Episode 46 – Holder in contempt and an iterview with Phil Mulivor

Fast and Furious is starting to move even faster and an interview with Phil Mulivor.

User’s Manual to Contempt of Congress

Judge Napolitano on ‘Fast and Furious’ Documents: Executive Privilege Only Applies If the President Was Personally Involved

Another retraction: Holder withdraws claim that Bush’s attorney general knew about gunwalking

NRA Applauds Passage of U.S. House Committee Resolution Recommending that the House Find Attorney General Holder in Contempt of Congress

Boehner, Cantor Announce House Fast & Furious Contempt Vote Next Week


Episode 45 – Fast and Furious is starting to move

Fast and furious news plus news from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Florida.

Sen Cornyn demands Holder resign.

Blogger Vanderboegh reports ‘game changer’ DOJ whistleblowers have come forward

Story on political contributions

Leesburg changes gun policy after lawsuit by Florida Carry

AG Holder Sends Rep. Issa Letter Concerning ‘Fast and Furious’ Meeting

Ohio House gives gun-rights advocates another win

Gun Protest Rallies More Gun Rights Advocates