Eposode 198 with Valinda Rowe and Jeff Knox

Paul: Hi and welcome to the Politics and Guns Podcast recorded on Friday, January 10th, 2014. I’m Paul Lathrop.
Rob: I’m Rob Morse and we’ll also talk with our guest Valina Roe about Concealed carry coming to Illinois, and Jeff Knox about the simple things we can do to make schools safer. So climb aboard.
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Rob: And hang on, episode 198 of the Politics and Guns Podcast starts right now.
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Catch up with each participant and humorously ridicule the no-shows.
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paul went to GunUp in Sioux Falls and bought some more Glock 40 mags. I fell in love with a 30 cal Bullpup.
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Seg 2- News
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Rob- Colorado Republican state Sen. Ted Harvey wants to allow school teachers and staff to seek training and then bring firearms into school with them.  Senator Harvey has a son in high school and his wife is a school teacher.  He said the latests shooting cemented his opinion.  The latest Colorado school murders were stopped in 80 seconds by an armed school resource officers and an unarmed security guard.  “I don’t want my wife and child to be sitting ducks,” Harvey said.
One student was murdered in this latest attack.  Maybe she would have been saved if staff were armed.

Paul – At the other extreme, Democrat State Senator Kevin de Leon from California says it is a public danger to let common citizens buy ammunition without a background check  and his new legislation proposes to fix that problem.
Ah..what problem is that, Senator?  Ignore that fact that most drug gangs import thousand of pounds of contraband each year.  Ignore that millions of rounds of ammunition routinely move across the border for legal purposes.  This security theater will sell in California.  Senator de Leon has a future with the TSA when he leaves office.
Oh, did I mention that you would need to pay a yearly fee to purchase ammunition in the once-golden state?

Rob- This next news story is a two-fer.  First, Bloomberg has tossed 30 thousand dollars into the Washington state campaign for gun control by backing initiative 594.  The initiative requires a background check for all firearms transfers, without exception.  We’ve discussed the legal that come up from such measures when  young people under supervision shoot a gun belonging to someone else because they are not old enough to legally own firearms.
Second, the Washington news paper, the Daily Olympian, ran an editorial blaming the NRA (who has not contributed to the campaign) but ignoring Bloombergs donations.  Why let the truth get in the way of a good opinion column.

Paul- The civil rights group Wisconsin Carry is suing the city of Madison Wisconsin over the city’s prohibition of carrying firearms on public transportation.  Quote, “We do know that people who live in high-crime neighborhoods tend to be lower income and tend to rely on mass transit, so for those people to be prohibited from carrying is really a disservice to them and puts them at greater risk.”  That sums up the bigotry of citizen disarmament.

Rob – Heading south from Wisconsin, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel decided not to appeal a federal judge’s ruling that allows gun shops in the windy city.  “The courts have been clear from the Supreme Court on down as it relates to people’s access to guns.”  The mayor asked the judge for a six month delay so he and the city council can draft regulate gun shops, but Emanuel wouldn’t specify any of the regulations he has in mind except the gun shops shouldn’t be near schools.
By my calculation, that puts the gun shops a half-mile out in Lake Michigan.

Paul – This in from the Politics-and-Guns legal department, the Second Amendment Foundation and Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs today asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the appeal in the challenge to New Jersey’s unconstitutional carry laws.
The petition was prepared by attorneys Alan Gura and David Jensen to resolve the court split on the right to bear arms for personal protection outside the home.  Scott Bach said, “So far the U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear the issue in other cases, but this case may be different due to the extreme nature of New Jersey’s law, which effectively denies law-abiding citizens their fundamental right to self-defense outside the home.”

Rob -From our Good-Cop file, Officer Lee Smith of the Florence Alabama Police Department offers free gun safety classes to those interested in concealed carry.  Smith said the classes started seven years ago. We want to educate everyone who makes the choice to carry a firearm for defense.  We want to give them all the tools to make them safe and the community safe.”  Gun safety classes are divided into three levels offered monthly, and hundreds of residents have taken the courses.
That is proactive community policing.  Good job.

Paul- From our Bad Cop file, witnesses came forward after a Sheriff’s deputy shot 13 year old Andy Lopez of Santa Rosa, California.  The 8th grader was carrying a toy rifle when deputy Erick Gelhaus called the teenager.  The boy turned and the deputy fired eight rounds, killing the boy.  Witnesses say there was only three seconds between the deputy Gelhaus calling out to the teenager and when the deputy started shooting.
The boy’s parents filed a federal lawsuit against Gelhaus and Sonoma County seeking unspecified damages.

Rob- Russel from Kansas sent a link to us to a post from Canada’s National Firearms Association

Help needed. In aid of an Ontario Court case where the crown is taking issue with the number of firearms held by an individual (over 50), I am in urgent need of photographs of Canadian gun rooms/collections. While it is helpful if the person(s) providing such photos was willing to identify him or herself, it is not strictly necessary. The defence wants to demonstrate to the court that it is not unusual for some firearms collectors to own large numbers of firearms. If you can take a few photos of your gun room/collection to aid in this effort, please send them directly to me at: Sheldon_Clare@shaw.ca Neither the owner nor the firearms need to be identified – the point is to demonstrate that there is widespread ownership of large numbers of firearms in Canada.
The time frame is urgent as this will be in court in by January 15.
Sheldon Clare,
Canada’s National Firearms Association

Hang on everybody, we’ll be right back after this and close out the show.

Seg 3 Interview with Valinda Rowe, spokesperson for Illinois Carry
Congratulations on CCW to Illinois and Gun stores to Chicago
You’ve been in this struggle for many years. How did it start?
Bring us up to date.
CCL licenses can now be applied for in Illinois, but the law is let’s just say a little less than clear. Is there an easy way to find out where someone who is able to get a CCL can and can’t do?
Cook county thought they would inconvenience gun owners, but they also inconvenience gun owners in every legislative district.
Can you talk a little bit about IGOLD, what it is and why it is more important than ever?
How can gun owners in Illinois learn about Illinois Carry?
The process of application and 16 hours of training.
$150 in application fees.
Do instructors already have their license?
How much does training cost? About $100 for concealed carry. Another $100 for the NRA basic handgun safety course.
Read more about Illinois Carry at http://www.illinoiscarry.com/

Record with Jeff Knox, director of the Firearms Coalition
Schools- walk through for the unthinkable
Is the front and back entrance to campus alarmed?
Can you secure the door?
Can you summon help?
Can you stop people from seeing into the room?
Has the staff discussed how they should respond?
Has the staff ever exorcised their plan?
If the windows are large or low set, do the windows remain a barrier after being shot?
A large and low set window is a locked door where any bullet acts as the key!
Are there video feeds so that hallways can be seen from a central office and/or remote police station?
Are there armed responders on campus?
Are there armed responders in the neighborhood?
Have the armed first responders had an annual drill on campus just like a fire drill?
See more of Jeff at http://www.firearmscoalition.org/
and at http://www.wnd.com/author/jknox/
Host asks for comments before moving on.
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Segment 4 DGUs and Show close
The DGU last Friday in Vista California-
After talking to the restaurant owner who shot two thieves, the first news reports were inaccurate. The two thieves got out of prison in mid-December. They had already robbed two other stores at gunpoint before they entered this restaurant. The employees of the other stores were not armed. The thieves discharged their weapons in one case to make the clerk open the cash drawer. This time was different.

I met with the employees and some of the customers who were in the restaurant during the robbery. The thieves entered the rear of the restaurant through a rear door that is normally locked. They gained entry by waiting until one of the employees left and then threatened the employee at gunpoint to let them in. The thieves next confronted the owner’s wife who was in the kitchen. The tone of her voice was enough to make the owner suspicious, and he retrieved his firearm. The firearm was a 45 loaded with 8 rounds.

The owner was reluctant to shoot, and yelled for the thieves to drop their guns. They turned toward him rather than drop their weapons, so he fired. They ran. He fired again as they pointed their weapons behind them. Four of his eight rounds hit, though one was a through shot that remained on premises.

The owner did not want to be recorded. He did want to go shooting. I’ll try again when we get back from shot.

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Paul: Join your local civil rights group like the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, Arizona Citizens Defense League,Michigan Gun Owners , Michigan Open Carry, and Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, Texas Firearms Freedom,Texas State Rifle Association. Tennessee Firearms Association, Connecticut Citizens Defense League

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Paul: That wraps up another episode of Politics and Guns. Until the mid-week show from SHOT…
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