members tried to oust Executive Vice Chairman Wayne LaPierre, President Oliver North resigned and there were multiple calls for transparency concerning the relationship between the NRA and its publicists, Ackerman McQueen. One board member even went so far as to echo the famous movie line.. “.. the truth? You can’t handle the truth..” referring to the members.

Well, now a cache of letters and other correspondence between President North, the NRA, Ackerman McQueen and assorted others, has been leaked into the public domain. It illustrates the kind of issues that are embroiling the troubled NRA Board and tarnishing the organization’s reputation.

While the NRA has filed suit against Ackerman McQueen for allegedly failing to provide information, the leaked letters suggest that the lack of transparency went both ways.

The letters disclose questions over the use of an AmEx card, allegedly requested by LaPierre from Ackerman. Central to the requests are a total of five hundred and forty thousand dollars of expenses on the card, including items such as thirty-nine thousand in a single clothing store on a single day. Other items include over eighteen thousand for a car and driver in Europe, two hundred thousand for air travel, and almost fourteen thousand in rent for an apartment, for a young female summer intern.

Replacing Oliver North, NRA President Carolyn Meadows issued  a statement that the “entire board is fully aware of these issues. We have full confidence in Wayne LaPierre, and it is troubling and pathetic that some people would resort to leaking information to advance their agendas,”  she added.

The full nature of the content of these leaked letters is very disturbing. One might at the very least expect that, given his salary, Mr LaPierre could buy his own clothes.






Switzerland has always been a bastion of gun ownership. For example, the country has mandatory military service and allows retirees to take their military issues firearms and keep them at home, ready to defend the country should that be necessary.

There is also an thriving and active marksmanship program alive and well in the general community. However, the country is also part of an open borders agreement with the EU, and that agreement is now about to change things for Swiss gun owners.

Later this month, the Swiss are being asked to vote in a binding referendum, and it’s expected that two-thirds of the population will vote to accept stricter gun laws that the EU is imposing as a condition of Switzerland being able to maintain its current open trade and borders agreement.

The new rules will make it harder for Swiss Citizens to buy semiautomatic guns such as their famous Sig 550 rifle and the Ruger 10/22, and require registration of firearms and database tracking. Their government backs the new regulations. The new restrictions are being presented as a “reasonable compromise” against the benefits of open trade, open borders and other legal niceties.

Gun enthusiasts claim that the government is trying to fear-monger a ‘yes’ vote, and are concerned that this is a step towards disarmament of the civilian population, which isn’t unreasonable, given how disarmed the EU citizens actually are.

And of course it isn’t about safety. In a country of 8.5 million inhabitants, gunfire killed just 13 people in 2018 and 14 in 2017. In 2016, over 90% of firearms deaths were suicides, echoing the situation here in the USA.

Switzerland has twenty-six hundred shooting clubs, so weekend gunfire rings out in almost every town and village. Their National Shooting Association claims that “Shooting is fun, shooting is a school for life, shooting is for everyone.” They recommend that children start at 8 with air rifles, moving to 22s by age 10 and military caliber firearms at 15. Every five years, they hold a national marksmanship contest that brings the Captial city to a standstill.

Now the EU has begun the process of bring that all to an end. Socialism plays a long game.




Gun Quotes

More: http://www.catb.org/esr/fortunes/rkba.html


Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our guest (Name).


3- Interview 1

Annette Evans – done at NRAAM

4- Interview 2

Alex – Ammo.com

Alex, thanks for joining us tonight and thank you to you and Ammo.com for returning as a sponsor of PSP!

To start with let’s talk a little about Ammo.com. You folks there do something pretty unique. You donate a portion of every sale that you make to organizations that are fighting to keep and expand our 2nd Amendment rights. How did this policy come about?

Can a person who orders from Ammo.com decide which organization benefits from their purchase?

Beyond helping with the second amendment cause, you all really do have a great business let’s talk about same day shipping.

Next let’s get to the bottom line. You have GREAT prices, and you have a special for our listeners!



5- DGUs  (at beginning) These discussions are NOT legal advice. Some of us are trainers, but this is not formal training and YOU NEED formal training. The Defensive Gun Use segment is intended as information, NOT as training. As always the opinions of the hosts are only their own opinions and not those of any sponsors or other affiliations.

Gary  – Detroit, Michigan

Ex-girlfriend’s can be as dangerous to a woman as ex-boyfriends.

A Detroit woman along with another woman were outside a liquor store in Detroit when a verbal argument with another woman who she was in a previous relationship.  The three were in the parking lot when the third woman pepper sprayed the first woman.

This prompted number 1 to retrieve a handgun from her car.  This appeared to have ended when number 3 got into her car and twice drove at the other two women at a high rate of speed.

When the angry spurned lover made a third pass at the two, nearly pinning them against a wall, the first woman shot the driver.  This was a fatal wound. The shooter is a CPL holder.

“The facts of this case clearly show that it is reasonable for the suspect to use deadly force to defend herself and her friend.  The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office finds that the shooting was justified and the warrant request has been denied,” assistant prosecutor Maria Miller said.

Witness interviews and video evidence of the incident where thoroughly reviewed.  The shooter did not point the gun at the driver prior to shooting and it was not until the third time that she sped towards the two women.

Paul –


Paul – Manchester, New Hampshire

We have not had a man vs animal in a while.

A Manchester man was attacked and pulled to the ground by a pit bull.  He was walking his small dog when the pit bull who was on the loose charged at him and his dog.

The dog bit the 67 year old man on the right arm.  He then pulled the man to the ground. He as able to free himself and scramble to his feet when the dog came charging back at him again.  He shot at the dog in fear of another attack.

He didn’t know his neighbors had a pit bull and was sent to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The pit bull was treated at a local animal hospital for a single gunshot wound.


Belle – Houston, Texas

A Houston pastor Jeff Powers and his wife were in the parsonage when they were awakened by a “loud noise.”  The couple noticed the backyard gate was open and they saw what would turn out to be an assailant in the yard.

The man forced his way into the home.  In fear for their life, both the pastor and his wife fired their weapons multiple times.

The shooting occurred the day before he was to give his farewell sermon at the Methodist church he was serving.  The couple did not attend that service.

The Westminster United Methodist Church stated that Powers and his wife were “mourning the loss of life and cooperating fully with authorities.”  The shooting will be referred to a Harris County grand jury to decide whether charges will be filed.



END DGU’s HERE   = we are already long

Gary – Jonesboro, Georgia

Back to ex-boyfriends behaving badly.

About 6:12 PM, Clayton County Sheriff’s deputies, CCPS and EMS responded to a call for a home invasion.

When they arrived, the woman caller told police that her ex-boyfriend was lying on the floor upstairs.  Officers found the man lying face-down and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

She reported that he “had been sending her text messages throughout the day, threatening to take her life.”

Police reported she was cooperating with law enforcement and was taking to CCPD headquarters for questioning.


Paul – Lancaster, California

Sometime after 6 AM, a man entered a home in Lancaster.  He was reported to have entered the home through one of the rear windows and walked up the stairs.

Entering the bedroom, the homeowner was in fear for the safety of his children and himself.  He grabbed a gun and fired one shot, which struck the intruder in the upper torso. This proved fatal for the unwelcome guest.

No members of the family were injured.

It is thought that the intruder had tried to break into other homes in the neighborhood.  Doorbell video shoed him trying to enter a home from the front porch.


Belle -Tecumseh, Nebraska

Raymond and Janet Brown had been receiving calls from two former co-workers, who are brothers, for about an hour.  At approximately 10:45 PM, the two brothers, along with their father, showed up at the Brown’s home.

The Browns called 911 and told the three to leave.  All three men forced their way into the home and started fighting with Raymond.  Both Brown and the father were armed at the time.

During the course of the fight, Brown shot both of the brothers.  The father eventually went outside and continued to yell threats at the Browns.

An off-duty Nebraska Department of Correctional Services officer was in the area and responded to the scene.  He assisted in deescalating the situation.

Johnson County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on scene and arrested the father for making terroristic threats, obstructing a police officer, use of a weapon to commit a felony, 2nd degree assault, criminal mischief, burglary, and trespassing. He was lodged in Johnson County Jail.

The brothers were taking to the local hospital and then airlifted to a larger facility for treatment.

A firearm was recovered at the scene.  The investigation was continuing.


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6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close

Listener e-mail discussion

Paul  – 1st up is a short email from Carl


Anyone who is going to rescind their NRA membership because of recent events is making a mistake.  All organizations have rocky times. The NRA is our heavyweight champion in the battle to protect our freedoms, yes that is “freedoms” in the plural.  We also have champions in the form of GOA, 2AF, and our local organizations.

Let’s not “cut off our nose to spite our face”.  Let not your hearts be troubled.





Gary- Kane 22 also chimed in about the NRA

Thank you so much for having Jeff Knox on to talk about all the shady stuff going on with the NRA and Ackerman Mcqueen. A lot of this stuff came to light a year ago when Pete Brownell quit. Anyone who had any doubt before, should have known at that point the board had zero power to do anything. So I would have to question why anyone would want on the board…are they just looking to get a piece of the pie too???

The lawsuit against AM is just a smoke screen, both sides have been getting rich for a long time. At the same time they trade our 2nd amendment away behind closed doors. Then ask for your money so they can fight to get them back.

My money goes to the GOA, and local state groups.


Belle – Finally for this show Neil writes in

As far as I know all of our legislators take an oath to protect and defend the constitution. So why when then wright or sponsor bills that infringe on our rights are they not tried for treason, and if convicted, then executed???

Always look forward to the podcast. Thank you all for putting in the time and work that you do!


Paul –


Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?


My articles are up at Clash Daily, at Ammoland and at my blog, slow facts dot wordpress dot com.  John, tell us what’s new at your blog no lawyers only guns and money.

That and more is at only guns and money dot blogspot dot com.

Facebook listeners group

Paul: That wraps up another episode of the Polite Society Podcast.  I’d like to thank (Annette Evans and Alex from Ammo.com) for joining us today.  So for Amy, Tracy, Belle, Dana, Gary, John, Rachel, Susan, Grant and Rob,

(Paul, stop talking now)

Belle: Until the next time…

Gary: stay safe,

Belle: be aware,

Paul: and we’ll see you down the road.

Episode 492 – Kat Ainsworth and Ken Whitmore


Paul: Welcome to the Polite Society Podcast powered by the Firearms Policy Coalition recorded on April 22nd, 2019, I’m Paul Lathrop

Rob: I’m Rob Morse and on tonight’s show we will talk with Kat Ainsworth and Ken Whitmore.

John: I’m John Richardson, and we’ll talk about the internal troubles at the NRA.

Gary: I’m Gary Daugherty and we have another DGU in a the same family.. so climb aboard

Grant: strap in

John : and hang on!

Paul:  episode 492 of the Polite Society Podcast starts right now.

Show intro music.

Personal news from each participant (when you are done with your segment please ask the next person what has been up with them)

Rob- I was on Bill Frady’s Lock and Load Radio program, recorded another Episode of Self-Defense Gun Stories and carried every day.

John – In between rain showers, I did more work this Saturday on the hunting plot. I’m trying to open up a shooting lane of about 100 yards. I’d say I have about 50 yards cleared so far. I’m planting food crops for the deer in the cleared area. Even though the chainsaw does most of the work, I still feel it in my back the next day! With regard to firearms, UTG sent me the correct size screws for my Mossberg 500 and I have mounted a red dot on it. Finally, I also got notification today that my media credentials for the NRA AM were approved.


Grant – Nothing major on the firearms front this week. Taught a good class that was very well attended. Thanks to all the students who took part. Other than that it was workety-work and my usual Thursday evening spell at the range. I took advantage of not having any classes this weekend to do family things. Paul? How’s the disarmament dance?

Paul/Susan – Nra credentials for us as well

Promo about upcoming training classes here.

Grant – we have National Train a Teacher day coming up on July 20th, I reached out to…  We also have USCCA and NRA Instructor courses coming over the summer. Email me at: grant-at-scotshot-dot-com for details.

Ask listeners to listen to other shows on the network, name at least 2 shows.



POLITE SOCIETY NEWS, April 22nd 2019

Hi everyone. Please remember to send your comments on the news to “onair@politicsandguns.com”




NRA is by far the largest gun advocacy group in the United States. With an estimated six million members, and a large lobbying effort, it remains the elephant in the room. In the past, they have brought notable legislative successes (FOPA, for example), but recently, a series of controversies has brought frustration with the organization among grass roots members and high profile firearms personalities alike, These have included calls for members to leave the NRA, effectively defunding it.

The NRA suffered a major setback when its “Carry Guard” program essentially failed. Carry Guard was a combination of concealed carry Insurance and concealed carry Training. Left wing States, such as New York, filed legal action against NRA to stop them selling insurance in their states, claiming that NRA was not licensed to do so; these actions are being pursued aggressively and tie up NRA member dollars against essentially unlimited state taxpayer dollars. There’s little doubt too, that NY basically coerced companies into cutting ties with the NRA.

Then there was the controversy over NRA green-lighting the bump-stock ban following the Las Vegas murders. Many people saw this as a direct strike against the 2nd Amendment despite a long-standing policy within NRA that supported gun owners following the law, and not attempting to make end-runs around it; NRA spokesperson and board person Marion Hammer said this explicitly about the bump stock.

Now, we see that NRA has decided to sue its marketing agency of some 30 years standing, Ackerman McQueen. Ackerman McQueen produces essentially all sales and marketing strategy for NRA, and they also produce all the programming for NRA TV. The NRA pays them a whopping forty-two million dollars a year. Well known NRA personalities such as Colion Noir and Dana Loesch actually work for Ackerman McQueen.

However, the lawsuit claims that the agency has declined to provide NRA with contractually-obliged analytic information, absent which, NRA can’t make key decisions about the effectiveness of its marketing plan.

This is going to be a high profile case that is already seeing a lot of attention, leading into the Annual Conference. With the NRA embroiled in internal conflict on every topic from executive compensation, training programs, an unwieldy and allegedly toothless board of directors, to conflicts of interest, it is a pivotal point in the history of the organization. It is up to us, the members, to determine whether we want change, and what sort of change that should be.

So, what is your take? Leave NRA alone? Defund it by abandoning membership? Support it more, since we need it to be stronger? Let us know!


John – A Board member told me they think the lawsuit against Ack-Mac might be a smokescreen to divert attention from the Board’s lack of due diligence.

Rob- Marketing? Due diligence.

Paul – $42 million spent on marketing, $1M spent on WLP salary I hate to make the comparison, but comparing income to marketing expenses the NRA is getting close to NAGR and Dudley Brown.

Grant – as an NRA Training COunselor, I truly want the organization to succeed, and it saddens me when people are so ready to call for people to give money instead only to their local orgs – on the other hand, SAF hs advanced or rights in court and that is where the action is.

John – Another major expense is the legal bills paid to William Brewer which are averaging $1.2 million per month. Another board member who is an atty called him a hustler and not a respected atty.


John – Let me conclude – just how bad is the situation – Marion Hammer who hasn’t attended a board meeting since hell froze over is supposed to be at the next board meeting.

Paul –

Rob- Why should the NRA save you when you don’t save yourself and join your local state organization?

Grant – I’m not a life member but I renew every year. W

John –





An 18-year-old woman from Florida was apparently obsessed with the Columbine High School murders from 20 years ago. She made threats in the period leading up to the 20th Anniversary of the murders. The FBI described her as being “infatuated” with Columbine, and said she was “extremely dangerous”.

The Miami Beach high-schooler flew to Colorado and bought a pump action shotgun, and ammunition. Because of her threats, Columbine and over 20 other schools locked their doors. Over half-a-million students in all were affected. Some cancelled evening activities, some moved them inside, behind locked doors.

After an extensive hunt, she was found dead, having taken her own life.

School friends described her as quiet, studious and someone who kept to herself. Her journals and diaries told a story of obsession with the Columbine attack, and one of the perpetrators. She also wrote about her desire to obtain a firearm, and the closeness of the upcoming anniversary.

The FBI said that while this girl was working alone, she showed all the features of someone who locked into a perverse romantic image of Columbine, as many had before her. The real-time coverage by mainstream media of this and subsequent events, reinforced such fantasies, they said.

Fortunately in this case, the planned attack was thwarted and the only person to die was the would-be murderer.

Now, in a bizarre twist, some say that the store which sold this person the shotgun in fact broke the law and should themselves be prosecuted. Colorado law says that it is legal to sell a long gun to an out-of-state resident, provided it would be legal for that person to buy the same gun in their home state. The would-be murderer was under 21 when she bought the shotgun. However, following the Parkland murders, Florida raised the legal age to buy *any* firearm, to 21.

This is just another twist in how anti gunners are setting up traps all over the country, not just for gun buyers, but for gun sellers too. All around, this episode is a sorry mess.



Rob- She was infatuated with becoming a media celebrity.

John- Interestingly, this time it was a woman and not a young man.

Paul – I want to reiterate our policy on this show that we will never name a mass murderer or in this case a potential mass murderer.




A move aimed at increasing school safety by helping school employees acquire firearms training recently passed in the Indiana Senate.

HB 1253, was approved in a 32-14 vote in the chamber this week while the House passed the bill 72-25 in February. There will be a final concurrence vote in the House and then it can go to the governor’s desk.

The Bill’s author, Representative Jim Lucas, said “People have a constitutional right to defend themselves when placed in threatening situations.” He continued,  “This legislation would ensure our educators are properly trained if ever faced with an active shooter situation. The training could provide added protection for Hoosier teachers and students.”

Indiana already allows school boards to grant teachers and administrators the authority to carry firearms on school property. The measure will allow those districts to apply for a grant to train staff who chose to carry. Lucas said previously that the specialized training would consist of about 40 hours of instruction ranging from firearm safety to emergency medicine and use of force. The grants would be open to public, private and charter schools.

Lucas argued that police could be 10 or more minutes away in an active shooter situation, whereas armed school staff could likely already be on-site.

Gun control advocates are, of course, against the proposal, calling the move “dangerous.”

Indiana’s current governor, Republican Eric Holcomb, took office in 2017. He has signed pro-gun bills in the past and his wife, Indiana First Lady Janet Holcomb, is a certified pistol instructor.


Rob- Quantity has a quality of its own. You can train about 300 school volunteers for the cost of one school resource officer.

John – I’m pretty sure Gov. Holcomb will be a speaker at the NRA Leadership Forum on Friday.

Paul- 40 hours of instruction if done properly can make a HUGE amount of difference in your ab




You must be present to win. Virginia CCW permits can cost from $15 dollars (the statutory minimum) to $50 dollars, depending on your county. For example, in Caroline COunty the permit is $15, while in King William County, it is the full $50. The $35 is a fee, which can be charged in whole or in part, by the issuing authority.

Well, now Virginia Defense League member Thomas M Coffin Snr has successfully had this discretionary fee eliminated in his home King William County.

Having learned that his home county levied the full $35 discretionary fee, he approached his local board to ask about the fee. After a prolonged discussion with Board Member Hodges, he agreed that the board would drop the fee, bringing the cost of a CCW permit down to $15.

Activism works!!



Grant – people often say that they themselves can’t make a difference, this story shows us that individuals can, and DOuu, make important differences.



Gun Quotes

Rob- I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned. Physicist Richard Feynman.

Hang on everybody, we’ll be back with our guests Kat Ainsworth and Ken Whitmore advertisement

3- Interview 1

Situational awareness.

Kat Ainsworth- Field editor at range 365. USCCA

Ken Whitmore- freelance writer former marine



4- Interview 2

5- DGUs (at beginning) These discussions are NOT legal advice. Some of us are trainers, but this is not formal training and YOU NEED formal training. The Defensive Gun Use segment is intended as information, NOT as training. As always the opinions of the hosts are only their own opinions and not those of any sponsors or other affiliations.

Gary – Sarasota, Florida

Two male drivers were on the road in Florida last week when one noticed the other swerving back and forth.  One driver pulled over and the second did a U turn and pulled up alongside the first. The two men then began arguing.

The first driver got out of his car and walked toward the other car’s passenger side window.  The second driver warned the approaching man to back away from the windows and took out a pistol.

The first driver in turn pulled out his weapon and pointed at the second driver.  The second driver shot the first one, killing him. He then pulled off to the side and called 911.  He then waited for deputies.

He continues to cooperate with deputies in the investigation.


Grant- so, who was the aggressor? Who escalated the conflict?

Paul- The monkey dance gone horribly wrong.

Paul- Yakima County, Washington

Benjamin Rodriguez, 19, had been accused of shooting and killing his father.  The father had gotten enraged when he was denied access to prescription drugs that were not his.  A prosecutor’s written statement described the father as a, “drug user, prone to violence”.

The enraged father was outside the house and firing shots from a gun.  He told Benjamin to call police so he can get in a shoot-out with them.  Suicide by cop.

Benjamin did not call police, because he was afraid there would be a shooting.  He didn’t call his grandparents out of fear for their safety.

He attempted to calm his father down and grabbed his own rifle when his father started firing shots in the yard.  He fired after his father pointed his gun at him.

Benjamin called his grandmother, who then called 911.

Deputies arrived, finding the father in a garage bleeding, with a plastic bag over his head and a belt around his neck.  A deputy ripped the bag off his head after hearing him gasp.

Rodriguez admitted to putting the bag on his father’s head and using the belt to secure it, in order to keep blood off the porch.  He also admitted to moving him to the garage.

Joseph Brusic, Prosecuting Attorney for Yakima County, stated “There had been substantial volatility with this family. The decedent had a substantial drug problem and had engaged in this erratic and aggressive behavior for some time.  This abusive behavior was corroborated by both the suspect and his grandparents.” Benjamin was the only witness to the incident.

“It’s extremely sad for everybody involved,” Brusic said. “You have a son that takes his father’s life — it is a homicide. It’s not the way anyone wanted this to turn out, especially the son and the grandparents.”

“In this case, the State of Washington would be unable to prove the absence of self-defense once the Court allows that defense to move forward.  The nature of the relationship, living situation and subjective evaluation by the suspect would prevent conviction by a reasonable and objective fact finder.”


John – The son was lucky to not be prosecuted given some of the stupid stuff he did.

Grant – kal-kas-ka county     Kalkaska County, Michigan

Ex-boyfriends will never learn.

At 9 PM on a Saturday, a 26 year-old Kalkaska man went to the residence of his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend, where she was also living.

The homeowner told the 26 year old ex to leave.  He did as he was told, but then started sending threatening messages to the couple.  He declared that he was returning in order to fight the current boyfriend.

When he returned at 3:30 AM the next morning, he was greeted by the homeowner.  The homeowner was armed with a rifle and demanded the ex leave once again.

The ex forced his way into the home and a struggle began for the rifle.  He was able to gain control of it from the homeowner but they continued to struggle for it.

At some point, the homeowner produced a small caliber pistol and shot the intruder in the chest one time.

The man was transported to a medical center for treatment and was recovering.

The homeowner was questioned and released.  The investigation continues.



Paul – If you have a rifle and the bad guy keeps coming at

Rob- Open carry didn’t work as advertised.

Rob- St Louis, Missouri

The 22 year old man had just left a gas station and was headed east on Humphrey with another man.  Suddenly, a robber jumped from between two parked cars. He had a handgun and tried to rob them.

Unfortunately for him, one of his intended victims was also armed.  He pulled his own weapon and fired several times, hitting the robber three times.

Police corroborated the man’s story with witnesses and recovered the would-be robber’s gun.

The robber is in critical condition.


Rob- Two on one?

We post each of our news and defensive gun use articles at Polite Society Podcast.com  Please take a minute and share them with a friend.


6- E-mail, blog notes, and show close

Listener e-mail discussion

Your rant last week re illegals?

Paul: Rob, do you have any new posts from your SlowFacts blog you want to mention?

Rob- The Democrat candidates for president have already demonized gun owners. They said lawful gun owners are the real source of crime and violence in the US. Gun owners should turn in their guns or be sent to prison, and if you disagree, then that shows you’re a threat to yourself or others, and you should be forcibly disarmed.

When democrats say this, the media bobbleheads simply nod because it is socially acceptable to hate gun owners.

How is this possible given that guns save lives?

This two-minute hate directed at honest gun owners makes sense once we think about it from a particular perspective. The second amendment isn’t about pistols, rifles or shotguns. It isn’t about bump stocks or even about cannons. The second amendment is about limiting government power. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg doesn’t like limiting government power, and neither do the other Socialists presidential candidates.

I’ll stop there, but you can find four hundred more words in the article called

Paul – one of the people running for the dem nomination is actively campaigning to jail those that own ars and don’t turn them in.

Congressman Eric Swalwell

Grant – this weekend was the anniversary of the first shot of the revolutionary war… some have described this as “common sense gun control – removing ‘powder’ from the hands of unstable colonists – does this sound like red flag to you?

My articles are up at Clash Daily, at Ammoland and at my blog, slow facts dot wordpress dot com.  John, tell us what’s new at your blog no lawyers only guns and money.

I have had a number of posts up since our last podcast dealing with the NRA, its lawsuit against their ad agency Ackerman McQueen, and other related things. I should say at the outset I’m an Endowment Life member. I have an investment in the NRA. What really concerns me the is the rampant self-dealing by members of the executive staff and some BOD members and the lack of oversight by the board which may lead to either sanction from the IRS thanks to a complaint from Everytown or a move to dissolve the NRA by the Atty General of New York. These are not frivolous charges and there is substantiation behind them. I have had off-the-record conversations with two NRA directors and they are very concerned. If the BOD doesn’t step up ASAP to clean house, we may not have a NRA.

That and more is at only guns and money dot blogspot dot com. Many of my articles are also up at 2ANews.us.

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