Episode 33 – April 27, 2012

An interview with Phil Molivor author of Proclaiming Liberty: What Patriots and Heroes Really Said About the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Phil is also the Director of Media Relations for Ohioans for Concealed Carry, we discuss his book and a few Ohio issues.

MILLER: Clipping the lame duck Congress considers ban on midnight rules

Obama admin. let grenades walk in Fast and Furious, documents show

Family Misses Flight After TSA Gives Pat-Down To Girl With Cerebral Palsy

Congressman Canseco says he was assaulted during TSA pat-down

ATF & U.S. DOJ Plan to Remove CLEO Signature Requirement for NFA Firearms Transfers


Episode 32 – April 24, 2012

A bunch of national news and I have a question or two for you!

US Won’t Agree To UN Treaty At Odds With 2A: State Dept.

Korea to Begin Broker’s Auction of 84,417 M1 Rifles Destined for USA

Sentencing law ties hands of judges

Ted Nugent admits to illegal bear kill

To The Courts! GlobalGrind Set To Sue Washington County Over Bo Morrison 911 Tapes (DETAILS)

No Monday episode this week

I have terribly slow internet tonight and cannot get enough bandwidth to even open the news sites that I use for the news segment to open let alone upload a 30 minute podcast. So…. No podcast tonight.

I will be driving very early in the morning and hope to be done in plenty of time to get one out tomorrow. Wednesday and Fridays shows should not me a problem as I am headed into the land of good Sprint connectivity.

So until tomorrow night, stay safe, be aware, and I’ll see you down the road.



Episode 31 – April 20, 2012

An E-mail from Kevin in NC, some national news, Nancy Pelosi wants to gut the first amendment, and an interview with Sebastian of the PA Gun Blog.

U.S. House of Representatives Passes Sportsmen’s Heritage Act of 2012

Bank Of America to McMillan Rifles: Drop Dead

Pelosi Wants to Regulate Political Speeches

New federal agency OFR stirs ‘Orwellian’ fears


Episode 28 – April 13, 2012

News from Arizona, Ohio, and Illinois, as well as CCRKBA fries one across Mayor Bloomberg’s bow and a poll shows that we are winning.

Listen here

Arizona story

Ohio Story

Officer Harless wants his job back, another Ohio story

Illinois story

Most Americans support the right to keep and bear arms.

Beware a lame duck Obama

The best answer to Bloomberg I have seen in a while.


Episode 26 – April 9, 2012

A TON of state news, a little national news, and I get a little personal.

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Links to stories mentioned in episode 26:

NBC Fires Producer Who Created False Zimmerman Audio

State’s gun laws have holes in them

West Virginia Governor Signs Three Pro-Gun Bills Into Law

BAE Systems and the Army Developing Non-Newtonian Fluid Body Armor

Concealed-carry law returns to Ill. General Assembly

At least 4 killed, 19 hurt in weekend gun violence

Two arrested in shootings of black people in Oklahoma

California Senate and Assembly Committees to Hear Firearm-Related Bills Tomorrow

George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin case will not go to grand jury

Gun rights advocate and former Obama colleague: President used to treat him as ‘evil’

One in Every 17 Floridians Can Carry a Concealed Gun

DC city councilman Marion Barry defends himself: ‘God gave me a great brain’